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    FS: Windows 10 keys, Samsung 850 EVO, Kingston DDR4 SoDIMM

    Win10 Pro Key activated without issue. Thanks.
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    Nvidia is preparing something SUPER

    Wish I had one of those!
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    Not so fine wine: Radeon VII vs RTX 2080

    If the Navi performance leaks are true, AMD has a bit of a problem with the product stack. Use case is at stock in games for the following comments: If RVII performance is less than a 2080 and the top Navi card is better than the 2070, what's the performance delta of the RVII/Navi? Seems like...
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    Dropped CPU on floor, chance that it is damaged?

    Holy friggen lambs man. You gonna eat that with some fava beans and a nice Chianti?
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    Radeon VII - PowerColor or Sapphire?

    Yep. I went from a MSI Vega 56 to a Powercolor 64 and the difference in overall quality of the packaging and card aesthetics was significant.
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    New Microcode is out

    You're probably looking at around 135 watts on that 16 core chip
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    The Division 2

    Glad it's not just me.
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    1700, 2700, 2700X?

    Fire it up with the 1700 and then upgrade to next gen in a few months.
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    Crytek Demos Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections Running on an AMD Vega 56

    Every instance of RTX ray tracing feels a bit off to me. It's like every demo or bit of gameplay I have seen is either over-implemented or not noticable. This didn't feel that way. Very impressive. Also any implementation is cheating unless it is computing photon path of every ray of light as...
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    What if Nvidia made a RT accelerator card?

    I think you have to look at RTX in general as BETA at the moment. Nvidia needed to get it in the hands of developers and consumers as data collection for optimization purposes prior to a node shrink. Getting the ball rolling on adoption was also important. I think RTX at 7nm is going to be...
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    What if Nvidia made a RT accelerator card?

    So there are really 5 types of people? :)
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    "Captain Marvel" Trolled the Trolls with a $455M Global Launch

    I saw it today. Had pretty low expectations really. It was better than expected. The plot moves along well for an origin. Good soundtrack. Definitely a run of the mill marvel movie. To me that's not a bad thing as I like the marvel movies in general.
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    Devil May Cry 5

    If you like hack and slash and don't mind a lot of cut scenes, you will like it. I am enjoying it. Graphics are great and it runs really well at 1440 75Hz on a Vega 64.
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    AMD Radeon VII Chilling & Undervolting @ [H]

    Good read. Vega gonna be a Vega, even at 7nm. My 64 undervolts to 0.98 and tries to push to almost 1600Mhz but can't take the heat due to this shitty blower cooler and holy fucking loud batman... I started looking at custom loop parts this weekend. We shall see. It would be cool to see the...
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    Anyone running Solidworks with this card?
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    Looking for a new budget video card

    This for sure.
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2060 Performance @ [H]

    Good review. As long as Vega 64's are available in the wild at the $400 price point, this is a hard sell at $389.00 as far as I'm concerned. A properly tuned Vega 64 smokes this card.
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    eBay @newegg powercolor Vega 64 369 with 8% ebucks

    If you don't mind doing some tuning, the 64 is a great card. Well worth the $369.
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    FDA Chief Threatens to Take E-cigarettes off the Market

    Agreed. Additionally, flavor is a matter of function as it relates to an orally consumed, adult choice, luxury product. Making it taste like strawberries is not marketing to kids. Were strawberries suppose to start tasting like shit after we turned 18? If so, I didn't get the memo.
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    FDA Chief Threatens to Take E-cigarettes off the Market

    Underage drinking is a far greater problem. Ban booze while you're at it.
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    Boil was right about his recommendation to buy AMD stock though. It will see $25 a share by August. I still want a hit though... Puff, puff, give Boil!
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    That's where it went wrong. My Vega 64 is a good bit faster than my son's 1070.
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    Like the card but the price is high. The 1080ti launched around Feb/Mar of 17 at about $699... Near 2 years later and after generational upgrades from both camps we are still stuck at essentially the same performance for the same price... That sucks.
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    Alphabet Project Wing Delivery Drones Sound like F1 Cars According to Angry Aussies

    I wonder the median age of the members of this BAD group.
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    Plantronics Reaches $36 Million Settlement with SEC

    So where did the $36 million go?
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    Nephew build randomly freezing

    Did you try mem one stick at a time? Also try disabling XMP and running mem at 2133. What do temps look like? What power supply are you using?
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    The "bathtub effect". X = time of ownership, Y = failure rates. If you plot and trend, the line will look like a bathtub. This is very, very common failure trend in regard to electronics and supports your statement about the cards that have been working for a month or more.
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    FS: MSI Vega 56 Card

    Sold. Thanks.
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    FS: MSI Vega 56 Card

    Bump. Will also consider trades. Particularly interested in a PS4.
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    FS: MSI Vega 56 Card

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    FS: MSI Vega 56 Card

    FS: MSI Vega 56 Card Two months old. Like new. Light gaming use only. Decided to grab a Vega 64. $285 shipped OBO The Card My Heat
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    WTF 2080 cards are $800+ ?

    They will fix it. They sure fucked this up though. What's sad is they didn't have to drop this card when they did. They could have waited for RTX software support to be more readily available. They rushed it and it bit that ass. P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.
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    GamersNexus Reproduced Multiple Modes of Failure on NVIDIA RTX 20-Series

    They are actually doing nvidia a favor.
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    Anyone have experience with the lower end ryzens?

    Yeah that's a really good deal.
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    Anyone have experience with the lower end ryzens?

    I built a 2400g, 16 GB DDR4/2400, 1 TB spinner/120 GB nvme ssd StoreMI setup for my in-laws. I am really impressed with it. Runs games at 1080p with mid to high graphics settings at 60hz vsync extremely well. Very hard to beat at $550 build price.
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    MSI RX Vega 56 Air Boost 8G OC - $329 w/CODE and $20 MIR

    Same deal ($329) on a Powercolor Red Dragon Vega 56 from Newegg with promo code EMCXEEPS2 It...
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    He got bent over a bit with the R&D budget at AMD. That said, after this push with Intel there will be no more excuses. And the approach at AMD sure seems to have been the right one. Raja and Vega were unfortunate collateral damage.