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  1. Decepticon

    steam sale leaked

    Every time there's a Steam sale lately, I find myself reminiscing back to a time when they were actually great sales. I remember getting older games cheaper years ago than they go on sale for now. Games that would before be on sale 75% off by now are only 40-50%. I used to pick up year-old AAA...
  2. Decepticon

    PcGamer Prey Review

    This has to be a troll post...79/100 is a really good score. If 50 is average, there should not be an overabundance of 80+ scored games, or else the scale would simply shift, meaning 80 is the new 50. That being said, it's a number. Read the content of the review, and pay little attention to the...
  3. Decepticon

    Will lower capacity SSD drives go the way of the dinosaur?

    Yes, for sure. I have a 500GB drive hooked up to my Xbox 1 and I can only install 4 or 5 games at a time, it's a joke. Anything under 2TB now is borderline unusable when dealing with games or media files now.
  4. Decepticon

    What do you guys do with your old monitors?

    I either sell them, throw them away, or they go into the electronics graveyard residing in my basement.
  5. Decepticon

    Do you use different monitors for different things?

    Nope, all my money went into one set of monitors that are a "best" fit for my needs in my budget. I couldn't imagine having more monitors on my desk, or having to buy a monitor just for one specific task. Maybe if I made a living doing photography or something I could justify it, but even then...
  6. Decepticon


    One of the best action games from last gen, super underplayed and underappreciated. Really glad this made it to Steam (along with Bayonetta). I'd also really like to see Mad World, and Bayonetta 2 for that matter come next, but I have my doubts. Especially considering Nintendo's involvement with...
  7. Decepticon

    Alan wake + DLC, American Nightmare $3.99 @ steam

    Absolutely worth adding to your Steam library before it's too late. Remedy's best game, IMO.
  8. Decepticon

    Gameing chair suggestions

    As someone who owns a DX Racer, I can say firsthand that they're not worth it. It isn't a bad chair, it's fine, but I was just as happy in my $100 Office Depot chair I had before. If you have the budget for a branded chair, look into a higher-quality office chair that will offer you better...
  9. Decepticon

    iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s?

    If you can't afford a 7 Plus, it's probably best to just stick with your 6s. I'm not saying the Plus is better (I prefer the smaller form factor of the 7) but if the extra cost margin of the 7 Plus compared to the 7 is your breaking point, your money is probably best served elsewhere. The 6s is...
  10. Decepticon

    What is your favorite web browser?

    Chrome is pretty much the only browser I've used for a couple years now. Before that it was Firefox.
  11. Decepticon

    Drobo Suddenly Extremely Slow

    So after pulling out two drives and letting it rebuild the data it seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the help!
  12. Decepticon

    Drobo Suddenly Extremely Slow

    Hrmm could be a bad drive, I recently had a drive in there die and replaced it with a new one and thought everything was fine but might not have detected the new drive yet. It's loaded with 4x3TB drives with a total capacity of 8.15TB taking into account the space allocated for data protection...
  13. Decepticon

    Drobo Suddenly Extremely Slow

    I've been using my Drobo for years now (I have the old USB version, I think it was V2 of the product) and it's been great but recently it's become slow. I mean unrealistically slow. A 750mb file took overnight to transfer from my desktop PC's internal drive to my Drobo. This also isn't due to...
  14. Decepticon

    Good time to buy an iMac?

    Thanks guys, will wait it out for a bit :)
  15. Decepticon

    Good time to buy an iMac?

    We all know about MacRumor's Apple Buying Guide but I was just wondering what people here thought. I want to get an iMac, but seeing as there hasn't been an update for a little bit is there likely to be an update soon after I purchase? And if so would this update be worth waiting for or in all...
  16. Decepticon

    Strange Ethernet Problem

    Fixed...for some reason it wasn't set up for DHCP, so that did the trick. Thanks everyone, appreciate the tips :)
  17. Decepticon

    Strange Ethernet Problem

    Just one router, and no IP address is assigned, says no internet address. It is sending packets to the router but not receiving any. EDIT: and the router is not WAP, right now there is no security on it.
  18. Decepticon

    Strange Ethernet Problem

    So I have a Netgear N600 WNDR3700 wireless router setup at home, and it works great for wireless, but when I plug in my desktop with CAT6 Ethernet cable to the router (didn't bother putting a wifi card in my desktop) for some reason it won't connect to the internet. I know the cable works...
  19. Decepticon

    Warhammer DoW II: Retribution $7.49 @ Amazon (Download)

    Amazon has DoW II: Retribution for $7.49. Less than half of the Steam "sale" price. Yes, I believe you can activate this through Steam, though :D...
  20. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sale 2011

    Pretty lame that they just re-capped sales today...was hoping for some good surprise deals that we didn't see coming... Anyhow, picked up Borderlands DLC Pack, Eufloria, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Solar 2 and Aquaria today.
  21. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sales 2011 - unofficial Thread

    Just The Last Remnant for me today. Which is good because my wallet needed the break :p
  22. Decepticon

    Longest you've owned a game without playing it?

    Probably a couple years old...lots of stuff on Steam I get during sales that I won't play for a long time after.
  23. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sale 2011

    What do you like better...if RPGs, then Fallout. If RTS, then Empire. If you like both genres equally enough though, I say Fallout and wait for a better sale on Empire.
  24. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sale 2011

    Bit on Audiosurf, Lara Croft Guardian of Light + DLC and Sanctum today...was maybe going to go for Risen but didn't get on Steam today until after they bumped their price it's a little too rich for my blood :p
  25. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sale 2011

    Also decided to bite on Atom Zombie Smasher. Have heard good things.
  26. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sale 2011

    Much like I did with Darksiders, I think I'm going to buy Batman and sell my 360 copy :D
  27. Decepticon

    G.Skill 16GB DDR3-1600 - $119.99 (shell shocker)

    Ordered mine this morning :D I was all ready to go with this exactly RAM for my build, I just hadn't ordered it yet (thankfully) but now I get to save myself $50.
  28. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sales 2011 - unofficial Thread

    Today's buys: Monday Night Combat (was really hoping for a good deal on this one! Glad to see it) Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge Special Edition Beat Hazard DLC Samorost 2
  29. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sale 2011

    Today's buys: Monday Night Combat (was really hoping for a good deal on this one! Glad to see it) Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge Special Edition Beat Hazard DLC Samorost 2
  30. Decepticon

    Windows 7 Ultimate (full) for $70 shipped ??

    You're right, I don't really need or want Ultimate. I was simply going to get it if the eBay thing seemed legit or reliable. I was looking at OEM Pro versions earlier and will be going with that :) Thanks guys.
  31. Decepticon

    Windows 7 Ultimate (full) for $70 shipped ??

    Alright thanks. Figured as much, glad I checked here first :cool:
  32. Decepticon

    Frozen Synapse

    I really need to adopt a Steam policy like this :p
  33. Decepticon

    PS4 out in 2012 ? True or Fals

    I really hope you're right. I do NOT want to have to buy a new console next year either. That being said, I do honestly believe we'll see a successor at the end of next year. Microsoft likes to display new tech/hardware fairy late into the development cycle and get it to market soon after, all...
  34. Decepticon

    Windows 7 Ultimate (full) for $70 shipped ??

    Saw this listing on eBay for a brand new, sealed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (the full version, not upgrade) for around $70 with free shipping. The buyer is located in New York and has some positive feedback, but it is all for him as a buyer not seller. The listing says there are "more than 10...
  35. Decepticon

    Microsoft Security Essentials & Steam?

    I could never go back to any other antimalware application other than MSE on Windows. It's always worked like a charm for me and I've been using it since early days.
  36. Decepticon

    Gears of War 3 leaked onto the net

    100% agree. Especially on the PC side of things, I'll choose to wait and pay during a Steam sale over pirating something (even if that means getting it before launch) any day of the week.
  37. Decepticon

    Games I may have missed out on in the last couple years.

    AVP no, Metro yes. Other recommendations I'd give would be the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games (probably grab them cheap on a daily something during this current Steam sale). Also, Singularity is on sale today for $7.49 on Steam. Really fun shooter for that price, IMO.
  38. Decepticon

    Darksiders PC

    I'ts way more Zelda than DMC or God of War, IMO. Especially once it gets rolling.
  39. Decepticon

    Frozen Synapse

    Yea I agree. I understand what they were trying to do seeming like you were getting a "free copy" to gift, but I'd much rather just have a decent/better price on the game and not have to worry about selling an extra copy. Really hope this isn't something indie devs start's too bad...
  40. Decepticon

    Steam Summer Sales 2011 - unofficial Thread

    Although I got the least number of games today, I spent the most money :( Was really hoping Steam would be blowing out some of these games for cheaper... Regardless of that, I picked up Fallout: NV and DLC, and Singularity. On the fence over Frozen Synapse...was really hoping for like $7.49 at...