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    Attic switch recommendation?

    I have a Netgear M4100-D10-POE in my garage for pretty similar reasons. Powers two POE cameras and links a Pi and UniFi AC AP up. No issues so far with the hot summers (100F out today, been in service about two years. On-board sensor says it's running at 114F currently). Operational temperature...
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    Which cloud solution for internal hosting?

    Exactly what klank said. We utilize both of those internally for the same reasons.
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    Which cloud solution for internal hosting?

    What functions do you need to manage on them? Just remote access or something else?
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    Freenas chassis?

    1. Not really, the 120mm fans are pretty quiet (at least compared to anything else in my rack) to my ears. 2. Stock fans, no mods to the chassis. 3. Zipties and running the cables neatly as possible, that's pretty much it.
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    Freenas chassis?

    It's a Sun Microsystems StorEdge 38U rack. Has a decent amount of room in the front door for anything that isn't flush with the rack front. If you have one that has adjustable front rails, then it would be trivial to set them back a bit and fit the handles if the door wasn't able to close fully...
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    Freenas chassis?

    Have this chassis as well, fits perfectly in my rack without removing the handles (38U).
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    T1 Phsyical Layer Question

    Chances are the 56K was a backup method for getting into the router if the T1 is down. We used to do something similar for our remote sites when I worked for a local datacenter. If the main link was down, we could still get into the routers and see why and troubleshoot.
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    Wireline IP Cameras

    Something like this? They can be run with a single network drop for both network and power and can record directly to a CIFS/SMB share if you don't want to use some kind of DVR software. You'd need to have something that...
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    Finalizing my new home build - Need a switch

    Typically these days I strictly look toward Hikvision cameras, specifically the DS-2CD2132 in that price range or the DS-2CD2032F if I need something a bit more spot specific. Prices are very reasonable and the picture quality is very impressive. They also make a line of 2MP and 4MP versions as...
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    UPS install

    If you're not comfortable running a 220V line from your circuit box to it, then yeah you'll need an electrician if you want to get that up and running. Looks like a standard two hot, one neutral and ground. You'll need a serious breaker (50A or 100A, depending on your load you're going to put on...
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    Newbe needs router help

    I could be wrong, but I think most of that was due to flaky USB sticks they were using internally.
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    Wanting to experiment, radius server at home...anybody try?

    It's a good project since quite a few enterprise-type things utilize RADIUS. I run a RADIUS server on my 2012 R2 DC at home for a few services, primarily for one of the UniFi SSID's and for TACACS to authenticate against on the switches/routers. For me, PROS: Single authentication source...
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    Wall mounting router

    For light devices I'll typically use those (or the compression-type plastic fittings, don't really care for those tho). For heavier equipment, toggle bolts and if there's a stud available, screws into that.
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    Xfinity modem.. Which one?

    I've been running a ARRIS/Motorola SB6141 for a while with them now, no complaints. Easily handles the 150Mb service I have (usually peaks around ~170Mb). Pretty sure there's an upgraded model out now that would probably be worth looking into as well.
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    What to look for in a projector?

    I've been out of the loop for awhile after getting my most recent projector a few years ago, but I'd be considering the following if I was in the market these days: - 1080P resolution, no point going any lower these days. - Check your mounting options. Can you move the projector around or...
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    Can't find culprit of 100% CPU on AP1142N

    Offhand I can't see anything there using virtually any CPU. Is this by chance hooked up to a switch with other VLANs on it that aren't being pruned from the AP's port? Or is there a loopback interface configured on the AP? What does "show log" show?
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    Recommendations for a small business

    Granted they aren't the easiest things to configure (but aren't terribly hard for simple setups), but an EdgeRouter Lite might not be a bad choice. Cheap, good performance and can easily be used to split a single DSL connection between two different IP segments with firewalls between them. If...
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    Trying to remember an old DOS game

    Deja Vu 2 perhaps? The beginning in the apartment sounds familiar (and being able to die at almost any point.)
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    Supermicro purchased from Ebay - Thoughts

    Looks alright. The CPU speed issue is probably either due to Speedstep or he has the wrong settings in the BIOS (might need a BIOS update as well). The memory temperatures are from having no air movement over the RAM at all according to those pictures. I don't see any fans at all in that...
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    Looking for a FC switch

    I'd suggest just trying to find one that already either has the majority or all the ports already licensed. The affordable ones I've been able to find have all had the POD feature on them, seems like something that was really popular at the time. There's also other licenses usually involved...
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    reccomend: Modem for time warner, been having issues

    Your signal levels look good and the SB6141 is easily able to handle up to around 300Mbit+ (I run the same modem at 150/10 with Comcast and easily hit 170/12) so I wouldn't guess that the modem itself is probably going to be the issue unless like you said there's some kind of weird compatibility...
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    Does Samsung warranty SSDs without receipt or used?

    I just warrantied a 850 PRO SSD a few months ago, they required the receipt.
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    Network/IP Camera & NVR Advice

    The only concern I'd raise on a DIY recorder is will you have enough CPU to record up to 8 cameras at 3Mpix/20FPS? I remember when I was setting up my home security system that I tried Blue Iris on an older Q9550 (still pretty quick) box and it was entirely unable to handle that level of...
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    Help: Provisioning for Windows 8?

    It sounds like you're looking for something that would let your users dynamically spin up a Windows 8 VM (or 50) and manage them remotely, correct? If so, you're best bet would be something like Proxmox VE, ESXi, XenServer, etc. These would require you to dedicate the workstation to this role...
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    EVGA 780i Microphone on Win10

    USB headsets typically have their own sound chip embedded in them so that they appear as a separate selectable sound device (I've never seen one that didn't so far) independent of any other sound source in the PC. You should be fine with one even if the on-board is flaking out.
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    How do I access internal network through an MDU remotely?

    Really depends on how much work you want to put into this, but you could just get an outside VPS and establish an outgoing VPN to it then route ports from the VPS's IP back over your VPN into your home network (a site-to-site VPN essentially). I do something similar for a few services that I run...
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    Country Life

    Line of sight between the two houses (or somewhere on the property)?
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    Looking for BNC camera replacement + DVR suggestions (pic warning)

    I second klank's suggestion. I've used Hikvision cameras at my house, work and on some company projects. Picture is very clear (on the 3Mpix models at least) and the DVR's are pretty easy to work with. Just hook that up with a single CAT5 cable and load up the iVMS-4200 software (iVMS-4500 on...
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    VM Encryption Questions

    I recently went thru a similar rebuild on my home network. Initially I tried to utilize the FDE of the SSD's I had installed on a single server with a LSI 9260 (with key) but there seemed to be some kind of compatibility issue (could see the FDE ability but would never successfully create a...
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    Gaming on HUGE screen. Like wall projector?

    Not sure about DLP as I have a LCD projector currently (125" screen), but I haven't noticed any ghosting issues in a long time (been through 2 other projectors so far) due to the projection technology itself. Typically it starts being noticeable from the signal processing on the projector...
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    Monitor resource usage on 5-10 servers

    Zabbix can be very good if you put the time into configuring all it's features, but it's definitely not as user friendly as Nagios and Observium.
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    VMware HA/FT costs for training lab

    This is probably what you're looking for:
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    Questions about POE network camera

    The only thing you'll need for the 3210L camera is a PoE-capable (should list PoE or 802.3af somewhere) switch as it feeds both the data and power over the same cable. You could run a separate power line, but that kind of defeats the point of PoE. There's a few ways you could go about getting...
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    Hard Drive Packaging at Amazon

    I had a WD 4TB Purple I ordered from Amazon about two months ago. Both times I was shipped a drive in a static bag with a strip of bubble wrap thrown in the box. Entirely unacceptable. First drive was DOA, kept the second since I needed it for a project and it at least functioned and tested OK...
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    card madness!?

    What you essentially want is a host bus adapter (HBA) vs a RAID controller. These would just pass each drive directly to the OS without any JBOD/RAID being involved. Popular ones tend to be various LSI models (9211, 9220, 9240, etc) or their re-brands (IBM M1015). Each of these can be flashed...
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    Help! MOBO risk to be broken!

    I'd probably look at putting a rubber standoff or a piece of thicker foam (depending on size) under there to help keep it a bit more straight. There's quite a bit of bend in that board at that point that I wouldn't be comfortable with keeping. If it's working tho and you're happy with it, then...
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    Home VOIP setup

    About a year ago I decided to do something similar to get away from paying Comcast for phone service + modem fees. Ended up going with a SIP trunk from, a Cisco 2821 with CCME/Unity and some various Cisco (wired/wireless) and analog cordless phones. Service has been excellent from...
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    ATTN: Onkyo AVR Owners "Loss of audio/network"

    Just sent my TX-NR717 back for repair over this issue last month (about 2 months before the warranty ran out). Nice to see they are admitting that there's a serious issue with that board finally, after having been a running issue with Onkyo receivers for years. Almost turned me off buying a...
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    Alternatives to docking stations?

    What brand of laptop? A bunch (Dell for example) have some proprietary solutions for docking. Most can be found on Ebay for cheap tho if that's an option. A more universal solution are docks based on USB (Example...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Got a X5670 due in over the weekend. Hopefully I'll have a bit better luck with that on my P6T6 WS Revo than the 920 in there currently. Glad to see the 1366 socket still kicking :).