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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    The only reason I ask is that its always difficult to sort through all the BS and what people think as opposed to what actually works. I haven't found a good theroycrafting site that really gives me any solid idea. I've just been going on what seems to be the majority consensus and enjoying...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought using 2 1 hand bows crippled your DPS because it used the average between the two?
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    The Secret World beta invite

    I'd love one!
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    Atma scripts crashing Firefox?

    Using the same build with no issues. Have you tried disabling addons and clearing cache/cookies etc?
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    WoW FPS Lag and Win7 CPU Parking

    The processor affinity WoW issue can be applied to any box using multiple cores. Usually the people that benefit the most are the boxes that contain more than 2 cores.
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    Ads at the top of Forum

    Most recent browser plugins like Flash installed?
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    [H] BF2?

    So who's still out there? Krusher, I'm talking to you. ;)
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    Customized Playstation 3

    Per the rules we don't do price or interest checks. If you wish to sell something it can only be done in our FS/FT Forum.
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    Sneak peek question

    Grab a one year bro. Even the sneak peaks don't do it justice. You need time to soak it all in. ;)
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    WoW drops to 1 fps after 30 min

    I agree and I'd also see if you have any throttling like SpeedStep enabled in your bios. If so, turn it off.
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    Where does it end? A rant about Cost and GFX!

    I think where you stray in this situation is the idea that you are being somehow forced to participate in any of this. If you wish to play a game on a 24" panel with high settings, then yes, you're going to have to buy an SLI setup to support that. However, plenty of people get away...
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    Dead Thread?

    Subscribers of General Mayhem have the ability to close their own threads. Normal users will need to PM a moderator or you could even use the Report feature and just state to close the thread.
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    Folding@home points system UNFAIR!

    Perhaps you should take your complaints to the Stanford forums where they might be better addressed. We do not control the points system.
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    GeForce 9800 GTX benchmarked (VR ZONE)

    Guys, either post on the topic at hand or not at all. This type of behavior will not be tolerated.
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    The conjoined twins hit 1 million (MixManSC + Pocatello)

    Not if I beat her to it. ;)
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    Trading in my 360 fro a PS3

    If you guys, cannot act like adults, then please don't post.
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    Windows Feedback Program

    One thread per discussion please.
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    This alien can facehug me anytime!

    Alright guys, I've cleaned up all the off topic comments because the thread is kind of funny. Now listen up. Talk about the game and its graphics all you want. Not 4chan or anything unrelated to gaming. I'll give this one more shot but if we see any more off topic posting we'll lock it up again.
  19. R - addictive

    I'm in on Theta. It's a lot of fun.
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    Shanghia die shots.

    If you want to debate technology gaps between the two major companies why not make a thread and do so there instead. Also, if you see a post that violates the rules, please Report it. No need to pile on with more thread crapping.
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    Do something with this picture of Bush and McCain

    If you want off topic posting we have a subforum specifically for that.
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    Thinking About Playing Through the MGS Series

    Play them in order of 1,2,3. If you don't play 2 there are going to be a lot of thinly veiled references that you'll totally miss that is going to subtract from the overall shit your pants factor. I would pony up $35 for Twin Snakes and not even think twice but you could also make a WTB thread...
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    How many (legit) PC games do you own?

    Let me jump in and remind everyone that we do not discuss piracy. Keep your answers on the clean side of the forum rules or I will have to lock this thread.
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    if you had $50.00 to spend.....

    If you cannot post on topic then please do not crap this thread.
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    Thinking About Playing Through the MGS Series

    Just make sure you know the plot of the originals before you get to the end of MGS3. Your jaw will hit the floor when you realize how it all happens.
  26. R - addictive

    No swearing in thread titles please.
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    Thinking About Playing Through the MGS Series

    Oooo didn't know they were on that version. Ok OP so you have to play MG1 and 2 THEN start at MGS, once again, mind blown. ;)
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    Thinking About Playing Through the MGS Series

    Tough call but 3 is my favorite. The full circle ending was just such genius. As far as playing them, yes. This is what you do. Goto Wiki, read the original Metal Gear plot, the very first NES game. Then play them in order. Your mind will be blown. :)
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    Your Thoughts on 3DMark threats to HardOCP.

    I'd say this thread has come and gone. ;) if you'd like to debate 3DMark and usefulness by all means start a new thread.
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    Microsoft cleans autographs off Xbox 360

    Guys if you can't post like adults then please don't. If you continue to act like children we can certainly pass out some vacations. There is no thread crapping or name calling on this forum, period.
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    General gamer: how many calories can you intake in a single 24 hour period?

    :rolleyes: Take it to GenMay if you want cookie talk.
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    Best Buy Dynex case kicks ass!

    Guys, please DO NOT threadcrap. Start your own threads about the cases you like and stop crapping this one.
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    MAJOR crysis problem!

    Joke threads don't fly around here.
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    What Browser do you use?

    Recent FireFox changeover here. Used Opera for a couple of years because I wasn't into the FFs memory usage. Switched back once I realized that was a lot better as well as FF being just plain faster.
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    Need some help with BF2

    I also agree with a manual PB update. It usually fixes this kind of stuff.
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    Resident Evil 5 by October?

    From what I'm hearing they are neutering all the PvP elements that made it stand out and it is heading down the road of another WoW clone.
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    Resident Evil 5 by October?

    Don't hold your breath. ;) As much as I'd love to see a quality title like that soon I'm sure you know how devs and dates go. Hell I'm just hoping to see Fallout 3 and Warhammer this year, and I think they're destroying Warhammer from what I'm hearing. :(