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  1. Schtask

    EVGA 1000 g+ Coil Whine Advice

    Paul, this is crazy loud whine though. It's so irritating. Much louder than whiney PSUs I've had in the past. Plus...when the whine drops out, my FPS drops out with it. Like power delivery dips out or something. IDK. PSUs aren't my bag. Any recommendations?
  2. Schtask

    EVGA 1000 g+ Coil Whine Advice

    [H[. I have a Corsair AX 1200 and a new EVGA 1000 g+. When I received my 2080ti, the Corsair would quite simply just shut down with it installed. I swapped over to an EVGA 1000 g+ and the issue stopped. However, the new EVGA power supply suffers from serious coil whine. Coil whine I can hear...
  3. Schtask

    Chinese Hackers Are Targeting U.S. Military Contractors

    I agree to a point. Hard to secure laptops and equipment still running Windows ME, XP, NT, etc.. That being said... If a contracting company can't afford to employ SECURE systems / equipment then WHY FFS are they being selected to work in DoD / Gov facilities in the first place. ALSO...
  4. Schtask

    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    The Chinese Imperial Procrastination and Punishment Magistrate of the People's Republic of China deems video games as unproductive. You are deducted 500 points. Your social credit score is too low. All toilets locked. You have urinated on yourself. You are deducted 500 points and have been...
  5. Schtask

    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Kyle's not the only [H] with a failed 2080ti. Mine bit the dust earlier this week. Slated for an RMA. Haven't heard back from Green Team on shipping yet. :( Hopefully they hold off on shipping mine until they can figure out what the flying f*** is wrong with their product.
  6. Schtask

    Star Citizen is Free to Try for a Week Starting November 23

    It's not that bad performance wise now. See for yourself....
  7. Schtask

    Star Citizen is Free to Try for a Week Starting November 23

    Damn this thread blew up fast! Hopefully 3.3.5 is live when they take it f2p next week. It's really shaping up well. If you are even the slightest bit curious about it try it out... you've got nothing to lose. It's crazy what they have accomplished with it. The scale is impressive.
  8. Schtask

    China Unicom Hijacks the Internet...Again

    This many are affected by Heartbleed as of 5 minutes ago. Yup. I hear you. I deal with this stuff errrrrry day.
  9. Schtask

    China Unicom Hijacks the Internet...Again

    Not really. HTTP Pinning and Extended Validation is making headway on closing that window. Until it happens though.... If a Certificate Authority gets hijacked a threat actor could issue themselves a valid TLS cert by simply proving they own a given domain. BGP is a long, long way off from being...
  10. Schtask

    China Unicom Hijacks the Internet...Again

    All nations hack. Even Brazil. :)
  11. Schtask

    Facebook is Looking for a Cybersecurity Firm to Buy

    Facebook doesn't present a really viable case for employment.... "No remote work. You will have to move to California." No thanks.
  12. Schtask

    Evidence of Supermicro Infected Hardware Found at U.S. Telecom

    Caught it on the network as two devices in one! Malicious network comms! Boards have implanted ships! Oh my... So here's the thing. To look at these from a hardware implant level you have to do some very time consuming and expensive things: 1: This is the most important! ** THERE ARE NO...
  13. Schtask

    US Government Sides with Apple and Amazon, Denying Bloomberg "Spy Chip" Report

    And this my friends is why I take a very skeptical posture when reviewing the latest big "oh shit" moments in InfoSec.
  14. Schtask

    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    Yeah. Not to mention...What protocol was used to send data back? Was a protocol used to send the data back? Where did the data go? How was command and control facilitated? How did this pass perimeter monitoring for so many huge environments without flagging? There ARE ways to provide good...
  15. Schtask

    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    ^^ Pretty much. If this story is true, this is greatest supply chain attack in history.
  16. Schtask

    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    I never said nation state espionage doesn't bother me. I am saying that the story itself is missing key technical details it needs to pass my sniff test.
  17. Schtask

    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    Just going to throw this out there. I am VERY skeptical of this report by Bloomberg. C2 comms have to occur. The data has to cross IDS / IPS to get home. I really want to see a technical write up on this before I pass judgement on SM.
  18. Schtask

    NVIDIA Scanner Voids Your RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti Warranty

    I am pitiless as the sun.
  19. Schtask

    New Cold Boot Attacks Leave Nearly All Laptops Susceptible to Hacks

    Yeah, this one is interesting. Requires sleep mode to work. Would need physical access to the device. Rewriting the settings of the TCG chip to prevent memory overwrite is a novel approach...but overall, there are many different and easier ways to skin a cat.
  20. Schtask

    Free-to-Play “AAA” Lord of the Rings MMO in the Works

    Forcasting server populations consisting of 80% Elf, 30% of which will possess some variation of the name "Legolas".
  21. Schtask

    Battlefield V Beta is Open

    I lost 15 fps using DX12 in BF1, so the DX12 news on BF V doesn't surprise me.
  22. Schtask

    Thousands Of 3D Printers and Files Exposed Online

    This is true for most consumer grade printers for sure. Not true at all for commercial grade. Most service bureaus don't print giant dildos and infinity gauntlets. They print aerospace, automotive, gas and oil, infrastructure, robotics, and DoD related stuff. Defense companies do the same...
  23. Schtask

    Tor Misconfiguration can Expose Hidden IP Address

    Yeah. Nation states and threat actors can monitor exit and entrance nodes and stitch the data together. Not so secure after that. Amongst other things.
  24. Schtask

    Tor Misconfiguration can Expose Hidden IP Address

    Malware uses it quite a bit. lol
  25. Schtask

    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    You want horrendous... 75 people shot per weekend in South Chicago. Doesn't make the news though. Doesn't fit the narrative. Comparing the US to Europe is apples to oranges by the way. We sport more surface area than most of Europe combined and have population numbers that far surpass any...
  26. Schtask

    AI Driven Malware: DeepLocker at DEFCON

    Right, but what I'm saying is this. Deeplocker could hide malware in Discord. That version of Discord gets downloaded 20,000,000 times. Maybe it gets pushed as an update. The point being...Those versions of Discord will be completely benign. Nothing will be different until a trigger condition is...
  27. Schtask

    AI Driven Malware: DeepLocker at DEFCON

    Not exactly. You can change a malicious signature just by XORing some pointers...You don't neccessarily create a new variant when doing that as the functionality remains exactly the same. To boil it down even further... The payload doesn't matter as it is not actively producing a behavior on...
  28. Schtask

    IBM Fired Me Because I’m Not a Millennial, Says Axed Cloud Sales Star

    IBM got super trashy after Nabisco... Nothing crazy there.
  29. Schtask

    'Mavericks' Promises 1,000-Player Battle-Royale Mayhem

    Playing an fps that's rolling time dilation ala Eve online is going to be....stupid. lol
  30. Schtask

    Freedom From Facebook Call for Breakup

    Looks like fffb used .... Whoever started it wants to keep their name off of it.
  31. Schtask

    Facebook's New IQ Checker

    LMAO... Intellectual Disability indeed.
  32. Schtask

    Don't Look Now but Some VPN Providers Have Been Leaking User IP Addresses

    You can test your VPN on 3rd party websites to see if leaks are present. Some of them are much more secure than others. Theoretically, an ISP will see the connection from your real IP to the VPN provider and that's it. Is that always the case? No. Also, if someone really wants to track you...
  33. Schtask

    Expect the Spectre....and Meltdown Soon

    There would have to be a mechanism in place to measure Speculative Execution and BP metrics and look for significant changes in trends. It would be behavioral. Not saying it's impossible. Just difficult. Very difficult.
  34. Schtask

    Expect the Spectre....and Meltdown Soon

    From memory. Bandwidth is pretty low on these attacks, so it could take forever for them to find what they are looking for to begin with. That might improve over time though. Just too man unknowns right now to be absolutely sure.
  35. Schtask

    Expect the Spectre....and Meltdown Soon

    The type of attack you mentioned would gain very little if no benefit from Spectre / Meltdown. If you want to look at crypto mining based attacks, I would suggest starting with Adylkuzz.