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    Dead Rising 2

    fun same as first and the first was fun. been waiting for this
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    Dead Rising 2 Case: Zero XBLA

    no kidding I like the game. will buy the full thing when it comes out. trying to get all the cheevos in this right now.
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    ipod touch - search for music?

    Do you have the latest update or even 3rd gen iPod? You can search for anything on it by sliding your app page to the page just before your first app page. you can even set to what you want it to only search in the settings.
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    Fable III announced; coming in late 2010

    loved fable 2, played it alot, def getting this
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    How many 360 controllers have you smashed?

    only one 360 controller, fucking MLB2K7 or 2K6 cant remember, but HOLY SHIT, playing that online, I was trying to get the 5 wins in a row achievement and I swear, my opponents were hitting home runs like they we going out of style. I could not tell you how angry I got when they hit a home run...
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    Who bought prototype

    ive never played the hulk game, but that seems like an accurate description.
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    Who bought prototype

    I played for a bit, it's pretty awesome, pure carnage throughout. once you get upgrades and more abilities that's when it starts to get really fun. Id give it a 9/10. though my only gripe with it is that the controls can be a little tricky (im playing it on xbox btw)
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    F.E.A.R. 2 (demo) looks bad

    dude get a new tv or get ur eyes checked.
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    NHL 09 Love

    I made the mistake of becoming a left winger when Im a left shooter. Be much easier for me to be a right winger with a left shot. :(
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    No Mercenaries 2 love?

    i am. its fun
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    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed! Demo

    anyone ever try using the force to bend the Support beams that are above you in the Tie Fighter Sequence, If you bend them outward you can make the Tie Fighters crash right into them, it's pretty sweet.
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    Xbox 360 GTA IV Unreadable Disk

    ive been having that problem. seems the only way it stopped happening was because I always took the cd out and after I was done the game and then put it back in when I wanted to play, It seems that whenever I leave it in the drive after playing, It would give me that errors.
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    Getting Cable on PC and through TV from one HD terminal

    well, just having an Svideo cable hooked up only displays of what I have on my TV. it doesnt have a guide and all that jazz. I guess I have to hooked it up directly to my PC
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    Getting Cable on PC and through TV from one HD terminal

    ah arlight. the PC did come with an antenna but I didnt set it up, Ill do that now. thanks
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    Getting Cable on PC and through TV from one HD terminal

    This is the PC I bought
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    Getting Cable on PC and through TV from one HD terminal

    Hello, have a question, I just bought a new PC that has a TV tuner card in it. What I want to do is, get TV from my HDTV terminal so I can play it in Media Centre and record Shows and what not. I also still want to have my HD terminal hooked up to my HDTV. How would I do this? would I just...
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    COD 4 DLC release

    its 800MS points for 4 maps
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    MLB 2k8: Unplayable garbage

    there is gonna be a patch for the framerate issue they said.
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    Ive tried both, and there is no way Id ever play 2k8 again.
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    COD4 Demo Tomorrow

    QFT i feel the same way
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    COD4 Demo Tomorrow

    rehost a mirror asap kthx
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    COD4 Demo Tomorrow

    i hope this game doesnt require a certain video card, like that Airborn bullshit did
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    80% of the time the 1 on 1 mode will work for you and so will the shootout, if it doesnt, you get disconnected or your console freezes completely, all the other modes, team play, two on two, ect dont work at all. you always get disconnceted.
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    would u have rather them kept last years models, which they only did the faces for the more known players. sundin,smyth, crosby, ovechkin? alot the defencmen all had the same faces, and the goalies, well, they did no work on them at all.
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    the online play is flat out broken. need a fix ASAP i want teamplay working!
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    lol @ u guys I wear 'em backwards. Im definately not a 'gangster'
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    ill repost some new ones Monitor is a 20' widescreen LG L204WT
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    What games have you regretted buying?

    BF2: Special Forces played it for a few days,then never touched it ever again.