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    Oldschool floorstanders: toss'em or restore'em

    I would check with parts express for replacement speakers, they also sell kits to replace the surrounds and dust caps. Parts Express
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    Best Gaming Mousepad out right now?

    I agree with Silverado, Ive got the Exactmat from Razer and I love it.
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    HL2: Aftermath Release Date confirmed.

    I hope its worth the wait! Thanks for the link!
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    Its Official! New top DAWG.

    Wow!! Good job!!
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    3dmark 03..........How low can you go?

    You should underclock it and see if you can get single digits. :D
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    I got a new used card last night and I didnt have to work today so heres the scores. AGP 6800 Ultra clocked at 462/1101 water cooled core. Running driver 81.95 scored 5926 3dmarks Link to the details on futuremarks ORB
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    Heres an update on my X800XL score. 5566 running at 441/552 on catalyst 5.11 Link to the score on futuremarks ORB
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    CPU on Phase, GPU on water.

    I dont see why you couldnt.
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    Running BF2 Special Forces on Laptops

    I run BF2 SP on my Inspiron 6000, 1.5 pentium M, 2gigs ram, X300 64mb. I run it at 800x600 at med settings 100% draw distance just fine. Its slow on the load times but its great in game. Been thinking about a 7200rpm hdd.
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    Zombie Grinder 60000

    Dang that is cool! Zombies and death metal!! Yes!!
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    guild wars--- WOW--- or starwars galaxis??

    SWG! BOO!! BOO!! Run away run away! Dont get it. Bad... Go with Guild Wars. Much more fun and more rewarding than SWG.
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    using no HSF on my VENICE!!!!!

    I'll take the water block off mine... NOT!!
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    DE_DUST PC!!! (56k warning!!!)

    Were those fans evening running with that much dust/hair or whatever that is? Somebody said "furby" earlier.. I hate those things. LOL!!
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    who is the BIGGEST dumass in cartoon - peter griffin or homer simpson

    I put my vote in for Homer! DOH!! before the lock. LOL!
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    Best Card for Me

    What about future gaming? Its the newest card on the market in that price range. The X800 series is a good card, but my X800XL is showing its limits on the newest games.
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    Best Card for Me has the 7800GT for like $320 with a rebate to put it under $300. Thats the best deal IMO. Heres a link
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    BF2 - Challenge

    It takes too long to get into a server when I hit Play Now. I prefer to pick the server I am going to play on. It makes it a lot more enjoyable, you should try that. Plus I have found some servers that I play on regularly. I usually have a lot of fun winning or losing on those. Ive used Play...
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    BF2 Still Beta at Best!

    Some of those complaints are just lack of server moderation and immature players. Which is in any game. Maybe there is something wrong with these peoples computers?? I havent had any graphical problems since the first patch and some new video card drivers. Matter of fact, I play on my...
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    Half-Life 2 Refuses to Run on AGP System

    Did he unistall the old drivers and disable the onboard graphics? Did he run a driver cleaner to remove the Nvidia drivers before install the ATI ones? They dont get along too well with each other.
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    Your opinions on BF2?

    Its a ton of fun, I like to see some new maps though. And I want A 10 Warthogs! Warthogs!!
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    4 x 7800GTX (Quad SLI) I Still Love ATI... lol

    I wanna see that water cooled. LOL!
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    Lost Coast

    Did I just actually finish that in 15 minutes?? I hope there is more to this that just that? How long do we have to wait for the next installment?
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    Odd lockups w/ A8N-SLI Premium

    Did you do a fresh install of windows with all the updates and all the updated drivers for the mobo, sound card, video, etc? Sounds like maybe a software problem. Maybe a virus or spyware?
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    AMD 64 (939 Pin cooling)

    If your not worried about loud, then you might want to look at the Thermalright XP-90 or XP-120 with a high flow panaflo fan. I had better cooling with my XP-90 and a panaflo then the Zalman.
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    I need help with testing hardware for OCing

    Just depends on how much work you want to do. I would just build all 3 at stock and make sure they work good and then work on overclocking your rig later when you have more time. Overclocking can be pain, and sometimes is not worth the hassle for the gain.
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    I need help with testing hardware for OCing

    There isnt really a fast way to test OC's. It takes time to test for stability. The minimum for a stability test is 24 hours of Prime95 on the cpu and 24 hours of memtest on the memory. Your looking at a week or more to find the best OCing pieces out of 3 rigs. Thats a lot of work. If they are...
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    Quake 4 screenshot thread

    Oh yeah, I gotta go get Quake4 now! That looks great! Thanks!
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    Quake 4 screenshot thread

    Anyone have any 1600X1200 screenshots?
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    Defecting to the [H]orde

    I think that kid crapped its pants!! Welcome Forthy!!
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    CPU-Z Slow?

    Thats pretty normal with CPUZ. So I wouldnt worry about it. Someone correct me if Im wrong, but thats how it works on my systems.
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    A Liquid Cooled NES? (Challange?)

    How about a water cooled laptop??
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    Is this seller trying to scam me for a 2800MP proc?

    I would get your money back. That auction reads as though you bought 2 processors for $157.50 plus shipping. Not one cpu. The seller screwed up.
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    [SPOILERS] Quake4 Screenshot Thread

    Need more screenshots!!! Looks a lot like Doom3 though....
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    Weired hardware problems after overclock

    What mobo are you using? Do you have the AGP/PCI bus locked or PCIe?
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    Old question about the Pentium 133

    What multiplier does the human brain use? And... If I add more voltage, can I overclock my brain? I think my brain is Socket 7. Isnt there a pin mod?
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    *RANT* BF2 Tee'd me off today

    Maybe thats what Im doing wrong?? LOL!!
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    *RANT* BF2 Tee'd me off today

    Ive had that problem lately, and Ive seen a LOT of TKs lately. Really annoying, but I still like the game a lot. I like the favorites folder in the new patch. Ive found a couple of servers I like and its easier than writing down IP addresses on post it notes.
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    A64 OC Database & Overclock Guide

    (cf)Eclipse, Heres mine for the database. 3000 Venice core ADA3000DAA4BP LBBLE 0517APCW running at 2618mhz 308 HTT with 8.5 multi ram is at 201.4mhz 1.536 volts Cooled with a Thermalright XP90 and a panaflo temps are: MAX 51c idle 34c Its completely stable and has...
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    overclocking my x800xl

    Cooling is a mileage may vary thing. Try oc'ing with the stock cooler first and see what you get. Just follow the guidelines of OCing and youll be all right. I havent changed my stock cooler or even replaced the thermal paste on my X800XL. It seems to be just fine. About all I can get out of...
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    Setting page file size to 0 MB to disable virtual memory in Win XP Pro

    I disabled my paging file and deleted the file off my hdd and I havent had any problem running, BF2 at 1024x768 max settings, fraps, ati tool, teamspeak, and winamp all at the same time. Ive been running like that for 2 monthes and have never had a problem. I dont think my system is any...