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    FS/FREE: Almost Everything I Have!

    Is the seller on vaca?
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    FS/FREE: Almost Everything I Have!

    How much for the blue iMac shipped?
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    My external dive will not work in OSX.

    strange....make sure it is FAT32. because osx can read/write to FAT32 but can only read NTFS. on mine, it takes probably 3 minutes for my external fat32 drive to mount.
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    10% Off Fender Guitars, Amps, and Accessories

    200-250....better off getting a seagull or takamine. i personally like the tone and feel of the seagull for that price range, but you can never go wrong with takamines.
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    Mac Mini

    thanks for the heads up. i thought i was going to wait longer than the 28th...
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    WTB: Arctic Silver 5

    fry's has em for 7 bucks if you cant wait.
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    FS: 6800gtoc, dfi lanparty nf3, a64 3400+

    Price drop on 3400+!
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    FS: 6800gtoc, dfi lanparty nf3, a64 3400+

    All PM's replied.
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    WTB: 6800GT or Ultra, AGP, Dual DVI

    if your're interested
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    FS: 6800gtoc, dfi lanparty nf3, a64 3400+

    It is time again. Upgrade mojo kicked in, must sell components. First up. BFG 6800 GT OC 256MB AGP, never been overclocked. Will come in original box, vga-dvi adapter, power adapter, CD's and manual. Lifetime warranty. Comes with the stock silver plated copper with 2 blue LED fans...
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    I have moved to the apple side of life...

    just a lil search.
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    New to advertisement design, where to find templates / measurements - $5 if correct!

    try changing resolution dpi to 300? go to image> image size and look at Document Size, see how many inches its set at to print. maybe?
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    How much do you charge to build and maintain a website?

    25 per page, 250 for logo, 35 setup fee, 2 free updates (text and picture), 150 for ecommerce
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    Need Logo for - Paying Cash

    ah bad...nice job tho, very clean
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    Need Logo for - Paying Cash

    thought logos are to be simplistic and 2 toned...most of these look like banner graphics..
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    Need Logo for - Paying Cash

    oh haha thats just there as a watermark. ill post the clear full done version next
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    Need Logo for - Paying Cash

    heres a low-quality one. i didnt draw the body suit in yet, but if you want my logo design, ill finish it up with the higher resolution. o..and i drew that out myself with photoshop. if you need it in vector then ill do it.
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    Looking for Web Designers in Ft. Worth, TX

    "woo hoo!" - homer simpson but seriously, if anyone in the area is willing to check it out, i'm happy to take a look. locals only.
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    Looking for Web Designers in Ft. Worth, TX

    You heard. We're looking for 2 part-time web designers for our studio in North Richland Hills, TX. Skills should include HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, PC based. PM me for more information.
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    Anyone know how to install SSL??

    Any tips or tutorial websites on how I can go about doing this??
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    Attack Of The Ms Paint!!!!!!!!

    good job indeed..i prolly cant even do that in photoshop
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    getting a Cd out of the drive

    tried restarting that g4, then pressing eject? i remember i had a cd stuck in my powerbook a few times. i just restarted, then ejected. or i would try to burn a cd with roxio, then it would give me an error and it would eject the CD out itself or something like that...iono u could give it a try.
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    ipod battery life

    ditto.....i was on a 9-10 hour flight from london to texas and had my ipod on probably for 7 hours and i still had maybe 2 hours left on it. these iPods sure last a long time, but yeah make sure u kill the backlight and sound click.
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    FS: 4GB Blue Ipod Mini

    got a clearer pic of the wheel? it looks a lil dirty
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    FS: 4GB Blue Ipod Mini

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    iPod Shuffle or Mini?

    you'll find that you will need more than 512mb or 1gb. believe me...i went with the mini and loaded up about 2gb worth of songs that i thought was only 700mb ish...but...if your gonna exercise...go shuffle. but the mini + games sure is nice...
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    WTB: PCI TV Tuner Card w/Remote

    You see the title, show me whatcha got. Budget: $0-50 Email: [email protected] Payment: Will send paypal or money order. Thanks guys!
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    Screen shots are one thing...

    yes indeed
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    Free 32Mb memory key - IBM

    woo hooooo got mine today... :( shorted it dead. damn youuu...i can't even format it now. it just says 0mb and 2mb for the autorun taht doesnt exist anymore but the partition is there. ah well...i already have a 256mb one. least i got a usb extension cord now...
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    Lian Li or Antec

    i went through about 3 cases already and finally settled on a Lian-Li PC-65 and am damn happy with it. Won't be changing cases for awhile. Can't go wrong with either brand, but aluminum is definately the yumness.
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    FS: My First List, Need $$$ For Vacation

    bumpity bump, must sell guys
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    Leaving the case open, good or bad idea?

    make sure you have any frogs getting fried in there.
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    why'd you put a sony sign over the apple??? i shun you!
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    Pics of my new Antec P180!!

    he is...the neo2's dual channel doesnt go color coordinated...instead their setup in pairs dual channel = slot 1 + slot 2.....yeah msi is queer like that...
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    The "I Found An Insect/Animal In My Case" Thread

    How did you deal with the customer that brought that computer in for repairs, only to find out you guys left a colony of ants in there? :p
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    i want hdd cages like that!
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    Circuit City game sale madness!

    went to check the store...didnt have crap left.