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    PS3 Firmware 1.90 Info

    straight i guess, i cant really see a reason for still gotta get up and go to the system to switch the discs, i heard someone say in some post somewhere he wanted to eject it so it will automatical go to flow to listen to the mellow sounds of it, but in the time it takes you to hit...
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    Which Motherboard?

    yea school work and such, the most stressing thing i do on it is probably photoshop which isnt much, and naa not a whole new computer just another motherboard and probably 2 gigs of memory upgrade, memory reccomendation would be nice too
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    Which Motherboard?

    My computer has been down for a while, almost a year but i havent cared to fix it since i've had the laptop, but now i want to get it fixed i need a new motherboard, back then i used to play games on it but it costs too much to upgrade and since i have the ps3 im cool, all i do on the computer...
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    Where is all this "untapped raw power" PS3?

    its still untapped dont worry about it...
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    im not sure exactly how many races i've played but its somethin like 52? i think, i've won like 28 out of the 52....50% or so
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    Playstation Eye (pics/info)

    i think its kind of ugly too but i also though the ps3 was ugly when i first saw it now i think its a sick design, i think i'll get used to the look of the camera, but either way its just a camera...
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    PS3 changing dashboard color

    yea the ps3 changes color by time of day, by day of month, and by month of year....if january is red and february is green, january 15th it will be redish green, it slowly fades everyday to the next months color, and whatever the color is for that day it slowly fades into black as the time gets...
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    Transferring data onto the ps3

    ps3 reads from VIDEO, PICTURE, MUSIC, named folders, you put music in the MUSIC folder then it will show up under the music icon, same for the others, and PS3>SAVEDATA for saves when you burn the dvd put the music in a folder named MUSIC and it should show up, same for video or picture, not...
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    PS3 1.6 firmware is out!

    was it an option before to copy/delete multiple files?
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    good dvd burner

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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today! got mine from there, total like 1250 or so with shipping and tax
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    Front page story "Wii Beats PS3 in November"

    damn, it seems like all i've seen for the past month or 2 is mass amounts of ps3 hatred, over and over and over...all the comparisons, all the bringing up of the bad articles and ps3 problems....sheesh...i just cant wait until 07 where the other consoles fly by but the ps3 flys by them
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    New PS3 Firmware 1.3!

    why would you hope somethin like that? i've been tryin to help you and answer you questions and you go and say somethin like that.... and yea, i did..... dick..
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    New PS3 Firmware 1.3!

    naa, im going to order the cable today, its only 10 bucks or so, its not THAT big of a deal, but its very annoying to me, having to turn the tv off then back on, or do it your way, gets on my nerves so imma try it, and if it works i'll post ...when th cable comes in..
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    New PS3 Firmware 1.3!

    no..but i hear if you buy a hdmi to dvi cable and run it into your dvi2 port then there will be no problems... ^^from another forum...
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    Best system ever

    before i got the ps3, me and my brother beasted on the dreamcast every single day, on blitz 2001, we got in atleast 5 games a day i think i mastered that game ha....dreamcast most def
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    Call of Duty on PS3 freezing up

    i have resistance and beat it already the other day, thats why i got cod3
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    Call of Duty on PS3 freezing up

    I just got the game the other day, and today i got to a certain point and it keeps freezing everytime, i googled to see if anyone else had the problem, and found in the IGN review that it freezes all the time, and can lock up the ps3 like it does mine...anyone else on here have this happen? i...
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    Post your PlayStation 3 Network ID! (The [H]ard|Forum PS3 friends list.)

    Wyse_Guy Games: Resistance: FoM, NBA 2K7, COD3
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    PS3 HDMI Connection Problems....(Westinghouse 37w3)

    i tried that fix just now and IT WORKS! now all i need is for the wifi in the ps3 to start working correctly and im 100% set! (it turns off and on like ever 15-30 seconds so i just an ethernet cable)
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    haha, yea not to take the thread off topic but, it did make me laugh too, that guy was alvacado he was the guy he put tweener in the cell with to get raped because he wouldnt give him the end for the previews i did see bellock throwin a few punches tho haha, i think he caught...
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    i was about to get that stand, instead i chose this one... and YES prison break ISSSSSS the best show in the history of television....THE SEASON FINALE TONIGHT WAS INSANE!!!!! leaves me wanting more just like EVERY episode, i CANNOT WAIT until january 22 for the new season sheesh...
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    i've used it for all of that, i use it as a tv actually and not a monitor, the SDTV stations look worse than a regular tv, but then thats with every lcd bigger than a 32", if you have a cable box and use component cables they look better tho, the digital movie channels look good though, whatever...
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    just a quick picture...
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    NY Times PS3 article..

    yea its true you have to wait for the download to finish before you can do something else, you cant 'minimize' the download or anything, hopefully they will change this later.... about the controller question, im not even sure about that cause when i bought it i automatically plugged it in to...
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    PSP: Firmware 3.00 Released heres a link to the new features
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    westinghouse lvm-42w2 problems with ps3

    mine blinks too, when going from a game to the main menu, or main menu to a game, it blinks for like 10-15 seconds then stops, a whole bunch of other people have said the same thing, i usually just turn my tv off, then back on and it stops but it is annoying, heres a link to some other people...
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    Firingsquad PS3 first impression

    you can just plug in the usb cable and charge while playing
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    Why buy the PS3 premium?

    appreciate that, i would really like to have it all inside the ps3 tho, plus i really want the card readers, the eb i pre ordered from said they were originally getting 8 but after the recent decrease in systems their now only getting 6, 4 of which are 60's and 2 are 20's, i was third in the pre...
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    Why buy the PS3 premium?

    my router is in a different part of my house, and i cant run an ethernet cord through the hallways, so i need the wifi feature that the 20gig doesnt have
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    GOW > PS3
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    Gamestop/EB cannot meet all their preorders

    shouldnt the times be on the reciepts?
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    So is BestBuy going to force me to buy extra crap I don't want with my PS3?

    heres a 100gig 7200 rpm sata notebook drive for 170 you wont be able to find a 500gb for 100 bucks, you were probably thinking it uses regular sized harddrives, but it has to be a SATA notebook drive
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    Ridge Racer 6 (360) vs Ridge Racer 7 (PS3) Side by side comparison

    where you find this comparison at? those screenshots cant be equally matched, the ps3 screenshots look like ps2........i say their not equally matched because look at the sharpness of the words... i highly doubt this is a legit comparison of the two...
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    Resistance: Fall of Man review @ IGN

    this is just my opinion but i think the wii is completely different from the 360 and ps3, the wii i think is more for kids, i walk in on my little brother all the time playin his gamecube and he's jerkin the controller all around like its actually helping, the wii would be excellent for him, but...
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    So the PS3 is launched...holding my breath...

    considering the 60 has wifi and the 20 doesnt i think its worth it, who knows what all features you will be able to use with wifi now or later down the road, plus since the router is in a different part of my house i cant run an ethernet cable all through the hallways of my house so i had to get...
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    Buy Westinghouse 32" HDTV (BF) or 360 first?

    look at the price difference of the two tv's....westinghouse one is what? 1800....compared to a 3100 dollar tv, its not gonna be 1300 dollars more for nothing, what im sayin is the westinghouse is the best tv at that price, i have the 37" and i have found absolutely nothing wrong with it, im...
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    one thing i've noticed about guys on this forum is yall got low hot to you is prolly like a true 4 or 5... j/k
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    i havent seen any pictures in a while in this thread so i tought i'd post a few....their garbage pictures but you can almost see what the tv looks like...i'll try and get some better ones later... these pictures are really garbage, so dont fully judge based on these pictures, i'll try...