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    Acer G257HU 25", WQHD, DVI/HDMI/DP $280

    Also, you can snag the refurbished Acer G257HU for $229 on Amazon. That $229 is the grand total, too, shipping is free and everything. I'm not one to buy refurbished items, but I decided to try my luck with the factory refurbished model - and I'm I'm extremely glad I did. It's essentially the...
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    Acer G257HU 25", WQHD, DVI/HDMI/DP $280

    Not sure if you're still looking for information on the monitor - but I just got one from Amazon a week ago, and it is absolutely incredible. It replaced my 23" Acer monitor as well (X233H, 1920x1080) and the difference is beyond night and day. It may not be a 1ms "gaming" monitor, but even so...
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    The NZXT Gallery

    Currently using the NZXT H2 White case. Tons of room for my purposes, love the quick contact release fans in the front. I was using their Tempest 210 case previously which was alright. This is definitely a nice upgrade for me. The case and the (cheapo, likely "not good" version) )Corsair CPU...
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    PayPal President's Credit Card Info Stolen

    I'd like to have his card charged the $450 he and his company owes me, those sons of bitches.
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    Common Windows 7 Problems and How to Fix Them

    Windows 8 is every bit as usable (if not moreso) than Windows 7. How did I come to that conclusion? On my most recent reformat, instead of opting to dual boot and just "try" Windows 8, I finally dusted off the disc and installed W8 exclusively, forcing myself to "learn" the OS. A day later I was...
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    Halloween 2013 wallpepr 2560x1600 :)

    Thanks! I played a few minutes of the demo of L4D2, so I can't say I remember what this has in common with it, lol!
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    Halloween 2013 wallpepr 2560x1600 :)

    I work up a new wallpaper of this style each year. Here's this years - thought I'd share. 2560x1600, enjoy!
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    Los Angeles School Kids to Get Free iPad by 2014

    Why couldn't this have happened when I was in school?!?
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    The Windows Era Is Over

    I blame the destructive hurricane/earthquake of an OS that is Windows 8.
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    Where is Skyrim screenshot thread?

    Lol, almost two years later and people are still asking Gionight what settings and mods he uses :D song414 - I've seen him post extensive lists of mods and ENB configs time and time again. Just search the thread and you'll have all the info you need :) Great screens as always, Gionight!
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    Bethesda: Prey 2 Simply Not Good Enough

    While I love TES and Fallout, they are essentially the same systems at work in visually different worlds. My guess is that Bethesda is pressing for Prey to be a third set of skin that falls in line with TES and Fallout, and they're throwing constant shit fits when the developer tries to include...
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    Battlefield 4 Reveal Set for March 26

    Kinda more like "we make some of the only games that really even matter at this point" and "Boundary pushing graphics to shut the graphics whores up, but they'll still bitch anyways just because they get good framerates and didn't have to buy eight new video cards." Think real hard ;)
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    PS4 Will Out-Power Most PCs For Years To Come

    Logic is not welcome in this thread! GTFO!!! :p But I totally agree with what you're saying here, makes total sense. The 8Gb GDDR5 thing sort of opened my eyes.
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    EU Fines Microsoft $731M

    MS fined by the EU? Just another day in crazy town. :cool:
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    What's with lens flare and stuff in games where you aren't wearing lenses?

    If you want real life, stop playing video games. If you want exaggeration/extreme ambient bloom/crazy lens flare, then play video games. It's that simple.
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    New Windows Blue Screenshots Show IE11

    I just really wish they'd revert back to the Windows 95 visual style and lock the color scheme to a nice "We just can't tell the gender of your baby, could be either, could be both" safe shade of blue. A Fisher Price Part Deux/Windows 95 Revival visual style smashup would just please me to no...
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    Microsoft: Buy Office 365, Not Office 2013

    OpenOffice has served my needs perfectly for the past 999999 years, approximately.
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    Idea's to build a 20k gaming machine?

    I understand those points, but I'm referring to those saying things like "it depends on what you want to do with it..." and then going over server theory as if it's a knowledge pissing contest :p
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    Idea's to build a 20k gaming machine?

    I don't understand why some of you keep arguing about server hardware, when the OP clearly states that this is about a GAMING SETUP.
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    Idea's to build a 20k gaming machine?

    TSRH Also: multi-projector setup would be amazing. It didn't even cross my mind as being a solution to the bezel problem until I saw it mentioned in this thread.
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    Valve Sued In Germany Over Right To Resell Games

    ...but isn't that how the ToS works for ANY and ALL forms of media, though? As far as I know, consumers don't actually "own" any movie, TV show, video game, production software, OS, music album/track or ANY entertainment media that they have purchased, and we never have, ever, at all, in any...
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    What Hyperspace Travel Really Looks Like

    Huh. I've rarely ever thought about this, but I did imagine that traveling at light speed or FTL would look different than what we've been shown in movies. I never really tried to visualize it, though. And Steve...Millennium Falcon version better? ...I dunno about you, but to be able to see...
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    Rambus Barred From Enforcing Chip Patents

    Looks like they got what they deserved!
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    The 2012 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    I think the point someone was trying to make is that the only reason such graphics horsepower exists is to drive multiple monitors worth of gaming at extremely high resolutions ;) But honestly it doesn't matter to me, I'm all for everyone doing whatever they damned well please :cool:
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    Must Watch Video of the Day

    Whoops - damned no edit feature. Forgot to fix my post. I don't know what's worse - people who think they're intellectual/better than everyone else because they are having expensive drinks and posting pictures of it on instagram, or people who think they're intellectual/better than everyone...
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    Must Watch Video of the Day

    Acting like you don't know what instagram (or anything like it) is, or hating it/not using it as a gesture of "I'm so much better than all the sheeple", is I don't know what's worse - people who think they're intellectual/better than everyone else because they are having expensive drinks and...
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    Amazing Bionic Hand

    Seems cool but I'd like to see someone actually wearing it and controlling it. I know the technology already exists so I'm not doubting it, but it makes more of an impact to see the arm attached to a person rather than just an arm doing random things.
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    Nintendo: Microsoft, Sony Need to React To Us

    The real LOL is when people like you think Nintendo doesn't have the knowledge, experience and capability that it takes to own a market. Nintendo created the handheld market and still owns it to this day. They took the console market with ease in the last gen and the Wii U is sold out...
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    Analyst Blown Away By Google Fiber

    Come to Central California!!!!! NAO!!!
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    Mozilla Stops Firefox 64-bit Development

    Just installed Palemoon. It replaced my default browser. Thanks, [H] :cool:
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    Real Life Holodeck

    Holodeck? Lol not at in any way.
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    AMD Powers Nintendo’s Wii U

    Haven't we known for a long time that AMD supplies the graphics hardware for the Wii U? :p
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    Netflix for Ubuntu Is Now Available

    I just use my web browser to access Netflix...
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    Terminator-Like Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Arm

    So, by "Terminator-like", they mean "not at all Terminator-like", right?
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    BIOS Re-flash AsRock 890gx to 880g

    I will try the DOS method if I end up getting another freeze. For now I seem to be stable since enabling CnQ - it seems to keep my voltage down to where I want it now. Thanks :)
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    BIOS Re-flash AsRock 890gx to 880g

    So far no problems since I enabled cool n quiet. I'm thinking the 1.448v is what was causing the freezing. The highest it goes now is the 1.350v that I set it to. We'll see how it goes.
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    BIOS Re-flash AsRock 890gx to 880g

    Well if that was a method that was guaranteed to work and I knew how to do it then that's likely what I'd do :p My answer for you, though, is "I don't know." :D
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    BIOS Re-flash AsRock 890gx to 880g

    I came from a Phenom II x3, and I did have turbo core turned off :) Yes, thank you I'll try that. One thing I just noticed in CPU-Z is that my vcore was voltage wasn't staying where I manually put it in the BIOS and the only way to change it from 1.448 to my setting was to...