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    Can I just upgrade my GPU or is my system too old?

    Your core specs are pretty close to mine (I have an overclocked i5 3570k, but most of the rest is pretty close) and I put a GTX 970 in earlier this year to replace a GTX 660 Ti. The system is a couple of years old now, but I'm more than handling anything I throw at it.
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    Star Wars Takes Over Disneyland’s Tomorrowland

    As a frequent Disneyland visitor (Annual passholder for several years) Tomorrowland could use a good shakeup, it definitely hasn't aged well compared to some other parts of the park. Mostly it feels like the area you walk through to get to Space Mountain these days.
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    What is your favorite piece of hardware to go along with your PC?

    I really like the Herman Miller Mirra chair I have at my computer desk. I had one at my desk at work in a previous job, and after I got sick of what cheap junk most desk chairs are I eventually just sprang for the money to get one at home, and haven't regretted it. It still has its issues, but...
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    Brief blank screens during gaming on a 660 Ti

    The resolution of the TV is 1080p (It's a Sony KDL60W630B), I will have to look through the TV settings to see if something there is doing this.]
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    Brief blank screens during gaming on a 660 Ti

    A couple of weeks ago I put together a new PC for my living room using an EVGA GeForce GTX660 Ti that came out of my desktop PC as the video card. For the most part things are working OK, but while gaming, I have found that on occasion while playing games it will go to a blank screen, and come...
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    Tim Cook: "iOS Will Never Merge With OS X"

    At this point, it seems to me that the main reason the distinction between OSX and iOS still exists is because developing for iOS requires Macs, and Apple seems to have no interest in providing tools to develop iOS apps in iOS itself for exactly that reason. After all, why let people develop...
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    Fan Who Threw Pokémon-Themed Party Hit With Lawsuit

    Seems pretty clear they were using someone else's copyrighted for their own for-profit activities (this was an event that they were charging admission for), can't say they have much of a case.
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    Computer won't stay shut down...

    If you're in windows, you can go to a command prompt and type the following: powercfg /lastwake That can give you some idea of what might be causing the system to wake up. When I built this machine I found that the Samsung SSD utilities were causing issues with sleep, so I had to disable...
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    $500 HTPC build

    Like I said, it wasn't my choice. She liked it mostly because it had a big shiny power button on the front of it (not that you're supposed to turn off a system being used as a DVR in the first place, but still...) I probably would have gone with a core i3 for the CPU as well, but she wanted the...
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    $500 HTPC build

    Just ordered the stuff for this. Ended up blowing well past the $500 I had originally planned on, but oh well. Here's what we ended up with (all items from Newegg unless specified: ) Mobo: ASRock H97M Pro4 (MicroATX, $80) CPU: Core i5 4590 ($200) RAM: 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws X Series ($46) PSU...
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    $500 HTPC build

    Still refining this build, but last night me and my wife took a trip over to Fry's and saw the case I was looking at (Thermaltake Core V21) and decided we need to find something else based on the size and the fact that it has no external drive bay for a Blu-Ray drive (Glad I figured this out...
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    $500 HTPC build

    So I ran the build I had put together by my wife... and was instructed to move up to a Core i5 for the CPU. I'm guessing it's overkill in this build and it puts the cost closer to $700, but I don't think I'm going to complain... Incidentally, she was also the one who wanted the big TV...
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    $500 HTPC build

    The problem with mini-ITX is that I couldn't run both my tuner card and a video card at the same tine on one, which is the main reason I'm using micro-ATX. Anyway, I think I'm just about settled on the main components, just not sure on the PSU. Currently leaning toward this...
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    $500 HTPC build

    The Blu-Ray drive is definitely optional in this setup (we have a standalone player and a PS3 available to play Blu-Ray discs on already) but I figure I'd like to have at least some sort of optical drive here. Then again, I could drop it and either save a few bucks or put the money into...
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    $500 HTPC build

    After some messing around in PCHound, this is what I have so far: This would put me around $610 including a copy of Windows 7 and a Blu-Ray drive. I'd also need some sort of keyboard to go with this, but that's probably something I'll worry about separately. Edit...
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    $500 HTPC build

    Me and my wife are looking to put together a living room PC/DVR using some money from our wedding, and I'm trying to get an idea of what to aim for. The standard questions: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Using this as a living room PC, will...
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    Switching Operating Systems Is Almost Never The Answer

    Tell me about it. I've recently been forced to start using a Mac for work (There's really nothing they're working on that truly requires a Mac aside from possibly XCode, but the company's engineering department is basically standardized on Macs) and so far it's a serious pain to deal with. I...
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    Do You Have a Case on Your Smartphone?

    Just a simple silicone one, nothing fancy since I would like some protection, but don't want the bulk of a big case. I haven't had a broken phone anytime in recent memory. My friends won't go without one though, since they've both dropped phones and broken screens.
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    Microsoft Will Require Suppliers to Give Workers 15 Days of Paid Leave

    I think a lot of it comes down to MS realizing that a lot of the contractor/vendor agencies that supply them with contingent staff are horrendous cheapskates that wouldn't give their contractors any benefits at all unless they were forced to. The big problem is that at least in the Seattle...
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    The SSD Endurance Experiment: They're All Dead

    Here's the info on my 840 Pro after roughly 2 years of use. Looks like I should be covered for a while. The host write total is surprisingly low on here compared to some, which is mostly because the majority of my data goes on another drive.
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    The SSD Endurance Experiment: They're All Dead

    Glad I sprung for the 840 Pro when I built this machine. Coming up on 2 years now and it's been rock solid.
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    Quicken Loans Founder Launching Rocket Fiber In Downtown Detroit

    Because it's a less attractive target than copper for the tweakers?
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    What Tim Cook Thinks Of Android

    As someone who has worked with quite a few different phones over the years on both the iOS and Android ecosystems, it's amazing just how much Apple has let iOS stagnate. Pretty much every "new" feature in iOS 8 is basically catching up to something Android has had for years, and developing a...
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    The Worst Passwords Of 2014

    That's the combination I have on my luggage!
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    Facebook Is The New AOL

    So does that Make Microsoft the new IBM?
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Orchid Righteous 3D (Voodoo 1) for me.
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    Memorable Overclocking-Friendly CPUs

    I've been through a few of the ones on the list. The AMD Durons were what really got me started in overclocking, and I think I still have a 1GHz Thunderbird (AXIA stepping) around the house somewhere. For the most part over the past decade or so I've favored stability over raw speed, but my...
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    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    Hmmm... I've pretty much stuck to NVidias for as long as I can remember. 3DFX Voodoo 1 (this was back before NVidia was really a player in the market) NVidia Riva 128 Riva TNT GeForce 256 GeForce 2 GeForce 3 Ti 200 GeForce 8600 GTS GeForce GTX 260 GeForce GTX 660 Ti GeForce GTX 970 (about two...
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    Need advice on a living room HTPC build

    I know Ceton has a network tuner available as well (the InfiniTV 6 ETH) and that might be an option as well, but that by itself is $250, and doesn't exactly fit into the budget for this for the time being.
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    Need advice on a living room HTPC build

    I am looking into the possibility of doing an HTPC for the living room, and wanted to get some advice on what I might build with these parameters 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc This will be an HTPC for the living room. Will likely be replacing my...
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    Destiny's Beta Guardians are Gone Forever

    Oh no, I lost two days worth of progress, whatever will I do?
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    LA to TWC: We’ll Build Our Own Fiber Network

    As always, take it with a grain of salt. Based on what I've seen here in Seattle and elsewhere, municipalities have proven hilariously incompetent when it comes to the actual implementation of anything even remotely resembling a fiber network.
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    Nexus 7 16gb (2nd gen) refurb - $139

    Everything looked just fine on the one I got.
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    Nexus 7 16gb (2nd gen) refurb - $139

    Got mine yesterday, pretty quick shipping on this one.
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    Nexus 7 16gb (2nd gen) refurb - $139

    Broke the screen on my Nexus 7 a month after I bought it, been meaning to get a replacement as soon as I can find one cheap. This costs about as much as replacing the screen on my other one would have.
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    Humble Indie Bundle 11

    Nice bundle, but I bought 4 of those on the Steam Winter Sale.
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    GTX 660 Ti 2GB - $165 after coupon code

    Hmmm.. Might get a second one to do SLI.
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    Surface Pro 128gb (First Gen) $599 Best Buy (Clearance YMMV)

    Went and checked out the local Best Buy. They had plenty in stock, but with a pricetag of $679. Apparently they will honor the $599 price from the website if you show it to them. Didn't pull the trigger yet, but thinking about it. Also, the local MS store is showing the same $679 price for...
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    $200 Target Gift Card for Trade in of ANY iPad

    Traded in my iPad 1 today at the local Target here. I was behind 6 people in line when I arrived at the store, and the mobile associate said he'd been doing basically nothing but iPad trade-ins all day (he showed me the stack of paperwork, there had to be at least 100 trade-ins.) Got the gift...
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    SimCity is $24

    That's because Diablo 3 was (at least once the servers were stabilized at launch) a reasonably playable game. Not a great one, but a reasonable one. Based on everything I've seen, Simcity is just a disaster.