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    SAS array with Dell Perc 6/i controller -- SMART failure

    This was just RAID 0 so there is no mirroring or data safety. Have backed up the data to an external drive so that is not an issue... Just need to identify the drive through some means, get it replaced and restore the backup (hopefully will be that simple). Trying to download the Server...
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    SAS array with Dell Perc 6/i controller -- SMART failure

    I have a 4 drive SAS array ran by a Dell Perc 6/i controller. Currently I am hearing one drive thrashing extensively and some files are getting corrupted. But all drives scan out as file from the Dell Perc 6/i BIOS... Is there any software or anything else that I can use to see things at a...
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    SMART failing hard drive?

    Thanks -- I think part of the issue is that there are a lot of apps that are currently installed; I don't think they can be just copied over? I.e. they would need to be reinstalled one by one, settings reset to the originals, etc.
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    SMART failing hard drive?

    I have a Sony VAIO system which has been booting up into the Windows 8 operating system with a SMART hard drive failure. The system boots up fine but is very slow which leads me to believe the hard drive failure is imminent (as the message says lol). Anyway, what is my best option to back up...
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    For old-timer experts - old computer data extraction

    Wow thank you all for responding -- this is very very useful info. I don't know about all the details of the card this guy has in the 286 computer but he's been told by the company and so on that it would cost a few k to update to the latest card + new licenses and then he may have to retrofit...
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    For old-timer experts - old computer data extraction

    So I have a friend who has an old 286-type PC. Circa 1986 purchase date!! :-) In this PC there is a 20 MB MFM drive, the ones that used to have a proprietary controller... Recently (on a 30-year old computer this means in the last year or two :-) he has had issues booting up from the...
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    Old video card - 8 bit ISA VGA

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    Old video card - 8 bit ISA VGA

    Does anybody have one laying around that they would part with? Thanks.
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    Somebody recommend me a new case?

    Looking to get a new case, prefer full tower since I have 4 SAS drives in RAID0 which generate a lot of heat. Currently I'm using a Lian Li mid-tower case and the drives are not happy in it... Any recommendations? Looking for something professional looking rather than gaming-style. Thanks.
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    Backup recommendation needed

    Yes that is right; I run XP but want to transition to Vista or Windows 7; it'd be nice if it was supported in all of these... And of course something simple and to the point is preferred rather than something with lots of pop-ups and other things. Thanks for the fast reply.
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    Backup recommendation needed

    Hello, here is my situation... I have a bunch of documents organized in a tree structure of say around 100 folders and subfolders and so on...these documents are on my laptop hard drive but I also keep a copy on a USB memory stick. Sometimes I work on a different computer and I may update...
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    Compact multi-monitor mount?

    Hello all, So I've been looking for a solution to have my 3 Dell 20" LCDs mounted together on a single mount, and there are quite a bit of offerings out there. I had looked at some products from Ergotron but I read reviews that discussed the sheer size as a major con factor for these...
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    ...meant to send pm...

    ...meant to send pm...
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    PWM splitter?

    So I have the need to power up 4 PWM fans from a mobo that supports only 3 PWM outputs/connectors... The fans are: (1) CPU fan (2) rear case fan (3) 2 x front case fan Would it be possible to split one of the auxiliary PWM outputs from the mobo (not the CPU one) to go to both of...
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    Dell UltraSharp 2007FP for $104.30, 2407WFP for $202.30, free shipping

    Any thought on whether these may come back in stock?
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    Participating in the for/sale forum

    So I'm a 'new' (have been registered for a long time but mostly as a lurker) member here and have been searching the forums for some parts to buy... However, I can't reply to people with 'pm-ed you' or the like -- in the for sale forum... Now, I understand how a very new member may not be...
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    SAS drive on SATA controller?

    Ok, thanks for the feedback. Can you clarrify one issue though? How come some SAS drives are advertised 'used' with SATA cabling attached? What would be the purpose for this configuration if they cannot be used on SATA controllers? Thanks!
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    SAS drive on SATA controller?

    Hi, so I was always a SCSI-type guy because of the higher RPM drives and lower latency/CPU utilization... I'm contemplating adding some SAS drives which are 15K RPM but am wondering -- since it's compatible with SATA, what would be the performance impact of using a 15K RPM high performance...
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    Lian Li case (PC 6070B) power supply issue

    Hi I bought a LIAN Li PC-6070B case and to my 'delight' the power supply hole locations on the case and the screw holes on the power supply don't match up (by far, it's like a different design)... The power supply is an Antec TruPower 430 I think, so it's not like it's a cheap/non-standard...
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    Sapphire vs. BBA for 9800 Pro card?

    No, this would be for the PRO version of the card!!! THANKS!
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    Sapphire vs. BBA for 9800 Pro card?

    Hi, can somebody let me know the difference between the two cards? I have found a place online which sells the Sapphire version pretty cheap!!! THANKS!!!
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    FS/FT 6800gt/radeon9800pro/A8V/klipsch spks

    Hey I sent you a reply, did you get it? THANKS!!
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    High-end PC parts for sale - check it out!!!!

    Hey I'm interested in the CPU, will send you PM!!!