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    Mini USB Female to USB Female. Does it exist? (any other way to accomplish this?)

    I found this using the google. Is it what you're trying to describe? USB Type A Female to USB Type mini B female.
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    FS: Dues Ex:HR Steam Code $10

    Just as the title suggests. Dues Ex: Human Revolution steam code for $10. Code needs to be redeemed by Dec. 31st so don't wait. Paypal preferred. PM me if interested. (please no trades or low ball offers) Sold!
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    FS: HR Deus Ex, Dirt 3, Trackmania 2 game codes

    Bump. Trackmania price lowered.
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    FS: HR Deus Ex, Dirt 3, Trackmania 2 game codes

    Sorry senpai, not looking for trades at the moment.
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    FS: HR Deus Ex, Dirt 3, Trackmania 2 game codes

    Lunch time bump. Mmm ham and cheese sandwich.
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    FS: HR Deus Ex, Dirt 3, Trackmania 2 game codes

    Hey everybody, finally upgraded my rig and got some game codes that I'll never use. My game time is already limited, I don't need more options sucking me in. Plus this sale will help reduce the wife aggro that also came with the upgrade. For sale: $30 - Human Revolution:Dues Ex Steam code...
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    Galant question

    Yes, it'll work with T-legs. I have them on my galant at home.
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    I'm stumped.. PC will boot in one house but not the other

    Test the outlets. If you don't have a multimeter home depot sells electrical outlet testers cheap, they test for missing grounds and reversed wiring...
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    IKEA Galant beech veneer or black/brown?

    I got the black/brown Galant a couple months ago and so far no discolorations or scratches, but it has only been a couple of months. To help protect the edge I picked up one of the leather pads that fits the desk as shown here I got the rounded...
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    Portable mp3/video player that isnt an ipod touch

    Nook Color is an option. Decent enough for video and the price is reasonable. I haven't used it as an mp3 player so I don't know how good or bad that part of it is. It does have a micro sd slot. Samsung has a Galaxy Player coming out which is supposed to be the android equivalent of the ipod...
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    Putty with Mysql

    Am I understanding this right: from your internal LAN network (192.x) you're able to log in remotely to your windows box successfully but not run mysql? What errors are you getting? It's very likely that the mysql executable is not in your path, so try going to the mysql bin folder and...
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    Java Array Rotation

    The mod function (%) is your friend. If you know how to use it, the problem becomes trivial.
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    Hellgate London out Tomorrow!.

    In Circuit City's weekly ad they have it for $40. Sale ends Saturday.
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    Cat Golf!

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    Joystick converter

    Something like this?
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    WoW Visa

    The citibank mastercard with the Thank You Network is a better deal. 1) it doesn't shout what a flaming nerd you are 2) 1 point per dollar spent. 3) 5 points at gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies. 4) It has a tie-in with expedia so you get a point for every dollar spent on...
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    World Community Grid Install Thoughts

    Don't think of it as jail bait, think of it as investment opportunities. You put in a little time now then you reap the rewards upon maturity. ;)
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    World Community Grid Install Thoughts

    The points the clients display is funky but the points shown on the website appear to be accurate. My laptop runs the Windows WCG client and reports me as having 282k points, the BOINC client on my desktop says I've done 73k points. My profile online lists me at 790k.
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    World Community Grid Install Thoughts

    Yeah, my notebook was running at 60% too. Never bothered to check it until today as I don't use it as a primary cruncher. I was wrong before, it's not a config file for the standard windows client. Instead there's a stand-alone program you run that allows you to change the cap. Link to the...
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    World Community Grid Install Thoughts

    Home from work now. I was running BOINC client 5.4.x and just upgraded to the newest version 5.8.15. They've added the "Simple View" which is the screen shots you posted earlier with the pretty gui. You can change the cpu-utilization by either editing the config file or using the...
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    World Community Grid Install Thoughts

    I've been running WCG since it's release. The windows BOINC client that I'm running on my X2 doesn't have that pretty gui but it does get my cpu to 100% on both cores. Instead of running one process on both cores it runs two separate processes. (They both appear in Task Manager along with...
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    Friend got ripped off? - emachines -

    How much did he pay for the warranty?
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    20x Computer Build Help

    Labor in the real world is expensive, especially when you start taking into account full time employees. The base pay rate that a compay pays their employee is only a portion of the overall expense. There's also taxes the company has to pay for, medical benefits (health, dental, vision) if the...
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    Career Advice

    Having a military background will help you out with many of the defense contractors. Especially if you already have a current security clearance as the number of cleared personnel in the civilian sector is a lower than the number of expected job openings. My advice would be to look at the...
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    Does anyone make a USB header 'splitter?'

    It's not possible to split the headers without some kind of USB hub and trying to do that internally would be a headache. They do make PCI cards that have USB ports on them so if you have an open PCI slot that's one option. The other option would be to get an external USB hub and forget...
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    Is spending more than $1000 an overkill for me?

    Good catch. I didn't think to look at which version of vista would be wanted.
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    Is spending more than $1000 an overkill for me?

    Dell has a desktop system on sale in their small business dept. (but you don't have to be a small business to order from them) It starts at $530 plus shipping and tax. After configuring it be similar to the HP you linked it was around...
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    problems evaluating 5 playing cards

    Sorry, poor wording on my part. I meant that the while loop will evaluate as true, I wasn't trying to imply that it changes the value of jackorBetter. What I should have said is "If jackorbetter is initialized as false, then !jackorbetter would be true. causing the while loop to true"
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    problems evaluating 5 playing cards

    The easiest way to solve this would be to use a debugger and step through the code and verify the characters in the arrays are what you're expecting. But two things caught my eye. I didn't see jackorbetter initialized anywhere. The other thing is your while loop. while(j < 4 ||...
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    Read until a newline (Java)

    Go back and read through Genrelz post. His (or her...) code covers how to get all the ints from one line. Then loop through that code for each line that you have. So the first iteration will put ints 1,2,3 into array1. Then loop through the code again to put ints 2,5,3,6,7 into array2. Then...
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    help with java array

    You're popping the numbers out as integers. Do you ever convert them back to chars?
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    help with java array

    Take a look at what you're pushing onto the stack. hint: 5 != '5'
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    Random number generator on a keychain..

    Another thing I just thought of is instead of writing some algorithm to produce a purely random number, you design a Linear Feedback Shift Register which would provide you with a pseudo-random number generator. The only two downsides are that it'll always reset back to a defined state and...
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    Random number generator on a keychain.. has some lcd modules that might work. They had 5, 6 and 8 digit modules for under $15 each. The ones I looked at briefly would require some kind of circuit board or breadboard to at least hold the leads in place. The leads coming off the module looked fairly fine and putting...
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    How are really old movies made into HD-DVD movies

    I read this article on slashdot a long time ago. Basically they scan each individual frame at the highest possible resolution and store the digital copy. Then to cut a DVD, they down-convert it to 720 lines of resolution or to release a Blu-Ray disc...
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    best way to listen MP3 player in car?

    Here's two more sites that sell the model I have, which apparently also works on some '05 hondas depending on which stereo they have installed.
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    best way to listen MP3 player in car?

    My car's a '99 Accord so the interior and stereo are a little different than yours. My Aux input came with a cable, approx 12 inches, that is used to connect it to the stereo. One end gets plugged into the input box and the other end gets plugged into the CD player input on the back of the...
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    best way to listen MP3 player in car?

    I put an auxiliary input box into my Honda for my iPod. It's a $50 device that connects to the back of the stock honda stereo and has rca inputs. The stock stereo thinks that there's an external cd-player attached. (My stock deck has a tape input, but can also control a one-disc in-dash...
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    I think the PayPal security key-fob (RSA) isn't so secure

    It's secure. The repeating digits is due to probability and having only 10 possible digits to put into 6 spots. P[repeating digits] = 1 - P[no repeating digits] =1 - [1 * .9 * .8 * .7 * .6 * .5] = 1 - .1512 = .8488 So there's a 84.88&#37; chance that you'll have at least one pair of...