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    Rails for Norco RPC-4020

    RL-26 I have the old style case and the RL-26 worked fine in my rack.
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    960GB Crucial M500@egg $289.99 +$3 ship after code

    Put one in your PS4
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    75% off COD4: Modern Warfare ($4.99)

    Actually it's a steamplay game. Meaning you get it on both Mac and PC for one purchase.
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    40% off Select Board Games at Amazon

    Tabletop has played a few of these games if you want to see how one plays.
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    Corsair H90 140mm Water Cooler $50 AR

    In Store only :(
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    Crashplan Unlimited Online Backup 1 Year Free

    I use crashplan for exactly this, though I only backup the shares, not the computer backups. I don't see it as being an issue though.
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    [Hot] PowerColor HD 7870 MYST. Ed. 2GB + Bioshock & Tombraider - $209 (no rebate!)

    I'd atleast try it. I bought the myst and it only averages 43fps on the tomb raider benchmark on highest settings at 1920x1200. Thats overclocked to 1100 with a i7 920 @ 3.8.
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    Server Build - Your Input/Feedback Welcome!

    What are the recommended specs for the proprietary software and how much storage do you need for the file server? Definitely buy it from Dell/HP for the service, warranty and reliability aspect.
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    Buying my first MBP

    Just remember that there is no upgrading parts in the retina macbooks except the ssd.
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    Help settle a dispute

    We do both. All our computers(approx. 1700) are named LLLD-TTTTTTT and the users name or if its a kiosk/multi use pc, it's location is put into the description in AD. We also use vlans; per floor at our HQ and by type in our call centers and distribution centers. example...
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    Here's an interesting networking problem

    Make sure that device one and device three aren't on the same channel and are set to 20Hz mode for the 2.4Ghz channel. Verify that dhcp and dns really is turned off on device three. Also try device three with it being out in the open, the entertainment center or some of the other devices may be...
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    Strange account lockout problem with one particular user; network with two domains Use these tools and search the DC's and see what is locking them out.
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    Cable Modem

    Just buy a cable modem not a combo modem/router. Motorola is pretty much the king of cable modems. 6120, 6121, 6141, whichever is supported by your ISP.
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    Get yourself a Unifi LR perhaps two and you're gtg
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    Building new Untangle router - need advice, thoughts.

    I would use atleast an i3 to make sure you have enough oomph when everyone hammers it hard, especially if your going to be using a lot of packages.
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    Wireless Security

    Why aren't you using radius?
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    Marvell Yukon 88E8056 Link Aggression??

    It will be an option in the nic driver. It's Link Aggregation by the way. Whats your reason for needing it?
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    24 port switch recommendation, New or used?

    You could get a used Cisco SG200 or HP 1810 for around $150ish on ebay with some looking.
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    Powering a wifi card with wall adapter
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    Replaced WAP with switch, now no connection through switch?

    Make sure their isn't a specific uplink port that has to be used on the switch and your going straight from the router to the switch.
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    Batch file as Network Drive?

    Just put the batch file on a network share somewhere with read/execute only permissions for the client computers and then put shortcuts to it on the computers.
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    Network pics thread

    you haven't had it very long?
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    Windows 7: How to permanently remove mapped network drive?

    Most likely they are connected via startup script or in gpo then. Talk to your desktop support and see what they say.
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    Recommend a Router

    Asus RT-N66U is considered by most to be the best consumer N router.
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    Network pics thread

    Would like to know as well.
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    pfsense 2.0.1 dhcp not working?

    Try bringing down and back up the nics after it's been booted up. It's a known issue on some installs.
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    Reccomend me a switch

    1810G or SG200 /endthread
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    Full Specs for Server 2012 Foundation ?

    Pooling is in all versions and client backup is only in Essentials I believe.
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    Network pics thread

    They're dead
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    Network pics thread

    Wouldn't call those giant bins... We put our junk into gaylord containers(yes they're really called that) 48" x 40" x 36" boxes
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    Network pics thread

    Think I'm still winning on worst network closets.
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    supah weird network speed

    Bandwidth doesn't stay at a set speed constantly. There's nothing wrong with your gear...
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    Network pics thread

    We use networked Raritans for that.
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    Disappointed with 500Mb Powerline

    Also might want to try a line conditioner.
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    POE Switch

    The SG200-08P would be a good choice if you just need 4 poe ports, just make sure that the switch can provide the amount of watts per camera that you need. The sg200-08p has 32w, so 8 watts max per port if your using all four.
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    POE Switch

    You can plug the second switch into either the router or switch. I would just get an 8 port poe switch as long as your cameras aren't going to saturate the uplink.
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    Network pics thread

    That is a work of art
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    Rebuilding a Network

    Put the student pc's on a different vlan and have all of them autologin with a locked down domain account. Run them through qos and a proxy.
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    Wire house or Wireless house?

    Check the phone jacks before you go buying stuff, maybe you lucked out and they used cat 5e. Also in my opinion wired is the only way to go.