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    FS: Sold

    Price updates bump
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    FS: Sold

    Will consider reasonable offers bump
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    FS: Sold

    Selling an ASRock Radeon 6800XT Taichi. Card has had the stock pads replaced with Thermalright pads and was always run at stock clocks with an undervolt in Radeon Wattman of 1075-1080mv (effective voltage was ~1.020-1.050) Asking $600 shipped/insured to the Continental US, or will sell locally...
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    FS: 2700x and RX 590

    +1 for this
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    WTT: MSI - NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070 Gaming Z Trio LHR for non-LHR 30-series or RDNA2 GPU

    Have a non-LHR EVGA 3060Ti FTW3 Ultra. PM if you're interested in trading.