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    AMD A10 Temps, is this normal?

    Take a look at this screenshot. It's a HP G7 Laptop, it originally came with a A6 and I upgraded it to the A10 trinity APU. I've cleaned the heatsink and put the IC 7 Carat Diamond thermal paste on there and look at these temps. The laptop isn't shutting down, the temps look to be accurate as...
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    Nexus 4 now available in white, + free bumper (limited time)

    Thank goodness for the color options. But I'll stick to black and then maybe buy a white back off ebay and change it later on.
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    HP DV6-6145DX Refurb $399 (loaded)

    Just got mine, it's an refurb but wow it looks clean and brand new. It did have two deep scratches on the side as if someone dropped it on asphalt but it works fine. The laptop is amazing, sure the screen resolution sucks for an 15.6inch but for $400, I don't think anyone would complain...
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    FT: White myTouch 4G for Black

    Here it goes, I have a white mint condition myTouch 4G with the type 2 panel which means the God screen, if you do a quick search on google you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm looking for a black one in the same condition. Must be in good condition with a type 2 screen. But only in the...
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    Here's my HP DM3-1047NR Specs should be in the sig. Loving this laptop, it's great, even though the CPU isn't anything powerful and doesn't support VT it still gets the job done for me. The pictures are mediocre, took them with my G2, in really bad lighting conditions.
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    still a big difference between 5400 and 7200 rpm drives?

    You won't even see a difference in battery life. There are so many people buying SSDs and installing them just to get about 2-4% increase in battery life. Other than that, performance, you won't even notice it.
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    laptop for Entertainment @ the Airport

    HP DM3. They go for $549 on the site, but you can get them cheaper elsewhere. I have the intel version and it's advertised to go up to 10hours on a charge, real world usage with web browser, and medium low brightness gives me 4:30 hours. It's small, 13in, weights 4.2lb and looks great and...
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    New laptop! Help!!

    Alright, Its time for me to get a new laptop. I'm selling the one in my sig cause it's too heavy and big to take to school with me so I need something light and portable. I've found this hp laptop and it's right in my price range and the specs look perfect for me. With this laptop, I'd be...
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    AMD confirmed issue of grey lines

    Hopefully this fixes the mouse enlargements and the fucking fullscreen video crashing. Fucking idiots those guys at AMD/ATI. If anyone recalls, I built a system for a friend, intel i5 750,ATI 5770, 4GB Ram, Intel motherboard, etc and thats the only thing that bugging us right now.
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    From the back of the pc, I really don't feel any air getting exhausted out. Even when I put my hand over the fan, I feel cold air but can't tell if it's blowing in or out.
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    alright so I guess thats how we're going to do it, also how do i know if the psu exhuasts the air or brings air in?
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    Alright, heres a new built computer for a friend, specs as is, core i5 750 2.66ghz stock, ati 5770 stock clocks, WD hdd, and a BFG 550w psu. Heres the problem, airflow, everything seems fine, the cpu idles at 95*F, goes to 155*F max at loads with the stock intel heatsink fan combo. the GPU...
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    iPhone T-Mobile USA MMS settings

    My settings will not work, I've called tmobile many times, they have no idea what their doing. Does anyone have any settings for T-Mobile USA mms settings that work on the iPhone? Thanks
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    Quick help with memory

    Building a new computer for a friend, just brought the Intel DH55TC board and the I5 750, they're all here and now I need memory, the board says it supports DRR3 1333/1066 But on newegg, I've found a DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) type ram, IS it okay if I just install it on this board? would it just...
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    Blackberry Curve 8520 without data

    No it will work fine, but if you're getting it with a new contract, their going to make you get the data plan, atleast for a month
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    i just got the glass orb color theme and it's so good looking. THanky ouuuuuu

    i just got the glass orb color theme and it's so good looking. THanky ouuuuuu
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    Are there any good "fake" iphones?

    Not even that, I've seen video reviews of the i68s and others on youtube, a co worker just got the knockoff storm, and they all run the same OS, just the gui is different. Omg typing forget about it! forget sms and anything that requires typing when you get those phones. It sucks. You could...
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    On the Post your mobile devices page, i seen your 3gs, what theme is that, icon set and how did...

    On the Post your mobile devices page, i seen your 3gs, what theme is that, icon set and how did you get those icons on the bottom like that? thanks
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    Free AMD X2 Kuma Retail (unlocked) with hard drive purchase ($70) @ newegg

    Damn too late, I would have brought them, and made some profit of it... arghh!
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    Did anyone hear about the QuickFire recall?

    Not only that, ATT pulled the quickfire out from their cellphone list, it just wasn't selling up to ATTs own taste. I remember reading it from Engadget... I'll try to get an link up.
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    G1 - Transferring Files

    When you click on the notifications bar, you clicked on mount and still didn't see the card on "My Computer"? Then try another USB wire or another USB Port. It has to work, and you CANNOT view anything on the sdcard via the phone if it is mounted on the PC, if you see it, then its not...
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    G1 Questions

    The Black ones don't have an issue with the key lighting, but the bronze and white ones do. For Aim you can use Hello Aim! which is $9.99 but there is another app on the android market which is called Hi Aim! thats for free. Meebo has improved their app and now it doesn't disconnect as...
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    Your thoughts on this Dell Inspiron 15

    Looks and sounds good. For $540, you can't go bad, plus most computers that you see in Bestbuy or any other retail locations are basically the same. Get this unless you find something better in price. But the price seems just about right.
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    Inspiron 5150 REALLY Dim Screen

    you've checked ebay? there's always people parting out laptops and selling them.... If anything, the price for that is pretty good, and for $70, I don't know... Screens are expensive.
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    G1 battery life sucks

    Yeah, Mine goes from 9AM to 5PM... I can't take it anymore, I have to use the phone while I am at school. Most of the usage is from web browsing, texting (about 300-500 a day), and some youtube, yeah I sound like a 15 year old, but no I'm dead serious about the texting =)
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    Need new Tmobile phone currently have the dash.

    If you need something now, I'd go with the BB curve. It's a nice neat phone and full keyboard for easy email and texting. But thats only if you need something now, and can not wait for the G1 to come out next month.... Personally I would wait, just wear a bluetooth headset or use the wired...
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    G1 Android phone now on T-Mobile's site

    My contract ends Nov 4th, so I'm all up on the G1, count me in as well! This is going to rock!!!!!!:D
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    Dell XPS computers?

    Yeah, they are really good, depending on how you configure them and what type of shit you outfit them with. I know people who still have they're first and second gen XPS systems, off course they don't play anymore games, but they are really dependable workhorses. Yeah they come pre-loaded...
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    Lower CPU temp after switch to Corsair PSU?

    Totally agree with this one.... Since the PSU fan right across the heatsink, it draws away more heat..
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Here is my Not so special POS desk that I got around the same time last year from staples for $70. Great deal, good desk but not good enough for me. This is my 7th desk I went by now. Well Staples being the nice guys, they sent me a $25 gift certificate good towards any purchase over $50, So...
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    gaming at 1280x1024 question

    All GPU, but you also need a fast CPU to keep up with the GPU.
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    Any Dell Inspiron 1520 owners want to chime in?

    I just got my 1520 1 month ago and all I can say is that is perfect! The perfect gaming machine and it does everything I want it too. The specs are in the sig. The machine is big, heavy and thick. It's not something you want to carry to class or around all the time, but it is a sturdy...
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    New Inspiron 1520

    Nah, The-One, I use the laptop at home and work and at work I already have free wireless access;)! Any screen protectors? I don't know! give me some ideas! Black Friday is coming up!
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    New Inspiron 1520

    Really nice machine, but I've seen the difference between a 5400rpm and 7200rpm. Huge difference, Might get one over Black Friday deals. Haha Can't wait! Is there any other accessories or things I should buy for the dell? I still have a lot more money burning the pockets :), not to mention...
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    New Inspiron 1520

    Hm, I just ordered this guys, and it awesome. It was delivered yesterday and I've been enjoying it since. It is a really nice loaded laptop. I paid $1400 after taxes and it was well worth every single penny. Let me start out with the specs Intel Core2Duo T7250 2.0GHZ 2GB RAM 160GB HDD...
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    You've got the whole desk over here, MX Rev, A lot of phones, Just brought the new DC-W80 from amazon. Taking all pictures from that. one with the macbook. all the bullshit on the table, a lots of purfumes
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    Took this one with my Krzr Phone, 2MP but it looks like shit
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    Took with my Blackberry Pearl Cleaned up, without the Macbook. I'm thinking if I should open up and use my MX3000 Keyboard instead of the OEM Dell one.
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    videocard drivers and win2000

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    taking lyrics into another song...