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    ARC A380 + nVidia GPU in same system? (Resizable BAR)

    so i went ahead & put the A380 into my desktop as a 2nd GPU, and surprisingly it all worked pretty flawlessly...i didn't even need to download & install the drivers for it, Windows handled installing the latest & greatest drivers automatically. that said, i'm a bit underwhelmed at the encode...
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    HTPC - no more?

    yeah, i know...i was actually going to, but even if i go into it and make no changes and try to save it again, it says that there are too many characters...just don't feel like mucking around with it right now. i'll get to it eventually.
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    Ugly GPUs

    Wow, i forgot about these...i actually had the A350 version of this (FX5900 Ultra). god, those fans were the worst ever, i think after they died about a year or so after i bought the card, i ended up disassembling the entire shroud and put a Zalman aftermarket cooler on it or something like...
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    UHD Blu-Ray playback on HDR10+ ?

    agreed...i use DVDFab for ripping my discs to ISO as the first step, and there's a built-in tool in there that makes flashing the UHD-friendly firmware extremely easy, almost foolproof (i'm sure there will be some people out there who out-fool the "foolproof", LOL)
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    hardware requirements for AV1 full software decoding?

    circling back to this, i was finally able to grab one of the A380's...and as suspected, it doesn't work in either the i7-2600k (which i actually upgraded to an i5-3570K for only $20) or the i7-4790k system. i can get into UEFI/BIOS, but once the Windows logo appears on the screen during bootup...
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    HTPC - no more?

    streaming is convenient, but IMO, that's about the only thing it really has going for it, except for the obvious storage issue of the physical media. I personally much prefer purchasing my content on physical media & doing all my own ripping/encoding...and once you've done it for a little while...
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    intel nuc question

    there are some problems with the Shield, though. it doesn't support AV1 decoding, and it's not upgradable. AV1 is already starting to be used more & more, and will eventually replace most (or all) of the other codecs out there due to royalty-free use, as well as for its efficiency, costing...
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    ARC A380 + nVidia GPU in same system? (Resizable BAR)

    This is exactly what I was thinking, and is the reason I made this get information just like this. I know for sure that if a GPU requires ReBAR and it's not there, it won't work properly (or at all)...but everything I've come across for older non-ReBAR GPU's on newer motherboards with...
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    ARC A380 + nVidia GPU in same system? (Resizable BAR)

    Yeah, I'm gonna be keeping the GTX 980 a while longer because I'll be needing 2 different GPU's eventually anyway. At some point I intend to upgrade my Mini-ITX HTPC (i5-3570K) to a more modern platform which supports ReBAR (probably an i3-13100F or newer, depending upon when it happens). Once...
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    ARC A380 + nVidia GPU in same system? (Resizable BAR)

    So I just bought an Intel ARC A380 to use for encoding all the Blu Rays & UHD Blu Rays I have purchased (and will purchase) for storage on my NAS media server. However, the A380 requires Resizable BAR, and the only system I own that is new enough to support it is my main desktop gaming/video...
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    hardware requirements for AV1 full software decoding?

    yeah, i highly doubt this board will support resizable BAR, so even if those cards were available anywhere, it probably wouldn't do me any good in this PC. hmm, damn...and yours is 6th gen, whereas mine are 2nd & 4th gens, so it's highly doubtful they will work if yours still doesn't handle...
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    hardware requirements for AV1 full software decoding?

    so the A380 looks like a little better option, even though it's still $139.99, and cannot be found in stock anywhere yet and probably won't be for some time since it was just released. i'd still like to know if the i7-2600K or i7-4790K might be able to handle at least AV1 decoding? because if...
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    hardware requirements for AV1 full software decoding?

    Sorry, i don't...the files i was playing were ones that i had downloaded, and i had not realized that the default selection was for the AV1 version...i could go back and re-download them again, but that seems like a huge waste of time (as well as storage space) if that is where the future is...
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    hardware requirements for AV1 full software decoding?

    So up until fairly recently, for the past 6-7 years I've been running a pretty low-spec HTPC machine to run Kodi for local content off my NAS, and occasionally some YouTube content, and it has been pretty flawless for the most part (all of my personal encodes were all h.264 up until recently)...
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    Well I’m coming back home fellas.

    yeah, i mean it would have been nice to have the extra processing power that the 7950x would give me for video encoding, for sure. But in the fairly near future (maybe next year or so), I will be traveling full-time in an RV while working remotely, and I will be boondocking the vast majority of...
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    Well I’m coming back home fellas.

    same here...last AMD main rig i had was an opteron 165 CCBWE socket 939 yeah, it's been quite a while for me as well.... :ROFLMAO: but i opted for a 5950x for mine vs 7900x/7950x, for the availability, cost savings, power savings, and not having to deal with growing pains on a new...
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    How long is a 12700k setup good for?

    but yeah, the only way i would even begin to think about upgrading that CPU/platform would be if you were gonna be doing a ton of software-based video encoding or other such work that utilizes as many cores as you can throw at it, AND you can sell off what you have first for enough to help pay...
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    My AMD Ryzen 5950x is a beast of a CPU! I cruise with averages around 4700mhz. Extremely happy with going with AMD instead of INTEL for gaming / prod

    i'm about to join the 5950x club, and it's even sweeter since i bought it while it was on sale a few days ago just before the release of Zen4; the 5950x was marked down to the same price that the 5900x used to be...actually ended up paying even less because i got an additional $105 off the...
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    Ryzen 4 Reviews Are Out.

    I'm really glad that they finally released Zen4, but I went the opposite way with this...instead of jumping onto the latest & greatest, I took advantage of the price cuts on the last gen to score me a Ryzen 9 5950x for the same price as what the 5900x USED to cost. All the parts I wanted/needed...
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    World of Warcraft Far From Dead, Battle for Azeroth Breaks Launch Day Record

    well, thinking about it...not entirely sure i wanna, though. for the last 4 expansions, i've played enough to level anywhere from 1 - 5 toons to max level, then i get bored of the grind and cancel. not sure i want to go through that again.
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    Internet Fire Challenge Leaves 12 Year Old Girl Horribly Burned and on a Ventilator

    we need more of these "challenges". as many a possible, and as deadly as possible. and targeted at children. weed the stupid ones out of the gene pool before they are old enough to procreate. then maybe we can turn back the tide that's pushing us ever closer to Idiocracy. the stupid ones...
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    ASUS NVIDIA RTX GPU Series Introduction

    I don't care about cards taking up 2 or even 3 slots. unless you're in the 0.01% of the population who wants to have 2 or more video cards in their rig, there's no reason to kick up a stink about this. gone are the days when you actually need to fill out all the slots on your motherboard with...
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    ASUS RTX 2080 Ti & 2080 on Amazon

    On Newegg, $750 for the cheapest 2080 and $1150 for the cheapest 2080 Ti.....they can go fuck themselves. We're the frogs and they're the pot of water, and they're ever so slowly cranking up the heat with each generation of cards. I say fuck that, I'm out. Eat a dick.
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    LG to Launch World’s Largest Micro LED TV at IFA

    Who the hell uses TV speakers? ;) It's not a fuck ton of work...all you need besides the wall mount is a ratchet set, screwdrivers, a level, and a can get all that for probably $25 over the cost of the mount...and which any self-respecting DIY'er should already have anyway...
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    EA Deletes Origin Account with Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of Games

    I say we take off, nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. :D
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    Woman Looking at Apple Watch Found Guilty of Distracted Driving

    that is not the point. i didn't read the entire article because i'm not disabling my adblocker on that site, but i got enough of it to know that they were checking it while stopped at a light. if they start giving out tickets for shit like this, they may as well completely remove car radios...
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    Solving Problems that Don't Need to be Solved

    goddammit, California....taking good jobs away from all those honest, hard-working murderers, rapists, and drug dealers in the prison system! this is a fucking outrage!
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    DDoSing WoW Gets You Federal Prison Time

    that's nothing...i remember when WoD came out....8+ HOUR queue times. and this went on for 3+ weeks. it got to the point where i set up my toon in my barracks so no one else could be around me to see, then rigged up a mechanical process to have my toon jump about every 10 - 15 seconds to avoid...
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    Playing Old PC Games in 4K

    Pong at 4K is the shit! except it ran at so many FPS my monitor blew up.... :eek: :D:D:D:D
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    Man Mauled to Death by Bear While Taking Selfie with It

    There, fixed that for you.... As for getting attacked by a wild bear...not gonna happen...I have enough goddamned sense to stay far away from them. anyone that doesn't, well that's their problem, especially in this day & age of open access to knowledge. "Hey, maybe I should look up the...
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    iTunes for Windows Available for Download from Microsoft Store

    treat it like a virus...when in doubt, fomat/reinstall (or re-image).... :eek:
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    Console Plebs Get Agony Censorship Smackdown

    well what else are you supposed to use babies for? duh! i fail to see the problem, here.... :)
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    Washington State Tells Ajit Pai to Suck It

    again, NN has nothing to do with the AMOUNT of bandwidth a person (or company) uses. it's all about HOW they use said bandwidth.
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    Washington State Tells Ajit Pai to Suck It

    bandwidth caps have nothing to do with net neutrality. NN isn't about how much data you use, it's about what type of data you use, and how fast you're able to use each type of data. I'm all for ISP's getting paid for the amount of bandwidth they give you...after all, bandwidth isn't free, they...
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    Samsung Flip Sharing and Contributing Whiteboard

    or better yet, the wife/gf sends nudie shots or the husband/bf sends dick pics..... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Kids Not Getting Enough Sleep Because of Smart Phones

    Let's give your kids/teens a device which enables things that are more interesting than sleeping, then wonder why they won't sleep...... File that one under "Well, no shit". But yes, super easy fix for that. Buy them a good old-fashioned alarm clock, then they have no excuse as to...
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    Users Navigate Flat UI Designs 22 Percent Slower

    i know, right? hey, let's take away all street/highway markers and disable GPS, then send millions of people to an unfamiliar town and see how hard it is for them to find anything! fuck flat....this is one of the main things i hate about windows 10....everything is fucking flat. i probably...
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    KIA Dealer Remotely Disables Car over $200 Fee

    dude, why don't you actually read the FULL article, not just the tidbit on the [H] home page, or just glancing over it. AT THE TIME THAT HE BOUGHT THE CAR, HE HAD A JOB AND COULD AFFORD IT. HE THEN LOST SAID JOB (shit happens, happens all the time to lots of people). HIS GRANDMOTHER BOUGHT IT...
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    KIA Dealer Remotely Disables Car over $200 Fee

    ....after having smashed it to pieces so it couldn't be used illegally again.