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    Running a pc business (didn't know where to post)

    Google is your friend... Small Business Administration Article Cnet Thread CNet Forums
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    Monitoring Software

    What are they running software-wise on their PC's? This product looks interesting if they want to centrally manage and provide a unified interface/front end if they don't already. A few monitoring tools that come to mind.... Look@LAN...
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    dual wan router recomendation

    Disclaimer: If you buy cheap/shoddy equipment, then you will get cheap/shoddy performance. That being said, the only other "cheap" consumer dual-wan router I've seen is the equivalent D-Link version. However, I would spend a...
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    svhost 80% cpu usage when trying to acces network connections

    That's typically related to a Windows Automatic Updates service bug. Have you tried booting into Safe Mode w/Networking and seeing if the symptom persists? Round 1 In safe mode, try: 1) Start-->Run-->CMD 2) sfc /scannow to repair your OS. *have your i386 folder or XP CD handy* 3) Reboot...
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    auto copy contents of usb / zip disks when connected to computer

    First thing that comes to mind would be a script to run at logon/logoff to just do a basic copy to a network share somewhere via copy or xcopy. Copy Zip Drive.bat xcopy x:\ \\server\share /s /c/ /h /y /z You could also enable offline files/folders and set it to sync on logon/off. How to use...
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    Suggest a simple distro for me

    An alternative to FreeNas would be NasLite from Server Elements. Feature/Version Comparison
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    Troubleshooting QX6700

    So, I hear the Apple Stores are hiring.... :p *obligatory RL friend flame* Seriously though, it sounds like you've covered all the bases. However, here are a few additional things to check. 1) Power Supply - voltages all in spec? Running exceptionally hot? Have a spare supply you can...
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    untangle vs endian? other firewall/router distro

    m0n0wall - pfSense - Smoothwall - ClarkConnect - Vyatta - Personally, I run m0n0 @ home and pfsense for several small work clients. Uptimes exceeding 250 days under heavy...
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    NIST time servers...alternatives

    I've used my local servers from this list....
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    Laptop Parts Blowout & Misc Items!

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    Laptop Parts Blowout & Misc Items!

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    Laptop Parts Blowout & Misc Items!

    Feedback Ebay Heatware Terms You can contact me by e-mail or PM. Contact: chris dot messer @ unh dot edu or cmesser @ gmail dot com Payment: Paypal and MO accepted. Shipping: Ship to USA - CONUS only! No international shipping! I ship via USPS Priority Insured, PM me if you want to...
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    NIC stuck as Private Address

    Try this utility to reset the TCP stack in XP. You could also use the netsh utility...
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    FS: Dell Inspiron 9300 17" wide w/warranty

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    FS: Dell Inspiron 9300 17" wide w/warranty

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    FS: Dell Inspiron 9300 17" wide w/warranty

    Selling due to school loans/bils. I have a cheap desktop to use in the interim. Physical condition is perfect, no major dents/dings/scratches, and screen has 0 dead pixels. References Heatware: Mogman42 Ebay: Mogman42 E-Mail: [email protected] Payment Money Order, personal...
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    Corsair, Xeons, P3, Gigabit - Summer Cleaning Sale!

    ^ttt^ Will accept offers on all items....
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    Corsair, Xeons, P3, Gigabit - Summer Cleaning Sale!

    Unfortunately being unemployed and back in school, I've got to sell off the following items as they are not currently being used and I've got some new unexpected school expenses coming up. Feel free to e-mail or PM me if you have any questions. Terms 1) All items are being shipped from NH -...
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    Callnig HIJACK THIS pros

    Excellent spyaxe cleaner here... Also may want to try the following utilities: Crap Cleaner Spybot S&D Lavasoft Adaware MS Antispyware BETA...
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    Apache and Vhosts

    I'm assisting a friend setting up his server @ ThePlanet and I'm running into an issue getting all his domains, etc. configured with apache. He has and then which need to direct to seperate folders/sites. Each one has its own IP which I have specified with a vhosts...
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    Fall Parts Bin/Closet Cleaning Sale!

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    Fall Parts Bin/Closet Cleaning Sale!

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    Fall Parts Bin/Closet Cleaning Sale!

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    hdd health program

    To be safe, run the disk utilities from your drive manufacturer. They made the drive and their diagnostics are designed specifically for their products. Other utilities can only read the S.M.A.R.T and other basic data which is a good baseline for detecting problems, but not a total solution.
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    Fall Parts Bin/Closet Cleaning Sale!

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