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    EVGA 2.5GB GTX 570

    looking forward to seeing a picture of the card bump
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    2012 13" MacBook Air 128GB

    do you have pictures of it? i might be looking at getting someone a macbook
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    FS: Hard Drives (1TB-3TB), SSD, RAM, CPUs, Networking + More

    bump for a great [H] seller
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    WTB: Silverstone Raven Case, Crucial Ballistix Tracer Blue, 7970 Lightning

    bump as I like the blue lights Tactical on my friends desktop
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    Getting rid of parts sale! Fractal Design r4, wireless n usb, corsair h80, and more

    I might be interest in the 200mm fans. sending a pm
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    Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook, Gears of War 3 Console, Little Dot MKIII

    bump for looking good luck with your sales
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    Project: Codename C by Kylevdm

    very nice update
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    Project: 600t Graphite ......

    wow that looks pretty nice! congrats
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    [Project] L3p L4n

    that is pretty sweet!
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    Project: Insanity (Corsair 800D Dual-loop WC)

    :( on the last update hopefully the mobo is the solution to what is wrong with it
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    Bombproof Builders Desk.....Build

    nice video update
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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Mod

    sweet build! that is some great modding there
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    Dashcat2 Build

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    slipperyskip's Level Eleven

    very neat stuff
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    [Project] L3p L4n

    very nice work congrats
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    Project: Codename C by Kylevdm

    looking very nice subbing
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    Project: 600t Graphite ......

    very nice love the paint job
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    First WC Build

    very nice job
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    very neat clean and nice design
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    Project: 'Troy's Pinball' - Arcade Sequel Build

    very nice, sub can't wait to see how it comes along congrats on your sponsorship
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    Unnamed Project

    very nice build so far sub hope your finger is alright
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    FS: The ever changing for-sale room ... take a look

    bump for a great member
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    Asus GTX 680, GTX 670 DCII, SSDs, HDDs, and Misc

    bump for sweet gpu and ssd
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    Civilization V Gods and Kings Expansion Announced

    looks like i know what i be doing with my gift card I got from game stop for helping a friend :D
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    Newegg is a wasteland

    :( that is a shame
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    Project Bright Panel: 800D, Liquid Cooled, Illuminated Mid Panel

    opps... I know it was late when reading the thread
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    Tutorial Project: Nº2 - How to paint components

    that is insane work so far i saved this topic for down the road thanks for all the helpful advice
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    Project Thief - CaseLabs TX10-D Dual Workstation/Gaming Build - Gulftown and SB-E

    wow on some of the work done so far it is coming along very nicely
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    Project: Insanity (Corsair 800D Dual-loop WC)

    looking nice can't wait to see the "final" pictures
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    Project Bright Panel: 800D, Liquid Cooled, Illuminated Mid Panel

    looking forward to the test and i am glad your wife is doing better
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    Custom case build

    subbing to see how the case is coming along
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    Project: Bar/LAN room

    sorry for posting up an old thread but pretty nice that looks pretty sweet
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    wow it is coming along pretty nicely
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    Project: Insanity (Corsair 800D Dual-loop WC)

    very nice glad those new SP120 fans are doing well. i was looking into them
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    Project: Queen of Blades

    sweet fans, how do you like them for your rad?
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    Bombproof Builders Desk.....Build

    what he said
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II MbK

    wow that looks amazing
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    WTB CM 120mm Blue LED On/Off Fan (R4-L2S-12FB-GP)

    a pm been sent with a lead