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    PC Gaming on Ubuntu Linux

    From reading the article,it looks like it still has a long ways to go....
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    Ubuntu Is Not "Unprotected Against the Heartbleed Exploit"

    Which means User 2 is an idiot.
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    NSA Said To Have Used Heartbleed Bug

    You are an idiot.
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    Best Buy Continuing Microsoft’s $100 XP Deals

    Stupid for Best Buy....
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    Facebook Use During Sex?

    That surely means you are an idiot.
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    Fight Animals with Your Bear Hands in Bear Simulator

    I know the game is not finished,but it needs one hell of a lot of work done to it,cause it sucks big time.
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    IRS Phone Scam Sweeps the Nation

    Good come back for a messed up post.
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    IRS Phone Scam Sweeps the Nation

    I did not know those scammers prayed..
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    New Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer

    Looks like shit to me...
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    The Stress Of Being A Computer Programmer Will Drive You Crazy

    Punch cards were the shit back in the day(70's)for me......
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    [H]appy Pi Day!

    Used to be mathematics was a whole lot more interesting to the public here in the states,and I think for quite some time apathy is more quite apparent nowadays than it has ever been.
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    Cisco or Dell blade server simulator software

    Just asking if there is any free Cisco or Dell blade server simulator software floating out there???
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    IBM CEO's Pay Cut From $16M To $14M

    Wow $2 million dollar cut,big whoopie.
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    New Shoe Detects Land Mines, Warns Through a Wristband

    Wonder how they tested that,"Hey Cortez put on these shoes and walk this way if you hear a buzz turn around and walk back." "Ok Boss" Five steps later a buzz then kaboom,no Cortez LMAO.
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    UPS And FedEx Buckled Under Holiday Load

    darkstarcow:We deliver EVEN if it's -42 or 3 feet of snow and GO places and DELIVER where UPS/FEDEX can't and get fedex/ups handoffs LOL This year we got a fuckton of parcels and we DELIVERED them all,needless to say I bet next holiday season,both companies are going to be shit out of luck with...
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    UPS And FedEx Buckled Under Holiday Load

    You are full of shit with your post regarding the USPS delivering packages,if any packages that got delayed it was Fed Ex/UPS since THEY give US the packages that are originally ordered through them(Neither is a "last mile" company). So any delays are THEIR FAULT.
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    Winamp Is Officially Dead

    Holy shit this is terrible news, I've used winamp forever,I'll continue using the latest and greatest version til I rot.
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    'Killer Robots' Could Be Outlawed

    And while you are being vein fed,your overlord will rule your ass with their cold hard steely rods forever more(sounds republican like don't you think?)
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    Kinect Does Sign Language Translation

    This is true,my wife signs fast and I have quite a few friends who sign very fast as well....
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    Call of Duty Players Aren't Hardcore Gamers

    Hardcore is playing til you literally die.
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    decent laser printer with large page toners

    That is excellent,thanks,Desert cat!
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    decent laser printer with large page toners

    Are there any decent priced color laser printers with at least 5k page toners(or more?) I am tired of inkjet printers and want the step up to laser quality,thanks!
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    Lord almighty,I haven't checked on this thread for awhile,all the pictures are colorful,sharp and outstanding...keep up the good work :)
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    Sign Language Recognition And Translation With Kinect

    The sign for please in American Sign Language is wrong,I think that was the chinese version(I know since I use sign language with my deaf wife)
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    Space Plane's Secret Mission Hits 5-Month Mark

    You would put one hell of a dent in the damn budget though,too much damn money for the military.
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    AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta Drivers

    What does that mean?
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    AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta Drivers

    I suppose this driver doesn't include stream,but inlcludes OpenCL(if so where can I get the stream driver if it has to be installed separately?)
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    NASA's Landsat Takes Largest Photo Of Earth Ever

    obi,you worked on the Landsat?
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    13.4 driver

    I notice that the OpenCL driver is listed,but not the stream driver,is it not included?
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    BlizzCon 2013 Tickets Go on Sale April 24th

    He's just sayin' that they all look like shit.
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    Cool pics all,I'm still amazed at these :)
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    Who is content with there DSLR

    Yea too damn much,a D800 is very nice too...
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    Who is content with there DSLR

    I have a Nikon D200 and would love to move to a D4 but I'm poor ass hell,I would drop my D200 in a heartbeat.
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    A Firewall for Your Car’s Black Box

    If they serve no function other than to record,i wonder if they can be turned off?
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    bigk: Have yer girlfriend move in with you,then you will have yer puppy ;)
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    Vote For Sexiest CEO In America

    I second Lori Senecal....
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    WalMart Explores Customer to Customer Delivery

    What's to keep the customer who takes another customer's stuff and replacing what's inside the package with something fake before delivering it to the other customer? This idea is really stupid on Walmarts part and I bet eventually lawsuits galore will soon follow.