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    Is TigerDirect a good site to buy from?

    Maybe you should start a new title.
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    how to test a hard drive

    Detect software: 1.IBM DFT(Drive Fitness Test) 2.Western Digital,Data LifeGuard Tools
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    DIY triple monitor stand (my take on it)

    wow,i love it ,it's shocked and amazing, how much do you charge it??
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    What to do with an old PSU?

    where did you got it,maybe you can maintain it if it's under warranty and cheap,or for remeber
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    Long POST after BSOD? (Probably memory related)

    so long……
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    2gb Macbook Pro Corsair VSA2GSDS1066 Memory

    Maybe the NUM 1G or 2G be the point
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    nvidia or ATI?

    AMD seniority number in the video side, the Nvidia optimized game a little more (not necessarily optimized for the Nvidia card and run a good N), all rely on performance to speak, A N card card game is the dominant open 5,5, A Card some of the advanced architecture, and AMD will be released in...
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    Local Group Policies

    My sister in law is going to be leaving her laptop on display as part of her exhibition for her course (the laptop will be running an interactive game she made) and so I'm just editing the Local Group Policies for the new user profile I made for the exhibition (to prevent people closing the game...
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    How to set my virtual memory

    How to set my virtual memory ? When i run photoshop ,added one PSD document ,it revealed the disk was full,really not cool,my laptop is acer 4520G,1G memory.If it not do,so how to add one memory?Thank you.
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    Confused about 3.3v output

    the same for laptop and desktop?
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    Good time to upgrade?

    I would like to wait ,at least a month,maybe it cost 800 today,and 50% off next month
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    Upgradeable Computer

    Times flies,everything changes a lot ,the real way to save money : just to get one new
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    built in dedicated 4570 graphics card with 512meg RAM

    Is it capable of running directX 11? I think its a radeon, but after a long day at work, it may also not be. bought the laptop july last year, and running win 7 premium 64bit, 2.1gb dualcore, 4gb ram if that makes a difference And how do I add 'and dx11' to the title?
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    lenovo u550 question related

    I have an U550 lenovo notebook and have some questions: 1- I have a U7300 1.30 CPU, can i upgrade the CPU without soldering? and if yes does it worth it? will i see any improvement in Performance? 2- Also can i upgrade the HDD and to which you recommend? 3- Ram: installed 4GB and max...
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    New home PC question

    Seems very complex……
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    er,nobody came here……

    er,nobody came here……
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    Your profile also needs a message on it.

    Your profile also needs a message on it.
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    Your profile needs a message on it .

    Your profile needs a message on it .
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    One more message is enough ^ - ^

    One more message is enough ^ - ^
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    Low volume output - why?

    Any realtek HD logo there ?If no,have a try to reinstall the audio card driver
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    Buying used from ebay

    I prefer to buy one brand new,or the used monitor is no more than $100
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    Dell U2311H

    Oh,i like it ,nice for vedio game
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    Mac laptop under $350?

    That's right !
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    Wake a laptop without opening it?

    wow,it counts as a item,expect the master
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    macbook aluminum 13.3 screen repair

    It's really tricky .Once you find the LCD screen , you can choose how to change LCD screen: 1.Mailed to your nearest repair shop for help. 2.Repair shops mailed the LCD screen to your home , and provide installation of replacement guide , and DIY,as follow:
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    Apple 24" LED Cinema Display, better than the dell u2410?

    Love ipad,love apple:),so……