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  1. Azrak

    CPU swap creates memory issues Gigabyte AM5 B650

    Did you flash the latest BIOS? Newer BIOS might have better support for 7800X3D.
  2. Azrak

    Old UPS batteries (APC SUA 1500)... where do you source them?

    UPSes designed with SLA batteries in mind are constantly charging (float charging) the battery because that's how you keep SLA batteries healthy and ready to power the load for the longest period of time (talking lifespan of the battery here, not uptime while on battery). Other battery...
  3. Azrak

    Bizarre Noise Issue

    What if you take a full screen snapshot when FF is making the noise, then shutdown FF and just view the screenshot full screen. Do you still hear the noise? If the answer is yes, then it's the pixel colors/dithering/patterns that FF displays that is causing the noise. If not, then maybe it is...
  4. Azrak

    Confession: I like to steal things

    OK, I guess I never clicked on it to see who the seller was. I apologize for making a false statement in my previous reply.
  5. Azrak

    Confession: I like to steal things

    horse Your original post did not include the name of the seller or a link to the eBay item. That is why you received those replies. If you had included the item link originally, we would have seen the seller was Adorama and congratulated you on what might be a great deal instead of words of...
  6. Azrak

    Slightly messed up packaging for an HD-return or keep?

    The plastic did exactly what it was designed to do: crumple under impact load and protect the drive inside. It's fine. Install it and use it.
  7. Azrak

    Solved (approved for RMA): Unbearably Slow PCIe Gen 4 NVME Speeds

    Partition alignment issue? 512 byte vs 4096 byte sector size issue? I have no idea what else could be if the problem follows the drive to another system.
  8. Azrak

    My monitor's power supply creates spikes on the outlet, will it burn my house?

    Just different design, I guess. Maybe there is better circuit design in the PC power supply on the AC input side that suppresses inrush current in a better way. I don't know exactly why. You might get better answers on where very knowledgeable people can answer...
  9. Azrak

    My monitor's power supply creates spikes on the outlet, will it burn my house?

    The monitor power supply is a "switching power supply". Google it. Basically, there is a high speed switching circuit that pulses power to charge an output supply capacitor and a feedback voltage sense circuit. Once the voltage in the output capacitor reaches a set threshold, the switching...
  10. Azrak

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Lineup Revealed

    That is the Conifer Seed Bug. This time of year they are looking for a warm place for the Winter. They can be a nuisance. Glad your system survived the short circuit sabotage.
  11. Azrak

    Solved (approved for RMA): Unbearably Slow PCIe Gen 4 NVME Speeds

    Why would read speeds be affected by the amount of free space available?
  12. Azrak

    Help me Choose RTX 3060 12 GB or RTX 4060 8GB

    12GB will be better than 8GB for the next 4 years on max settings, everything else ignored. The writing is on the wall that 8GB is not going to be enough to last the next 4 years as I'm sure you've seen Steve at Hardware Unboxed on Youtube attest to many, many times. I have personal experience...
  13. Azrak

    Athlon 64 FX-57 is expensive, rare, fast but is it worth it?

    Back in the day I had an FX-57 on an Asus A8NSLI Premium and 2 GB memory. That was the most amount of money I had ever spent on a CPU ($811). It was a good machine and definitely fast, at least until the Core2Duo E6850 came out and destroyed it in terms of performance. A few years ago I...
  14. Azrak

    Nvidia, Snowflake announce partnership

    I saw Snowflake and thought "Really? GN CEO Snowflake?" :LOL:
  15. Azrak

    Upcoming Windows 11 beta giveth and taketh away; further guts power user functionality

    This one sucks to remove. Now if a new exploit is found in Windows parsing of image data (which has happened before), someone just sends you a picture, overflows the Windows image parser and now your PC has got malmare installed. When it was configured to just show icons, it never opened the...
  16. Azrak

    Seeking help with weird slowness issue, Ryzen 7 3700X

    Verify SSD firmware is latest version. Unplug HDD (to rule out a SATA/cable issue). Unplug all USB devices except keyboard and mouse. Try different keyboard. Try different mouse. Try unplugging keyboard or mouse when lag starts. Unplug network cable when lag starts. Try different monitor. Try...
  17. Azrak

    Do use a UPS or surge suppressor?

    Combining a surge suppressor and UPS is not recommended by APC and other UPS manufacturers: APC specifically:
  18. Azrak

    Upgraded from 5800X to 7800X3D and my scores....don't make any sense?

    No it isn't. It's 3.8% faster. Do not let the negative value fool you. Those CPU score numbers are frame times in milliseconds, not fps. Lower frame time=faster frame generation=higher fps. That's why it's green for the 7800X3D. It's a better score taking less time to generate a frame on the...
  19. Azrak

    Is it really that simple?

    Since the 4090 is THE highest performing card right now, there is no other video card more "future proof" than it (reason 1: It has 24GB VRAM which is the highest available right now; reason 2: It will get driver updates for longer since it is current-gen; reason 3: It has the highest RT...
  20. Azrak

    Fraud Alert: Newegg sold me a laptop w/ 48GB SSD, but it states 256GB SSD on the receipt

    Found the problem. Classic "it's never my fault or responsibility" attitude of today's "new age" way of thinking. I'm sure OP has never made a mistake in their life, too, so it is absolutely inexcusable for anyone else to make one and they must pay dearly for it. OP never even realized the...
  21. Azrak

    Fan header problem

    Are the old and new fans both 4-pin or 3-pin? Maybe the new fan connector is different from the old fan. The BIOS has a setting for PWM fan and DC control. If there is a mismatch, it could cause the errors you're seeing.
  22. Azrak

    Fan header problem

    Is the new fan spinning slower than the old one? Asus MBs will complain if the detected RPM is less than a lower threshold. Look in BIOS for fan settings and minimum PWM speed. Try increasing it. And make sure the CPU fan is plugged into the CPU fan header. Asus MBs will always complain if...
  23. Azrak

    Is there any gpu sag?

    Why not get a level and see if there is any sag yourself after install? Asking us, especially with no pictures, is.... pointless. Besides, every case is different and you might have sag, or not, while others may not have sag, or do.
  24. Azrak

    bad RAM slot - should RMA this board or OK to use?

    Update the BIOS?
  25. Azrak

    Best UPS for 850 watt power supply?

    A 1500VA UPS is the correct choice for this application.
  26. Azrak

    4090 vs 2k 270 what's your choice?

    This is [H]. Get both.
  27. Azrak

    Talk me out of this new build

    True, it might not make much of a difference. But in other non-gaming tasks, it might help performance depending on the task. And you may not care if it speeds up those tasks, too, since it probably wouldn't be a huge difference in time. If all the machine does is game at 4K, then I guess you...
  28. Azrak

    Talk me out of this new build

    I would get DDR5-6000 or 6400 speed memory since you are getting a whole new platform anyway and it seems like the small bump in price isn't a concern based on the high-end nature of the other components you picked. (Why hamper a 13900K with slow memory?) Also, double-check Z790 MBs to see if...
  29. Azrak

    Noctua NH-D15 30% off, $99 at Amazon

  30. Azrak

    need help identifying a capacitor

    Buy 5 or 10 so you have spares for next time or if you hose one of them during the repair.
  31. Azrak

    AMD's Radeon RX 7900-series Highlights

    A couple months ago, when they released the 3060 8GB.
  32. Azrak

    Does anyone else miss [H]ard reviews?

    My apologies, Dan. I did not mean to leave you and Paul out in my reply. I was only focused on the video card side when I replied.
  33. Azrak

    Does anyone else miss [H]ard reviews?

    Yes, we all do, but the same reviewer (Brent Justice) that did video card reviews for [H] are now being created on The FPS Review website now. Take a look: 7900XTX Review: 7900XT Review...
  34. Azrak

    My recent GPU experiences with AMD as a long time nVIDIA user...

    Can't people just be themselves without worry of ridicule?
  35. Azrak

    Case selection = SAD!

    As a fellow fan of the old Lian Li all-aluminum cases from the past, I would recommend: Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh Performance: Be Quiet Pure Base 500DX...
  36. Azrak

    North Slope of Alaska

    I feel like watching John Carpenter's The Thing for some reason...
  37. Azrak

    PC won't boot up after memory module was installed

    BIOS updates improve memory compatibility all the time. You are lucky to have never run into it in the past. I certainly have.
  38. Azrak

    What was your first emotional moment in gaming?

    Probably Starflight in late 1986 when I first learned that the fuel I was using to fly my ship was made of living beings.
  39. Azrak

    for motherboard w/2133MHz, would it recognize 2666MHz memory module?

    In that case you should be able to enable XMP in the BIOS and run at 2666 instead of hobbling at 2133. Run memtest86 to be sure it is stable either way. Make sure the BIOS is flashed to the latest version before you start enabling XMP or testing stability.
  40. Azrak

    Transcend SSD first 30% slow and unstable speed, why?

    Was video surveillance software running at time of test? Perhaps pagefile needed flushing in order to accommodate the memory requirements of the benchmark resulting in heavy I/O at the start of the test. If you run the test again back-to-back, does it still have the same behavior for the first...