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    Apple Tells U.S. Judge 'Impossible' To Unlock New iPhones

    Jesus, I forgot how many Android fanboys are on this forum
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    IGMP Snooping and VoIP

    Forgive my ignorance, but does IGMP Snooping affect VoIP in any way (and if so, positively or negatively)?
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    Zywall USG20 and Windows Domain

    I'm having trouble getting this firewall to easily recognize our Windows domain (logging into a user account takes way longer than it should). The Zyxel manuals seem pretty unhelpful too. Would anyone be able to help walk me through it?
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    Windows 7 - Prioritizing LAN and Wifi

    Thank you for the help! But it's still not working. I applied both methods listed in the article above, restarted, and it's still putting the wifi priority above LAN.
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    Best Unmanaged PoE Switch?

    New would be very nice. Again, just 10/100 (no gigabit needed), and yes power on all ports. Unmanaged as well, since the company providing our phones is handling all the backend stuff. We currently only have 14 phones but may be expanding to 30 in a year or so. The injectors would be hidden...
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    Best Unmanaged PoE Switch?

    Ah, good to know. Well the company we bought these Mitel phones from gave us injectors just in case (specifically for the phones we bought), which I am considering using instead of a PoE switch. Would you happen to know of any downsides with injectors?
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    Best Unmanaged PoE Switch?

    Is there any notable downside to using midspans?
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    Best Unmanaged PoE Switch?

    Good points, I updated the original post - and changed a few minor things.
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    Windows 7 - Prioritizing LAN and Wifi

    Hm, I tried messing with the bindings and it's still prioritizing wifi over LAN.
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    Best Unmanaged PoE Switch?

    I'm looking for a 24 or 48 port unmanaged PoE switch (for phones, max power they use is 6.1 watts). 100 only (no need for gigabit). Budget? $500 give or take. Any recommendations?
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    Windows 7 - Prioritizing LAN and Wifi

    Both LAN and wifi are on the same subnet (the wifi is AP mode). I'll give the binding order a try and report back
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    Windows 7 - Prioritizing LAN and Wifi

    I'm having trouble getting Windows 7 to prioritize LAN connections over wifi connections. I've done the basics such as going into Advanced Options (see article here:, but it still seems to use Wifi over LAN every time.
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    Kickstarter Hoverboard Sounds Like A 'Banshee'

    Why the fuck does every video have to have that shitty inspirational music in it?
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    Over 1M People Downloaded Windows 10

    Anyone who honestly finds it surprising that a public Technical Preview is going to want to monitor usage for feedback purposes is an idiot. You have to be pretty full of yourself if really think Microsoft gives two shits about what websites you visit or where your porn folder is.
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    Reporter Goes To Apple Store To Bend An iPhone

    Even Anti-Apple people must agree this is a dick move
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    Solid Laptop Recommendation?

    I have a client who is looking to replace his work laptop. However, he's the type who abuses his machines, not on purpose but just on accident. It's not that he tries to be destructive, he's just a little careless. He currently has an older 2011/2012 Dell Inspiron, which has held up incredibly...
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    Good Anti-Virus for Terrible User

    Awesome guys, thanks for all the help! Yeah pretty much the reason why I asked in the first place. I like MSE, but I also don't click on "FREE DOWNLOADZ!!" and shit like that. Thanks for the help!
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    Good Anti-Virus for Terrible User

    My buddy uses his computer for business and personal, but it's infested with crap and needs to be completely wiped (there's nothing he needs to save on it). He's the kind of guy you probably know who just sucks at using computers; always manages to get viruses or adware magically. I usually...
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    iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

    That would matter if Android actually did any of those things right in the first place. Features are meaningless if they aren't executed correctly.
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    Should Bezos Apologize For 99 Cent Fire Phone?

    6 months is a little different then 46 days....
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    Apple Used Trick Photography To Make New iPhones Look Thinner

    I forgot how anti-Apple [H]ardforum was
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    EA: 'We Never Want To Be Worst US Company Again'

    Agreed. Please just make SimCity work as it is - forget all the other problems with it. Just make the existing stuff work correctly for fucks sake! Traffic, schools, regional play and so much more are still broken, and EA's only answer was to release an Offline mode and allow mods - that was...
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    Small Office Upgrade

    Did you mean to post a link? EDIT: Nevermind, just noticed that you moved the thread. Thanks! That's typically what I've tried to do, but I've yet to do a project of this scale (since I do this by myself).
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    Small Office Upgrade

    I'll be doing IT work for a small office including replacing their network (wifi, router, switch, patch panel), setting up a couple of iPads, reformatting a couple of computers, setting up some new software (new version of Quickbooks, Acrobat), and setting up some other random peripherals...
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    Small Office Upgrade

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    Corsair Carbide Air 240

    Those are incorrect for some reason. The real dimensions: ~12.4in × 10.43in × 15.75in (H×W×D) Taken from the Anandtech review:
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    2014's Starting Salaries for College Tech Majors

    I like this thread :)
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    AMD Unveils Radeon R7 Series Gaming SSDs

    Are some people seriously still questioning the benefits of SSDs??
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    PlayStation Now Is Still Way Too Expensive

    The whole renting thing is bad enough, but STREAMING?? That's the real kick in the nuts. Streaming games sounds great in theory but awful in practice. Not to mention you're only renting those games. This is a terrible fucking deal.
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    64-Bit Version of Chrome for Windows 7 and 8 in Beta Channel

    Is it running a 64-bit version of Flash (if there even is one)? If not, how is it able to run a 32-bit plugin?
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    Microsoft Sues Samsung In U.S. Over Patent Royalties

    Good, fuck them. Samsung's business practices are incredibly slimy, and hurt everyone (not just Apple or Microsoft).
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    Time Warner Business Class Internet

    That definitely sounds about right. They're setting up service for our entire business complex (at&t's shitty T1 is the only option here currently), and TWC has been very 'meh' in the customer service side of things. But I don't really care as long as their uptime is very solid/reliable/consistent.
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    Time Warner Business Class Internet

    Does anyone here have them at their office/place of work? How has their uptime SLA treated you? The reason I ask is because we're considering a couple different VoIP phone options. One of them has their own dedicated T1 line (would only be used for the phones), and redundancy is always nice...
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    Corsair Graphite 380T Sneak Peek

    Orange for sure!
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    Silverstone Raven RV05 Case

    FINALLY! The trend of removing those stupid 5.25" optical drive bays from cases is finally happening.
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    New Small Business Network

    I've been tasked with updating our company's network, which is a small business (15 workstations) that mainly use internet/MS office all on an Active Directory on Server 2008 R2. Someone set up an a very old firewall box at least 5 years ago, and it's starting to reboot itself all the time. At...
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    16 Examples of Steve Jobs Acting Like a Huge Jerk

    This place always has kinda been anti-Apple, so posting this article doesn't surprise me.
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    New Chrome Beta Sharpens Text on Windows

    Took me a while to see the difference (at first glance, they look identical), but even then I wouldn't really say this is an improvement. :eek: The real question is why the fuck wasn't this fixed/added from day 1?
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    Network Monitoring Tool

    Cool, thanks guys!
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    Network Monitoring Tool

    We have several computers connected to a firewall (which is also acting as a DHCP server) and someone is using a lot of bandwidth. While I could certainly do some QoS, I'd like to track down the computer (and thus the user) that is using the most bandwidth. Is there a good networking...