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    Help me buy the right 10G networking gear

    Ignoring the comment about 10GbE being stupid and useless as the comment is stupid. I have always stuck to Intel/Dell X520-DA2 NICs as these seem to work with everything out of the box. Did try some Brocade 1020 cards once, which were more trouble than they are worth and when finally up and...
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    Fiber or Point-to-Point?

    If you are willing to buy the parts off eBay to go the fibre route then I'd have thought you could get it done much cheaper than wireless. I picked up 30m fibre here in the UK with LC connectors for under £10! Couple of second hand SFP modules for the switches shouldn't be too expensive...
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    Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H and M.2 SM951 link width

    Thanks, thought as much. Still bloody quick :D
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    Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H and M.2 SM951 link width

    Just built myself a new gaming pc/hackintosh and just curious about the link speed of my M.2 drive, as currently it only connects at x2 which gives me around 750MB/s read/write. Understand this drive is capable of quite a bit more! * Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H * i7-4790K * 4x 8GB Corsair Vengeance *...
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    Yep it's an ever so slight graininess, to be honest it's not a major issue (I have just ordered a 2nd P2715Q!) I have been using an iMac and MacBook for the last few years which is almost like looking in a mirror haha
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    Using the included display port cable directly to the thunderbolt port on my MacBook, tried HDMI too. Same result.
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    My P2715Q has just been delivered and I must say I'm really liking the resolution but something feels a little off. Have it running at 3840x2160 60Hz from my MacBook Pro and the text is incredibly sharp. but areas of lighter colours/white eg Google homepage look a little fuzzy when compared...
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    Toshiba Canvio Basic 2TB External 2.5" (HDTB320EK3CA)

    Slightly odd request... does anyone know what the internal drive is inside this enclosure? I want to put the 2TB drive into a small ITX build and then put my spare 500GB drive into this enclosure but I'm concerned that internally they might use some proprietary connector like my 2.5" WD...
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    Thunderbolt 4K bandwidth and 10GbE

    Just done some more searching, 4K at 60Hz is 11.94Gbits/sec which leaves me with a fair amount of room for 10GbE. Still feel like I'd be pushing the TB controller to the absolute limit here though.
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    Thunderbolt 4K bandwidth and 10GbE

    I'm currently using my old iMac 2011 with a i7 chip, it's fairly quick but my MBP Retina 2014 is lightning fast in comparison (I do quite a bit of CPU intensive work and works out about 60% faster). With this in mind I'm considering buying 2x 4K monitors for use with my MBPr then use this as...
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    MacPro Update timing

    I'm currently holding out for 5K TB displays with support on the MacPro then I'll finally drop my 2011 iMac But is looking like it could be end of 2015 or even 2016 :(
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    Always check trim is enabled on aftermarket SSD drives!

    It's slightly annoying they disable this as I have the LaCie external thunderbolt SSD which trim is also disabled on!
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    Always check trim is enabled on aftermarket SSD drives!

    I disabled the kext signing and trim was enabled after reboots when I first installed Yosemite, not too sure at which point it was disabled again. Without tearing my iMac apart I can't connect the drive to another box to run the Magician software. All I know is performance maxes out around...
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    Always check trim is enabled on aftermarket SSD drives!

    Just checking up on my SSD today and was a little shocked it was this bad! When I first installed Yosemite I enabled trim and double checked it was enabled but another update must have disabled it again. Just a heads up to others out there with aftermarket SSDs to check it's enabled :)
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    How do you label small cables?

    I have started using clear heat shrink and a printed bit of paper, slightly less convenient than a fancy label printer but costs me a few quid for 5m of heat shrink! :)
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    Modify HTTP traffic on the fly

    Found this Seems to be along the lines of what I want, just need to find some time now to play!
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    Modify HTTP traffic on the fly

    Thanks I'll setup some stuff in VMs and see what I can do, here was me hoping for a nice easy solution haha
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    Modify HTTP traffic on the fly

    Slightly strange request, I have a Sonos system and want to intercept and modify the HTTP API traffic. So volume control done via the Sonos app will control my amp via IP (I understand that the normal way is to just turn the amp volume quite high and manage the volume via Sonos, but this is [H]...
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    Affordable 1U & 2U cases

    As mentioned above I also use xcase which seems to be a variation of Norco cases for the UK market. Quality is solid and very impressed for the price! 2U fits a standard ATX PSU in no problem, I use Antec EarthWatts in mine (and maybe a Tagan one I can't remember) as theres only 80m fans on...
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    Supermicro X9SRL IPMI

    Looks like these are only for the X7 series. Think I'm out of luck on this one!
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    Supermicro X9SRL IPMI

    Been on the look out for a good server motherboard deal for some time now and got too excited when one popped up I didn't read the model number correctly. I have bought an X9SRL (without -F) and it doesn't come with IPMI, is it possible to add it via some sort of add in card? Probably a...
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    OS X 10.10 broken animations/UI interactivity

    That's a good point! I'll dig out some spares and disconnect the current ones to see if it still happens.
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    OS X 10.10 broken animations/UI interactivity

    Bit of an odd one this which I can't quite figure out. Basically after a few hours use my 2011 iMac running Yosemite 10.10.1 will stop all it's pretty UI interactivity, by this I mean: The dock no longer magnifies when I hover over it Clicking a link in the browser does not show the clicked...
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    Mac Book Pro - SSD & RAM Upgrade help

    I have a 2011 MBP, assuming there isn't going to be much difference between the two. I upgraded to a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB replacing the existing 500GB 2.5" SATA drive. Works at full 6G SATA speeds no problem. Ram upgrade I went with the Corsair 16GB 1333Mhz Mac Memory! See...
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    Thunderbolt cable Male to Female Adapter - Do they exist?

    Would a USB3 gigabit ethernet adapter not be a cheaper/simpler option? Or even a slower one if gigabit isn't required!
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    Areca 1882ix-8 "Waiting for F/W to become ready"

    Cheers will give that a go.
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    Areca 1882ix-8 "Waiting for F/W to become ready"

    But it never gets past that and just reboots and starts over again. Only way to get past this is to kill the power completely!
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    Areca 1882ix-8 "Waiting for F/W to become ready"

    Been having a few issues the past couple of weeks where when powering up my file server, it gets stuck on the "Waiting for F/W to become ready" boot screen. Then ends up rebooting every 300 seconds in a endless loop. The server isn't powered on 24/7 due to the insane amount of power it draws...
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    PHP is nice. What else to do with it?

    Symfony2 uses Composer too, in fact I think most PHP libraries use it these days as it seems to be the go to package manager :)
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    PHP is nice. What else to do with it?

    I write PHP applications daily and very rarely write basic PHP files like you have probably done. The possibilities are endless with the language, but there are many scenarios where other languages are more appropriate for the job. Would highly recommend reading into frameworks to help take...
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    Portable LAN / Lab in a box?

    I have a small mobile LAN with two E3 Xeon servers which I have used for quite a few events in the past. It's fairly portable, just each unit is pretty heavy due to the UPS in each rack. Unfortunately the rear is open but for server cooling this becomes a little difficult. I would suggest...
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    Cheap 10 Gbe Switch (Dell 8024?)

    What interface are you using? 10BaseT or SFP+? How many ports do you need? I have the 8024F and it's a brilliant switch, picked mine up refurb for £1k off eBay.
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    Where do you like better to buy apple products? Online stores or physical stores?

    Local authorised reseller for me as they are typically are cheaper
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    So I just installed OS X Yosemite (10.10)..

    I installed Yosemite over the weekend, biggest mistake I have ever made! My mouse (Razer Mamba) is now unusable due to some weird acceleration feature they seem to have added! Apache settings have all vanished Network is constantly cutting out Looks like I will be spending the rest of the day...
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    Apple 5k Display

    I would have parted with my money already on one of these if they had updated the thunderbolt display with 5K but guessing as Thunderbolt is only 20Gb/s that would need upgrading first so for now I'll be sticking with my 2011 iMac :(
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    Now that you got your iPhone 6 ...

    Had my iPhone 6 for almost a week now, can safely say it's just too big. It's not that I have small hands either, I can't reach the top 2-3cm of the screen without using two hands or sliding the phone down in my hand. Besides that it fit's in my pocket fine and have no other complains besides...
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    Apple wireless keyboards

    I just bought myself a new retina MBP and noticed the keys are a much lower profile than my previous MBP and wireless keyboard included with my 2011 iMac. Are the newer wireless keyboards the same low profile as the rMBP? Got to say I much prefer the lower profile! Just wondering if...
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    iOS 8 released

    iOS 8 "The biggest iOS release ever" What's the difference lol? Noticed a few slight styling changes and my battery dying within 4 hours now. Not impressed.
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    Problems with 10GbE performance

    Have you tried a direct link between the two to eliminate the switch as the bottleneck? Have you tried different leads? I had a faulty fibre lead which would only get me 300MB/s Do you have jumbo frames enabled? Can't remember if iperf hits the CPU at all when generating a load? assuming both...