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  1. [RIP]Zeus

    Real-Time Ray Tracing Is Enabled in Battlefield V

    Who knew this was nothing more than a gimmick..... I paid 1100 for my EVGA Titan that lasted me over 6 years till I was gifted a 1080.
  2. [RIP]Zeus

    MacOS Update Accidentally Undoes Apple’s “Root” Bug Patch

    All these new features Apple is releasing. Wow!:blackeye:
  3. [RIP]Zeus

    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    Called it!!!
  4. [RIP]Zeus

    Rumor Mill: Intel Core-i9 CPUs to Appear Soon - Lots of Cores

    Comedy would be Intel is trading places with AMD by creating their version of the bulldozer.... MOAR CORS!!!!!
  5. [RIP]Zeus

    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Hey that's my quote! Congrats winner!!!
  6. [RIP]Zeus

    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Winner winner chicken dinner my Grandma used to say!
  7. [RIP]Zeus

    MSI AM4 pron

    *Crosses fingers oh so tightly* Everything is looking so damn good..... Please AMD, gimme that performance I need for Arma 3 :D
  8. [RIP]Zeus

    This Video Will Crash Any iPhone

    Such great features!!
  9. [RIP]Zeus

    Severance Package That Requires IT Workers To Be On Call For 2 Years

    I would kindly be telling them *Go fuck yourself*. No way would I supply a service without some form of compensation.
  10. [RIP]Zeus

    Transformers 5, 6, 7, And 8 Confirmed By Hasbro

    I'll give 1 and 2 an ok, but 3 and 4 (especially 4) made me cry it was so bad and so long and so full of pointless shit. It was like watching Dragon Ball Evolution all over again.
  11. [RIP]Zeus

    Can Apple TV Shake Up Living Room Gaming?

    I don't see any gamer in their right mind ever buying an appleTV for gaming.... Maybe the mindless fanboys, but not gamers.
  12. [RIP]Zeus

    The Large Hadron Collider Is Being Used As A Stargate

    Who wants to put up a bet that this becomes a religion?
  13. [RIP]Zeus

    The Large Hadron Collider Is Being Used As A Stargate

    Well.............I will give props to him if this becomes a science fiction novel. LOL
  14. [RIP]Zeus

    ISPs and Rightsholders Extend “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme

    It's working so great, that they have to revisit it over and over till they feel that crimin... erh, paying customers... understand that piracy is wrong mk. :rolleyes:
  15. [RIP]Zeus

    Petition For Reddit CEO Resignation Over 157K

    The petition should "demand" that Kyle show off his bra, not have him fired. If he was fired, we wouldn't have anymore bra shots!:D
  16. [RIP]Zeus

    Charter Nears Deal To Buy Time Warner Cable For $55.1B

    I've been a charter customer for about 17 years now, and never once have we had bandwidth caps. And monthly usage is about 800 GB on avg,
  17. [RIP]Zeus

    Technology Gone Wrong

    Wheel chair's for my feet!
  18. [RIP]Zeus

    Netflix First Original Anime Series Looks Awesome

    While a damn good anime in my opinion. Course I am a mecha junky :D
  19. [RIP]Zeus

    Reward: Lost Quad Copter

    What if flight was streamed via FPS Camera? How would you determine that it should go back to it's rightful owner then?
  20. [RIP]Zeus

    Reward: Lost Quad Copter

    Of course they intend to use it to take pictures and video. Some even have FPS Camera's so they can fly it with first person goggles. Like I stated before, ever see a city from way high up? Same with mountains and other pieces of landscape. Sorry but your rusty ol balls are not breath taking...
  21. [RIP]Zeus

    Reward: Lost Quad Copter

    Once again, your ignorance is outstanding. Why would anyone want to take a RC Heli with a camera and look at you or your property? If I was near your property, I sure as hell am not taking pictures/video of it. I donno if you feel self entitled or that you feel important, but you are nothing...
  22. [RIP]Zeus

    Reward: Lost Quad Copter

    Wow dude, you have issues you need to resolve. Your ignorance is just outstanding.
  23. [RIP]Zeus

    Reward: Lost Quad Copter

    I think between Computer's and RC's, they are my favorite hobbies. Expensive as fuck, but none the less my favorite. Oh this reminds me of many stories when I first started flying. Shredded blinds, scratched walls and ceiling's, cutting my arm and finger, crashing into people and myself. Oh...
  24. [RIP]Zeus

    Reward: Lost Quad Copter

    I agree if the pilot was "new" to the hobby. But if there were gusts of wind that was completely unexpected, then the quad could get away from you. Even experienced pilots can lose these do to high winds or electronic failure it happens. Now you have to understand this, it's not a simple pick...
  25. [RIP]Zeus

    Reward: Lost Quad Copter

    If you're into RC's you can easily rebind the quad to another transmitter, find out the telemetry and return it to the owner.
  26. [RIP]Zeus

    Reward: Lost Quad Copter

    Mobile invasion device? I'm going to assume you know little or nothing about RC quad-copters, or just RC's in general, I think you are nothing more than paranoid over stupid media hype. I just don't understand the way you and people like you think about RC heli's, it's not like these people...
  27. [RIP]Zeus

    Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine to Become Apple Execs?

    I'm going to with what HardOCP should have put for those "beats" I shutter to think people actually enjoy listening to music and other things with those.
  28. [RIP]Zeus

    Cosmos: The Universe Gets a Much-Needed Reboot

    I remember taking the journey with Carl Sagan watching Cosmos in the 80's when I was a kid. Here I am in my mid 30's taking the journey again with Neil deGrasse Tyson. This show gets me choked up every time. ;)
  29. [RIP]Zeus

    New Wolfenstein Coming In May

    This has sparked my interests! I'm a fan boy for Doom, so I think a pre-order is in play. :p
  30. [RIP]Zeus

    Morgan Freeman Narrates Day Z

    Whoops forgot link :p
  31. [RIP]Zeus

    Morgan Freeman Narrates Day Z

    This guy does Morgan Freeman in DayZ WAY BETTER. *SPOILER* PETER GRIFFEN SHOWS UP!
  32. [RIP]Zeus

    DayZ Could Come To The Xbox One

    I don't believe DayZ will make it to any console anytime soon or ever. The physic's in the game would just murder the CPU and the extreme far rendering would make those GPU's cry. Either way, the game is in ALPHA and in no way near a release. Dean even said it will be done when it's done...
  33. [RIP]Zeus

    No DayZ Beta Before End Of Year

    Even in Alpha DayZ is fun. Yes the bugs can be a bit annoying, but that hasn't stopped my buddies and I from having a bunch of fun. Best thing to do if you come across bugs and glitches, just report it to the feedback page on
  34. [RIP]Zeus

    MLG Nerds Spazzing Out

    So this is console gaming at it's best? :eek:
  35. [RIP]Zeus

    Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard

    I've had the G15 with no problems till it just got to damn old and bought a G19. Never had any problems with the G19 it's self, just the logitech software. While it was buggy and not very user friendly, it did work. Now after 5 years I gave my old G19 to my friend cause I went out and bought...
  36. [RIP]Zeus

    Apple's New OS X Mavericks Ready to Go Gold

    OSX Beats win 7 in multi-monitor support? DAFUQ am I reading?? You are aware that windows has had multi-monitor support since Win95 right? I've also been running 3 Monitors since WindowsXP and the only issues I've had with multi-monitor support are the drivers that come from AMD or nVidia...
  37. [RIP]Zeus

    What You Do and Don't Get With The New iPhones

    This clearly shows you have no idea what you're talking about. I donno what side of short bus you licked the window on this morning, but I believe you're either trolling or just plain dumb in the understanding of how technology evolves. Here is some fine reading for you about OLED's and...
  38. [RIP]Zeus

    MPAA Recruiting ‘Internet Analysts’ to Spy on Social Networks

    Dude, just stop, using "logic" for the mpaffia is forbidden. These people lack any common sense and or logic to even remotely put such a system into play.
  39. [RIP]Zeus

    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    After 10 minutes are done, and Overclock has been achieved, I will turn it off and try to manually do it for shits and giggles. :cool: