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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    Been a fan of Asus boards since the Pentium 4 days. I'm currently rocking a Maximus 6 Hero and its served me well.
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    SLI with my existing STRIX card!
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    XFX 5850 to EVGA 760 SC

    The Batman games are good for Physx and if you enjoy the effects you're seeing in those games, you should checkout Borderlands 2. I think its one of the best games out there for Physx.
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    GTX 680 & 690 CORE 17 PPD

    My 2 cents - I switched one of my stock GTX 680 over to core 17 on Linux(Ubuntu 12.04) and am observing about 80k ppd whilst using about 240 watts at the wall. Other system specs as follows: E5506(not utilized for folding) Asus P6T Deluxe V2 4 GB GSkill ram(3rd stick died so only in dual...
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    Spend more time with the kids...nah, I'd just play more games.
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    FS: Planetside 2, World of Tanks, Hawken

    WoT code is gone.
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    FS: Planetside 2, World of Tanks, Hawken

    lol, that would have been quite jerky of me indeed. I should have put 'game codes' at the end. Planetside 2 code is gone.
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    FS: Planetside 2, World of Tanks, Hawken

    Just bought a new GTX 680 and received Hawken, PS2 and World of Tanks 50 dollar in game credits. Looking for $25 each. Planetside 2 code is gone. WoT code is gone. HEAT = temyoda Paypal is preferred.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Video Card Review @ [H]

    Thats kind of the point of being a hardware enthusiast site...and thats why we come here right?
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    Galaxy makes great stuff and I love their relation with [H]!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

    I have a Galaxy GT240 that is still running happily. They make great cards!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Great for Nvidia to have legit competition. I hope AMD is around for a long time.
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    Facebook Co-Founder Sells 450,000 Shares

    His petty cash reserves must have been running low...
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    The Direct CUII cooling. I love that its also a dual slot cooler and not a triple slot.
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    EVGA GTX 680 locked at 2D speeds

    I replied to your PM but to restate here I had to RMA it. EVGA basically confirmed to me that it was a bad bios, however, they would not provide me with a new one and I didn't want to try anything on my own where it was a 500 dollar card and still under warranty. Best of luck to ya.
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    Are people actually enjoying their GTX 680s?

    No problems for me either. I've played a little BF3 on it but mostly Batman AC and a ton of Mass Effect 3. No issues in any of those games for me.
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    EVGA GTX 690 is live on Newegg

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    Crysis 3 revealed

    I could not agree more...and I actually didn't mind Crysis 2. The problem was that it didn't even approach the level of awesome that Crysis 1 did - in graphics, in story and in pacing.
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    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    Quiet and reliable. Seasonic makes the best PSUs in the business.
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    WTS: Asus ENGTX 580 DCII

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    WTS: Asus ENGTX 580 DCII

    To the top.
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    WTS: Asus ENGTX 580 DCII

    And up again.
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    WTS: Asus ENGTX 580 DCII

    Up Again.
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    WTS: Asus ENGTX 580 DCII

    Up Again.
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    WTS: Asus ENGTX 580 DCII

    UP up up.
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    WTS: Asus ENGTX 580 DCII

    Would have to be a pretty compelling item or combination of items for me to agreed to a trade at this point.
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    WTS: Asus ENGTX 580 DCII

    Just upgraded to a GTX 680 and need to move this card. I've owned it for a little over a year(purchased in March of 2011) and it has run without a single issue. I've put a mild OC on it a time or two up to 800Mhz core but it has run at its stock 782Mhz for most of its time with me. Its this card...
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    GTX 680 bug in crysis 1 and 2

    No issues here either with Crysis 1 on my 680.
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    mass effect 3 multiplayer trend

    I haven't played a ton of gold but when I have played it I've observed the overload/energy drain spamming that you're talking about. Its is a bit frustrating(if you're not the one doing the spamming) but I feel like if they toned those skills down, then that particular difficulty would be a lot...
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    EVGA GTX 680 locked at 2D speeds

    I will try putting the 580 back in later tonight and see what happens. I've reset the drivers a couple of times with the same results. I don't think the PSU is an issue either where it was running a much hungrier 580 before. However, I am going to drop this card into a couple of other...
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    EVGA GTX 680 locked at 2D speeds

    Just edited my original post to include that info. It idles aroun 37 C and goes up to aroun 45 C under load so things are staying pretty cool.
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    EVGA GTX 680 locked at 2D speeds

    As the title says, I cannot get my GTX 680 to clock past 324 Mhz. This is on a brand new install of Windows 7 Ultimate so I know that old drivers are not a factor. I've witnessed this phenomenon in Skyrim, MW3 and Diablo 3 beta. I'm using EVGA's Precision X to monitor the cards activity and...
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    Yeah, mine had some dark spots on it too and thats what prompted the replacement. Keep in mind I've only been using it for a day when reading the following comments - There is a huge difference in image quality. These extreme definition panels are something to behold. I played some Mass Effect 3...
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    Vega's Heavyweight display and computer; edition 2012

    True multisyncing(displaying different resolutions and refresh rates without needed a scalar), no ghosting and no input lag. Its why a lot of people still use them...and none were more epic than the FW900. Our friend Vega here is doing something pretty awesome.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    Lol, yeah, it kinda does actually. Very tight pixel density, almost retina display like, especially for someone like me coming from a 37 inch 1080p tv.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    Just got my ACHIEVA Shimian QH270-IPSB(the one with the tempered glass across the entire front) from dcsamsungmall here - I...
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    Win A BF3 Tribute System

    Agreed. This contest is a PITA compared to most on FB.