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    Pixel 5 early news

    Thanks, too bad that the Ultrawide isn't so wide. Hopefully a few reviews really focus in on the Video as that's where I've felt ours falls really short right now.
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    Pixel 5 early news

    I just want a camera review, once that's in hopefully I can enjoy my new phone.
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    Tesla's New Tabless Electrode Battery Cell Patent Is 'Way More Important Than It Sounds' says crazy-person Elon Musk

    Building code in Kingston (where I am) already has included EV rough in's for all new builds.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Spend $10 and you are golden.
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    Want to upgrade from my GTX 1070, what options do I have?

    Sounds like you stuck with the everyone else just waiting to see what AMD does or when Nvidia can get stock up.
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    Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene

    I feel like throwing around the word "build" is a bit misleading. The in article description is "developed" and the reading seems more like its more theorized and simulated.
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    AI powered sharpening

    Old but I have been using Gigapixel since launch, and they have steadily been improving it since that time. Its very inexpensive and gets updated quite a bit.
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    Jensen Huang: Ampere shortages to last throughout the end of 2020

    A shortage implies they had what they thought was lots on launch, and it sold out. The reality is much worse.
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    Pixel 5 early news

    My wife has been using a P30 Pro for over a year but although the camera is amazing, and is the reason we bought it, we use about 10 percent of its capability. What we really need is a phone that you can launch the camera app and snap a photo and it generally comes out good. I am hoping the 5...
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    Cost Efficient AMD Gaming Build - Ryzen 3100 + GTX 1650 Super

    I do pretty well with that card. I am only a very casual gamer though.
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    AMD 5900X rumors

    I had a really hard time sitting on my wallet during all the 3900 series hype, I really wanted to upgrade. I doubt I will have the strength to do that for this launch.
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    EBay RTX3080 LOL

    16 Sold LOLZ. That is funny.
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    Researcher Discusses How Time Travel Could Prevent a Pandemic like Covid

    I would leave Covid as is and just buy stock in TP and Hand Sanitizer.
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    Best Buy 10% of Birthday Month

    Maybe by December there will be stock enough in 30xx series cards for my to get something.
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    The Great RTX 3080 Scalping event has begun!

    Ebay has turned into people purposely trolling listings to ruin the sale. I love it. There is an 85K one I think that's the highest.
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    Confirmed: Xbox Series S Price and Design

    Reminds me of a 90's underseat car sub or a B&W sub for their mini shelf systems.
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    GPU Market Gets Flooded With Used GeForce RTX 2080 Ti’s

    My super cheap ass always waiting may have finally paid off.
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    34” Samsung 34” 3440x1440 75Hz, VA panel $300

    I am almost certain my wife would kill me if I had a monitor that showed up to the door bigger than the TV in our bedroom lol. I may have to re-evaluate.
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    PC Doodle Crystal Air 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 Video Card Cooling Shroud

    More cool stuff. There is an "All in Wonder" radeon linked from that which I owned way back. I remember being so excited for 64MB.
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    Dewalt Xtreme Brushless 1/4 Impact driver combo. $30 off @Lowes=$89

    I would watch channels like AVE if you have no tools. He takes apart tools and finds very surprising things. If I wasn't already waist deep into Dewalt I would have probably just bought the best tool for each task and lived with the batteries all being different. There are Harbor Freight...
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    Would you choose a 12GB or a 24GB RTX 3090?

    With 24GB I would finally be able to interpolate frames in less than 2 days perhaps, so I would jump at that.
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    Der8auer Ryzen OC Bracket Review

    Its funny the tagline would indicate they didn't like it but in reality they thought at $30 it was a good deal. "At $30, the Ryzen OC Bracket costs about as much as two tubes of quality thermal paste. It’s dead-easy to install, practically risk-free, and offers the extra performance to help a...
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    Dewalt Xtreme Brushless 1/4 Impact driver combo. $30 off @Lowes=$89

    Honestly if you get fatigue using a consumer impact driver you need to hit the gym. My parents have the 12V it works for them. But the selection of 20V tools is so massive now. If you had told me 3 years ago there could be a cordless router that wasn't garbage I would have laughed. Now I...
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Epic Game: 8.5 Billion Apple: 1 Trillion+ Good luck to Epic.
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    Dewalt Xtreme Brushless 1/4 Impact driver combo. $30 off @Lowes=$89

    I would very much recommend you spend $10 and get the real deal. Especially if you are starting out, don't corner yourself with the 12V line. You only get one battery but you also get 30% more impact force. I think Lowes site is not correct as it lists the impact force for the 12V at 200...
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    Possible NVIDIA RTX 3000 Rollout Schedule Detailed - RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 After September

    Do you have a link to that? I searched around their site and found nothing. Thanks!
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    Nintendo Wii Prototype Wiimote & Nunchuk Surface In Gigaleak's Latest

    It was said more in jest as an old controller leaked, and other than the security factor, does Nintendo really care? Its essentially obsolete hardware.
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    Google invests $450 million in ADT, gets exclusive hardware deal

    I still put tape over my laptop cam, I can't imagine if they tried to force Nest products into my ADT system. I have started to phase in Eufy cameras I monitor myself this might push me the rest of the way out the door.
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    What to expect from new AMD and Nvidia cards

    California, the land that brought you 400 million P65 labels on everything. Way to save the environment!
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    Pixel 4

    I was also a little worried about his views on its possible lack of durability. Its been quite a few years where I've even considered that I could bend/break my phone. I don't want to get back into that again.
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    Nintendo Wii Prototype Wiimote & Nunchuk Surface In Gigaleak's Latest

    When is the Atari 2600 controller prototype going to leak.
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    SEGA GENESIS HOLY GRAIL Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II

    I would think a Holy Grail would sell alot quicker than this.
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    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro AGP Graphics Card Complete New In Box Factory Sealed Rare

    I love clicking these links to see all the other suggested Ebay auctions it leads me too. So much cool stuff for sale. Kudos to people who had the self control to get these things and never open them.
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    Quantum3d Obsidian 2 X-24 SLI2 3Dfx Voodoo 2 SLI - With Retail Box

    Man I miss those old boxes. The Voodoo cards all had some great cover art. That thing sold fast. I can't believe that price. If I didn't care about money I would try and send in the rebate.
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    Matrox D1450 Graphics Card Now Shipping

    I love seeing their name in a headline again. I remember having a G200.
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    XPG SX8200 Pro 2TB NVMe Gen3x4 PCIe M.2 SSD $237 Again (Amazon Prime)

    That looks like a good deal. I keep having to prune files to stay under my 1TB stick so maybe its time to bite the bullett.
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    New BootHole Vulernability Revealed, Impacts Billions of Devices

    I always like to imagine how disappointed a hacker might be if they got into my system and discovered I don't have anytihng.
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    Epic Summer Sale

    Snowrunner on sale. I didn't even know I was missing this.
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    Elon Musk Claims His Neuralink Microprocessing Chip Will Allow You To Stream Music Directly To Your Brain

    I mean stream music for sure, don't help the deaf here. Subscription music service is the ticket. Why do I feel this is like the bone conduction glasses which I find are essentially junk.
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    When too far is never far enough: 4D Theater Wind Effect

    Its like the rides my daughter lovers at Universal Studios. Now just have water spray, heat and smells and we have something.