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    Pokemon Go

    FYI, guys if you using your Google account you may want to read this from the [H] front page. I just verified its true. Pokemon Go Is A Huge Security Risk Edit: New articles are saying iOS only bug
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    Pokemon Go Is A Huge Security Risk

    He did not, I just created a brand new Gmail account, logged in via my iPhone with the Pokemon Go that I downloaded via App Store. Right after logging in Pokemon Go had Full Access to my new Gmail account. You can remove this access via the security page he posted. Edit: Even you remove it, its...
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    is there anyway to do an Advanced Search, by Publisher or Developer? Oh and Steam is down... I cant log in to checkout what I have in my cart...
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    Woman Leaves Rare Apple 1 for Recycling

    Bye MDomo! Thank you for my first and hopefully last infraction ever! Wish you luck is everything you do from now!
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    The First 15 Minutes Of Magnetic: Cage Closed

    is the game-play or the video just really choppy... nothing looks smooth...
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    How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace

    I think this guy has played a bit too much Minecraft..
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    This Week’s Best Game Trailers

    I didnt dislike ME:SoM however I wont pay for more scripted fights and half-assed story line and plot development.
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    Exploding Kittens Is The Most-Backed Project Of All Time

    8.8 Mill with 220,000 averages around $40 a backer... I never even heard of Exploding Kittens until now, but those kinda numbers are impressive for such a novel idea...
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    new nintendo 3ds - february 13

    Have to agree with both of you, when I first held my 3DS XL I thought I was holding a LeapFrog/VTech device that I bought for my niece... I ended up buying this grip...
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    Thecus W2000 Windows Storage Server

    My first thoughts as well, not a good name...
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    Just to clarify NOA stands for Nintendo of America? With a packaging forward service I could get the UK bundle but its going to cost between 60-75 euro in addition to ship it. Not worth it.
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    Why is it that the UK gets offers like this directly from Nintendo There also seems to be a surplus of Amiibos that no one can get in the US... Really frustrating that I cant order this and have it shipped to the US...
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    Netflix Is Available in Cuba

    There is going to be a lot of money from the IT sector being funneled into Cuba in the next 5 years. Internet, Cell, Satellite, and Personal Computing. They have 50 years to catch up on. The thing is though, would you be willing to relocate to Cuba to work and to bring the country up to...
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    Thanks for the responses guys, definitely will keep my eye on the refurbs at Nintendo.
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    Anthem's Stolen Customer Data Not Encrypted

    You would be amazed at how many companies operate like this, or disregard IT Security all together. This is mostly because the people in charge of the money don't perceive the threats that could happen and how they relate to costs or damages. The company I work for covers over thousands of...
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    Does anyone know if it is possible to configure and use a new Wii U console without needing the Game Pad? Or can you used someone else's GP to initially configure the console? I watched a video online of a person just using a Wiimote to control the Wii U and play games with the GP powered...
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    Hey Parents, What Is Minecraft Doing to Your Kids?

    Hrmm if MS can start pushing this angle and get Minecraft on every school PC, Laptop, or Tablet I can see why they bought it out now... When will they start selling a Minecraft Enterprise License?
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    A New Multi-Billion Dollar Market for Microsoft Windows

    Its not just end of support that will force people to upgrade, it renewing your PCI under its updated standard v3.0. Older server OS are not in compliance anymore. With the amount of data breaches going on lately you need to be up with the latest PCI so you CYA.
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    Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Play Mortal Kombat X

    Awesome, its great watching those guys get to be themselves and just have some fun. Looking forward to this Sunday.
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    Check your PSN email, Sony's getting sued.

    I got an email too. After reviewing the forms, the games they are offering aren't worth the time it'll take to fill it out... also I haven't played an actual game on my PS3 in years..
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    Amazon Prime For $72 Tomorrow Only

    Prime is indeed $72 and if I sign up for the Amazon Prime Credit Card, I'll get an $70 Gift Card bringing my total cost for the year to $2. However the Amazon card has higher interest and less rewards than my current CC I use...
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    Amazon Prime For $72 Tomorrow Only

    My prime was supposed renew last week, instead of getting the student rate they were going the charge me full price so I canceled. Still not sure sure if $72 is worth it but I may....
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    2014 Had Worst Decline in Tech Jobs Since 2009

    Not surprised by this at all. The company I work for has reduced its IT staff by almost 30% in the last 2 years, albeit in a "quiet" manner to avoid bad PR. Meanwhile they continue to ramp up the work, don't give raises, don't give promotions. If you complain they will just find a reason to...
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    Destiny Has Had Almost 13M Players

    Note the "has had", I wonder how many concurrently active there are at one time. I probably count as one of those millions and I only played the game cause I could get it for free with a Red Box rental.....
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    To be honest I backed this game, but I haven't really followed the updates or new regularly. According to my profile its been about 2 years since I originally backed. I have played around with the Hangar, I haven't checked out all of the Arena Commander Modules, but after 2 year of development...
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    Shadows of Mordor

    Just finished the story mode, while the game was great I feel like it was quite short. All that's left to do is finish up side quests, get all the achievements, and brand every single Uruk I see.
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    Shadows of Mordor

    Bought this last night, and played all day yesterday. Despite that I haven't advanced the story much mostly been doing side mission and killing Captains. Is Level 20 the max for a Captain/Warchief? Trying to farm epic runes, I am assuming that there is an even greater chance when they are...
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    New Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Trailer

    It is stuff like this that makes me love the BL series. Wont be a day one I will wait for the Black Friday 50% off steam sale with a Season Pass.
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    Nvidia Bundling Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel With Select GPUs

    Spend $300-$1000 now and get a game that will with be worth $5 dollars by Black Friday.... how many will be suckered in by this?
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Destiny Beta is Open to All... supposedly... I created a Trial PSN Plus account and the beta download still requires a purchase... Edit: Here is the FAQ for those who haven't been following like myself but want to try the Beta...
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    50 Minute Unreal Tournament Sequel Preview

    Thank god for the preview bar, 50 minutes of blah blah blah, no game play footage.
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    Destiny Beta Begins: Detailing 20 Minutes of Gameplay

    So what did they just mash Borderlands and Halo together? Or is it Borderlands and Mass Effect? Either way that game play video was horrible representation of the game... I hope...
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    Wireless Solutions Poll

    If you had to design a Greenfield solution for a Wireless Network, with 2,000 Potential Access Points in a Hotel, Open Space Indoor, Outdoor Campus Environment. What vendor would choose?
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    QUestion about reactivating an old subscription.

    RIP Technet... It is really lame that MS is gettng rid of it
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    Technology + Toy Dinosaur = BOOMER!

    Much cooler than the Zoomer I bought my niece for Christmas this year. She probably would have liked the T-Rex more than Dog lol...
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    Get Ready for Location-Aware Wi-Fi

    Just turn off WIFI? Problems solved? It is amazing how many people willingly connect to unsecured public WIFI and think they are safe...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I have been jumping on the site from time to time, downloaded the hangar module but have a yet to really see anything to warrant my kick-starter investment, does anyone else wish there was some more in-depth gameplay videos? Are there any new combat videos or teaser? Sadly I feel by the time...
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    Titanfall: Official Angel City Gameplay Trailer

    Titans die way to easily...
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    Time Waster of the Day: Hover

    Made it through the three levels but the controls are absolutely frustrating.. I can see why this game is no longer relevant.
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    IN WIN D Frame Computer Case/Chassis Review @ [H]

    400 and it requires assembly.. no thanks