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    Any SLI / 2080 TI owners feeling completely ripped off by NVIDIA?

    Another old timer here. I am currently running SLI 1080Ti's and I am completely satisfied gaming at 1440. I do think mGPU may be going the way of the dodo but for now no complaints, good support on titles I play with occ. tweaking. Next upgrade will be when I can get one card that beats my...
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    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Is Coming Q1 2020

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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Just had to float this thread up....I had left ARK for about a year because it glitched and I lost allot of time in a single player game, just kinda burned out on it...anyhooo I re-installed it for a peak just a few days ago and cooool, graphics even better and seems to have a working SLI...
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    Boeing Reveals an Intelligent Drone Designed to Escort Manned Fighters

    Murica!!! But seriously, sexy is ok if they have the specs to back it up. Maybe gets a 1+ for intimidation factor?
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    Clone or mirror output from a gtx 1080 Ti to two identical monitors.

    I am running SLI(I know I should have mentioned that), can I do that? Driver seems to make me disable SLI to set up multiple displays...I really don't know, if I had a cable on hand I would of those situations.
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    Clone or mirror output from a gtx 1080 Ti to two identical monitors.

    So, what I want to do is extremely simple...I would like to split the displayport out into two equal outputs to drive two identical monitors with identical pictures, or clones, or mirrors of each other, no video wall or extended desktop. Would a cheap displayport splitter do this without...
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    Companies Turn to Exoskeletons to Assist Factory Workers

    The obligatory: I for one welcome our new robotized zombie overlords.
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    Lift's Octadecarotor Aircraft is Almost Ready to Fly

    But that's coming any day now too! ;)
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    Astronauts are Inspecting the ISS's Air Leak Right Now

    Also cant see any stars so obviously fake. ;) And that's oblong spheroid bub!
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    Lift's Octadecarotor Aircraft is Almost Ready to Fly

    I am not sure which would be worse...I am sure the Hexa sounds like 10,000 angry hornets x 3.
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    Lift's Octadecarotor Aircraft is Almost Ready to Fly

    That gas engine would like totally ruin my silicon valley ZEN experience dude.
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    Lift's Octadecarotor Aircraft is Almost Ready to Fly

    Yeah, your comment on the weight being too much for ultralight seems to stand up. Odd the web site says it would be flown under ultralight rules and then lists it as over 400 lbs.
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    Lift's Octadecarotor Aircraft is Almost Ready to Fly

    Thanks Darunion. So less death and more fun for all! Any links to the ParaZero testing footage with the Hexa?
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    Lift's Octadecarotor Aircraft is Almost Ready to Fly

    Yeah...struck me as exactly the same as if my Inspire 1 was big enough to carry me....could see this as great for say a rancher that needs to inspect many miles of fence or other remotely situated things...pump stations etc that are on private and sparsely populated land....but wait for the...
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    Panasonic’s "Wear Space" Helps People Concentrate in Open-Plan Offices

    OMFG. When will the aliens reveal themselves as our rancher overlords already? Dude typing this rocks back and forth nervously, "Story not real..can't be real..."
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    Tesla Model S Stolen with a Tablet

    Does anybody have a follow up on this yet? I mean, a CAR WAS STOLEN!!! Lets mobilize. I mean they have a 112/115 chance of recovery so far, or do my high level statistics fail me? But damn it...the video was so gripping I actually care if the car was reunited with its owners.
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    Live action Ghost Recon WL

    Wow...don't know if this show is so bad its good or just, well, bad. Check out Strike Back on Amazon prime...S3E1 If they didn't steal the formula of a Wildlands mission I don't know what's going on.
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    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 1440p Preview @ [H]

    Kyle, I, perhaps like others, am trying to decide if I can finally beat my SLI addiction. Is this the one at 1440? Any plans on doing a 1080Ti SLI vs single 2080Ti? OOHHH, pleeaaassseee. Grovel and beg.
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    Science Fiction Novelist Peter Hamilton Discusses His Vision of the Future

    In the book there were airlocks when necessary to deal with atmospheric stuff...also shutting off the portal when something was half way through did result in the clean amputation of said that would likely deal with the tentacle. The portals were two way...not 100 percent sure but I...
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    Science Fiction Novelist Peter Hamilton Discusses His Vision of the Future

    To me Salvation is as well written and paced as any of Mr. Hamilton's work. I loved the Void Trilogy, and his Commonwealth Saga is among the most captivating, if not THE MOST captivating sagas that I have ever read in this genre. The portals are a quantum entanglement McGuffin, but Mr...
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    How about a Buy/Not Buy 2080/Ti Pricing Poll

    So I have been waiting for the day I can finally give up SLI...those of you who do SLI may get it. One card max performance across the board...not sure this gen is it. Problem is by the time the next gen is out, hopefully, games will push it hard enough I will end up SLI in next...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Hey guys and gals...Have kind of back burnered SC for a while....I would just go into stasis until it was released but because life...In any case I have a humble little F7C M Super Hornet because I originally wanted a kind of future space F-22/F-35 type thingy to be a cool fighter jock in, like...
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    Overkill's The Walking Dead Trailer

    Anyone know if this has a single player campaign of just co-op? I don't like people. :nailbiting:
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    So I was looking for a game for my 6 year old...

    ...and stumbled upon the dude that made Plants v Zombies. Gotta say, not a AAA FPS, heh, but fun and addictive. My little girl and I alternate levels. Its a blast and a nice bit of father daughter time. Simple but hard. Check it out.
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    “Potentially Hazardous” Asteroid to Skim Earth Just Days before Christmas hundreds of thousands of dormant Von Neumann drones, hidden in rocky crevices, wake due to the proximity of our radio emissions as the mysterious monolith approaches...
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    Classic Arcade Game 'Rampage' Made Into a Movie

    OMFG. Ok, Q-Bert the movie?
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    Classic Arcade Game 'Rampage' Made Into a Movie

    What was that arcade game where you shot hoses into your enemies and then inflated them until they exploded? I want to see what they can do with that one.
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    Get Your Own Anti-Drone System

    I guess I am picturing a military grade countermeasure frequency snooping and transmitting suite designed to take control of civilian drones, not militarized drones. Though I am guessing all these measures/countermeasures development are needed if we are to ever evolve a decent Skynet.
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    Get Your Own Anti-Drone System

    Yeah, no idea what is under the hood so to speak in the jammer/transmitter....likely for the military/FBI grade that won't work....just listen for a second and you have the frequency. Now I usually love to poke fun at these things...but, yeah...well I have never held a stick of dynamite but I...
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    Dutch Students Grow Their Own Biodegradable Car Thank you, I had not even thought of this in like 30 yrs. :)
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    Minnesota Woman Fatally Shoots Boyfriend in Failed YouTube Video Stunt

    Well, we need our gunz and you can't fix stupid so I say just shut off the youtubernet...stupid does not need an audience.
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    Neill Blomkamp's New Sci-Fi Short “Rakka” Now Streaming on Steam and YouTube

    Not to change the subject or anything, but that was a MAD COOL short. I was pissed there is no full movie to follow.
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    The Future of VR Multiplayer Gaming

    Maybe the future of VR will include players with arms?
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    US Marines to Storm Beaches with Machine Gun-Toting Robots, Transforming Boats

    Don't you all knoe HARRP is really about long range unjammable combot control? Duh!
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    US Marines to Storm Beaches with Machine Gun-Toting Robots, Transforming Boats

    No comments yet about slaving the robots to a first person shooter interface and letting the gamerz control them instead of some military personnel hiding with that remote? Come on Trump, think of the savings...we would pay for the opportunity, and the extra expense of the satellites and...
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    SLI or not?

    Looks like the positives in Looks like the gains are substantial and the loses are negligible(ish)...
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    1080Ti SLI splurge

    Now all I need is 2 more ROG UWR screens and a 1280Ti. ;)
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    1080Ti SLI splurge

    Snagged 2 1080Ti from Nvidia, now running GR Wildlands mostly Ultra'd out on a new wide screen ROG...see sig. No regrets. There will always be, in some titles, the need for SLI tinkering...sometimes, don't be afraid of nvidia inspector. It is your friend.