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    Champions Online coming to 360.

    I played a lot of City of Heroes/Villains when it came out. I really enjoyed CoH and Champions Online has sparked my interest once again, but I think I'd have to play it on the PC rather than the 360.
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    EVE-Online a good game ??

    Catch Region
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    EVE Online, Amazingly Deep

    He's not kidding when he says he can talk for hours.
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    EVE-Online a good game ??

    Hard corp pays all the fees if you are under 5 million skillpoints. To join Hard corp you need to fly to one of our offices. Our main offices are located in Tew - Imperial Academy School.
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    EVE-Online a good game ??

    EvE have virtually no "real universe" physics to it. Other than the occasional planet/moon, you don't see a whole lot of difference from place to place.
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    Best game you ever played?

    1. KoToR 2. Super Mario Bros. - NES 3. Bioshock
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    EVE-Online a good game ??

    Is that the Merlin, Hawk, or Harpy?
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    EVE-Online a good game ??

    I thought goons only spammed on the Eve-O forums. :rolleyes: Nice bio btw Mashie
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    EVE-Online a good game ??

    We've had a few new recruits in the past week or so. If you'd like to try us out our offices are located in: Tew VII Teshkat VI Oursulaert VII-3 Iro XI You can also send ingame evemails to directors: MorbidPenguin, 5inistry, Killswitch Grimm.
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    The first game you have ever played

    Either missile command or pitfall on an Atari.
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    The new Gamertag thread! Post your XBOX Live Gamertag!

    Currently Playing: Gears of War Ghost Recon: AW
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    If you get your laptop up and going, the [H] have a corp that would be happy to help you out. Go to the station in Mani to sign up. -Cavermike, aka Spyrokeet
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    You quit what do you play?

    I got bored at lvl 40 as well. I tried Eve Online for a few days, but didn't stick with it. I'm still looking as well.
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    EVE Online, Amazingly Deep

    Can someone PM me a 14 day trial as well. Thanks in advance.
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    game window minimizes on its own

    That was my first thought too, but no luck.
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    game window minimizes on its own

    Hey guys, maybe you could help me out with this. Almost any game that I try to play keeps minimizing on its own back down to the taskbar. Games like WoW, Star Wars: Empire at War, Trackmania, etc. keep doing this at random and its more frustrating as time goes on. There are a few that I...
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    Just started playing CoH again anyone else?

    I'm still playing on Infinity. Look up: Dr. Painkiller on global.
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    Computer has become problematic

    Well I ordered a new motherboard to replace the one with the blown capacitors. I decided to bench test this since I am having so much trouble. Well, still having problems. I stripped everything down to mem and cpu and my setup turns off after about 10 seconds. The new mobo is an Epox 8RDA+ Pro...
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    Computer has become problematic

    Upon further inspection I have found some blown capacitors on the mb. Some people have pointed me to some articles about this being a problem in the mb industry.
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    Computer has become problematic

    Ok, thought it might be the PSU too, so my new one came in today. I'm still having problems. One of the things I now notice is my bios doesn't seem right. When I change the clock multiplier and the FSB freq to the right settings and the computer flashes them into the memory, the settings don't...
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    Computer has become problematic

    I'm not getting any warning signals from a hot cpu. The problem occurs even if the computer has been shut off for a day and then started up. I do have a bearing going bad in a case fan, but there are 2 more fans so ventilation is still ok.
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    Computer has become problematic

    My computer has been behaving really funny lately. The other day when I booted it up I noticed that my clock speed had changed down to 1800+. I went back in the bios and changed the settings back (thinking my 2-year-old daughter had somehow changed the settings.) Now the computer won't boot up...
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    Favorite multiplayer game?

    City of Heroes
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    Recover Unclaimed Property (forgotten paychecks, bank accounts, funds, etc)

    $44.49 a previous employer owed me some money I guess
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    Anyone still play City of Heros?

    I've been playing since about a month or so after the game came out and still have quite a bit of fun. That is until they really nerfed one of my characters. But I started a new alt an ill/rad controller (up to lvl 24 now) and now I'm having a ton of fun. Look up Dr. Painkiller on Infinity.
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    Invasion of Privacy

    I like to use mis-information. Make up stuff like names and addresses. I usually use the principal at my local school.
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    Electronic Arts has just become largest shareholder of UbiSoft

    Any company that gets on the EA plane is going to go down in flames. I can't remember the last EA game that I purchased. BF 1942 maybe.
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    Electronic Arts has just become largest shareholder of UbiSoft

    This is getting absurd. EA can't admit defeat, so what do they do? Buy their competition. Look at what they did with the NFL license. Now I have to pay $50 for a game for the next 5 years, but will there be innovation in the Madden series? Probably not.
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    NCAA 2005 rosters on xbox

    Action Replay is a little memory card docking station that attaches to your pc. You can transfer saves, profiles, and yes, rosters on to the memory card to load on the xbox. I picked mine up for about $30. Codejunkies is the site that markets AR, but I got my rosters from Operation Sports...
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    Who here is playing City of Heroes?

    It must be nice to team up with a 50. ;)
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    Who here is playing City of Heroes?

    When I play my controller, I have to start teams. You're right, most controllers don't get invited onto teams. Controllers get more and more valuable later in the game and higher lvls.
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    best online game?

    Another vote for City of Heroes
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    Online Cheating

    kinda funny, haven't played that in years Note: You should watch this at work.
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    Who here is playing City of Heroes?

    Its good to see that there are some people who are playing regularly in groups. I haven't had that good of luck. I teamed up with a guy back when I was 10ish. He liked what he saw, we had some fun. He invited me to his SG. We got up to over 60 members, but in the past 20+ days no one has...
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    Who here is playing City of Heroes?

    General Mayhem lvl 18 Natural Blaster Lot Lizard lvl 8 Mutation Controller Strato Caster lvl 10 Magic Blaster eng/elec all on Infinity send me a tell if you want to hook up
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    D2 fun...

    City of Heroes sometimes has some mindless clicking.
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    What is everybody playing right now?

    Been playing City of Heroes on the PC and MVP Baseball 2004 on the Xbox.
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    What is your all time favorite game?

    Star Wars: Kotor
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    What game takes up most of your day?

    Recently purchased SW: KOTOR so it takes up most of my day.
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    Anyone play Star wars- The clone wars?

    Too short and too easy.