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    is there like a "NAS" that utilizes usb 3.1 or anything?

    By definition, that would not be a NAS. It would be direct attach storage. There are some devices that can either attach via USB or via Ethernet. I think there are also some that offer a thunderbolt option. They are mostly marketed toward Mac users.
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    Intel P3608 1.6TB vs. Amfeltec 4x 1TB 960 Pro

    What does the 4K test show? Random read/writes with 4K blocks? I would have expected it to be higher with a brand new NVME drive?
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    2016 Vizio P Series

    Can you post a shot :-)
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    T-Mo Iphone 7 Plus Data Issues

    The problem is simple. Your phone uses the Intel 7630 modem. That modem has been tested and shown to be pure crap. Return your phone ASAP and get the sim-free model which uses the Qualcomm modem.
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    Enterprise Grade Storage Recommendations

    It is not right for everyone, but I've had some positive stuff going on with OSNexus.
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    Need recommendation on low power 24 port switch with 10gbe ports

    I would strongly suggest you look at the Netgear s3300-28x. Phenomenal little switch with both copper and fiber 10g ports. I have one in my garage and I love it.
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    Golden 4790K + Other 1150 CPUs

    Did you do stability testing or just boot to windows at that speed?
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    Need help moving Esxi license

    Got it. So if I add something to vCenter inventory that is when the license check happens?
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    Connect NIC1 to NIC2 on same PC (VMs)?

    So I am playing with ESXi and it occurred to me -- I could pass various 10GB NICs I have to different VM machines and then connect the NICs physically to each other using short DAC cables. If I did that, would there be any issues I should be aware of? Would they operate faster, or would a...
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    Need help moving Esxi license

    Hello all, I have a VMUG license key for something called "VMware vCloud Suite Standard Licensed for 2 physical CPUs (unlimited cores per CPU)" which seems to be a superset of vSphere features. I plan to permanently disconnect this physical machine and repurpose it. I would like to stand up a...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Would any of that change your recent recommendations that we use OmniOS?
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    Performance issue with 10 Gbps network

    Did you get this resolved? What if you try booting into OmniOS and trying that? I have heard it is more performant.
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    FCC to Ban DD-WRT with new rule -- public comment

    Actually, IMAL, and you are wrong. From the FCC directly: "What prevents third parties from loading non-US versions of the software/firmware on the device? Describe in detail how the device is protected from “flashing” and the installation of third-party firmware such as DD-WRT"...
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    FCC to Ban DD-WRT with new rule -- public comment

    There is a proposed FCC rule that would ban DD-WRT and other custom firmware. It might even eventually be used to limit open source operating systems on phones and even laptops! Please comment to the FCC...
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    Surface Book Owners Thread

    I had similar issues for a long time with my Surface Pro 2. I think they finally fixed it with a firmware update. I think you are right about the GPU. I don't like the Surface Pro form factor, but I think trying to have a gaming machine and a work machine on the same computer is a bad idea...
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    Apple dumps VMware for KVM

    I would love to see that!
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    vCenter Server in AWS? Bad idea to me

    It also depends on your hardware refresh cycle. If a business keeps machines 5-7 years, Amazon starts to look even MORE expensive.
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    You'll soon get 10TB SSDs thanks to new memory tech

    But since the late 1990s there is no such thing as a 2.5K consumer drive. Thus why we need to wait until we are down around the $500 range....
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    Xeon (B2 socket) cooler?

    I want to buy a CPU for my Lenovo TD340 server, but I don't want to pay lenovo prices for the CPU ($150+ markup). Can anyone recommend a compatible heatsink/fan?
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    Help Pls: FCoE P2P with Brocade 1020 and OmniOS / Napp-It

    I am trying to setup a FCoE P2P connection between my SAN box running ESXi and OmniOS / Napp-It and another server. Both servers have Brocade (Qlogic) 1020 CNAs. I have managed to VT-D passthrough the Brocade 1020 so OmniOS can see it. I also installed the latest Solaris driver via CLI on the...
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    The 2015 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    Cool pics guys!
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    IBM m1015 max drives?

    I know the M1015 can support up to 32 drives and has 8 internal ports. Does that mean I can use the sff connector to connect it to an external 12 bay chassis and populate all drives in the bays?
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    Whitebox SAN and VMware / VT-d question

    I want to create a ZFS whitebox SAN. I am considering using a Lenovo TD340 (already owned). It currently has 1 CPU, but it can support 2. I'd like to add a second and use it as a VM host as well. I considered the option of using VMware with an M1015 in IT mode. If I put the Solaris inside a...
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    SAN question

    Thanks! Very helpful
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    SAN question

    Question: do FC SANs have two layers of file systems? For example, the first layer being ZFS to create a comstar LUN and then you format the LUN to NtFS from the windows client?
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    Build or buy a server for small business?

    For a gaming, machine, or a general purpose desktop, you can still build cheaper and/or better than you can buy. This is partially because high-end videocards and CPUs have a huge markup from Dell etc. But, you can buy a decent server from Lenovo, HP, or Dell for just a few hundred $$. I'd go...
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    Virtual or bare metal SAN?

    Hi RabbiX, you are on the right track in terms of my thinking. I don't want extra complexity for my SAN (which is also why I run my router on bare metal). I was thinking of using a quad core xeon CPU for the SAN box, and that server actually is a modern/current system that can support a second...
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    Hyper-V vs VMware

    Nice post. Thanks for the info.
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    Virtual or bare metal SAN?

    Actual SAN. I have some fiber channel cards I'll be using.
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    Virtual or bare metal SAN?

    I have a small home lab (two ESXi servers) and I want to create a SAN to store the VMs. I already have a third computer that can hold up to 8 drives that I plan to use as the SAN. I would like to know the pros and cons of virtualizing the SAN system itself. I was thinking of using OmniOS...
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    Mixing FCOE, NAS, iSCSI?

    I currently run an openindiana nappit box that runs as a NAS. I am interested in playing with Mixing FCOE and iSCSI. Can I create partitions (wrong word?) and then serve those to other computers, or do I need a dedicated VM that is a fiber Channel or ISCSI server?
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    What comes after WPA2?

    What comes after WPA2? It's old and from what I have read, not really secure anymore.
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    Playing with 802.11ad WiGig

    Interesting. How did it turn out?
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    Nutanix vs VSAN vs EVO: RAIL

    Why not build white boxes for enterprise? With SSDs so cheap, it seems like you could have double redundancy and even a sys admin for the price some of these vendors want.
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    Free software that does smart SSD caching?

    I want to play with SSD caching. I know that you can have an Arc/Zil in ZFS, but I was wondering if there are any "software SAN" OS products or other free products that do "smart caching" or application aware stuff? Or just anything in that space would be interesting to me. Thanks!
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    The [H] Retrocomputing Thread!

    Wow. This was a trip down memory lane. I never installed BSD on my Macs, but I did a lot of cool hacking back in those days. Computers sorta suck now. They work too well and are not magical. I use my computer 99% to send emails to either my boss or my employees. Both suck.
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    Opinions on how well Surface Pros replace notebook and tablet?

    I have a Surface Pro 2, loaded.I use it every day at work. It's fast, and the screen looks good. In theory, it could be a great machine. In practice, the 11 inch screen is too small for anything other than note taking or casual typing. It's definitely not great for Excel work, and it's too...