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    CS grad to software developer

    What is your current development process? You do any unit testing? Continuous integration? Maybe your job isn't a good place to work. My group practices XP so when I joined the paired programming was great for learning a lot very quickly.
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    To be a Software Engineer, or not to be that is the question...

    I would take the freshmen CS weed out class and see how you do. If all goes well I would switch your major to CS.
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    .NET developer starting pay?

    I'm in Phoenix with a bachelors. I had 3 years of .NET experience from school. No real world experience. Only job I ever had was doing IT stuff with minor programming. My base pay, bonuses (profit sharing and performance with respect to peers). 2005: $53K, $2K 2006: $58K, $5K 2007: $73K...
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    New System Build Sporadic Reboot

    Have you tried building the computer outside your case? I recently built a system with the same motherboard. I had weird reboot issues and RAID issues. I built it outside the case and everything worked fine. I put it back in the case and everything was fine. I must not have had the...
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    Is my GA-EP45-UD3P bad?

    Figured it out. Apparently when I tried re-seating the motherboard I put it right back where it was. I just put the computer together outside the case. The reboot problem is gone and I just successfully installed Windows XP in RAID 1 with no problems. I guess the short by having the...
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    Is my GA-EP45-UD3P bad?

    Forgot to mention I tried that and it worked. But I still had the problem where it shuts off when it should reboot. Also, I was able to successfully get Windows installed in RAID 1 on my first Windows install attempt. I even rebooted and successfully installed all drivers and some programs...
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    Is my GA-EP45-UD3P bad?

    EDIT: Figured it out. See last post. Whenever I try to restart the system it shuts off instead. I can try to restart it by exiting the BIOS, the reset button on the case, or through Windows (end of install or from Start menu) but the computer shuts off instead. I've also had it tell...
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    Moving RAID array - ICH7R compatibility

    My PS just went and took out my Asus P5WD2 motherboard where I had RAID 1 setup. From what I've read moving RAID arrays is dependent on the southbridge. The southbridge on the motherboard is ICH7R with Intel Matrix Technology. If I replace the motherboard with one with the ICH7R southbridge...
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    iPhone Apps Making Millionaires

    Cheap is key. I'm sure a lot of people say oh it's only $1 so I'll buy it. Get hundreds of thousands of people to do that and the money adds up quick for you. I'm not sure I would quit a job after having a one hit wonder like that because that much money is not a lot to retire on. Plus...
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    Wirless Alternative for 360, cheaper

    Any wireless bridge should work. I use a Linksys WRT54G flashed with DD-WRT. Flashing with DD-WRT is simple. And configuring it as a wireless bridge was easy, too. I picked up the router off craigslist for $30. If craigslist is big where you live I would look there for the router.
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    Unit Tests - Working with SQL

    NHibernate is an ORM and that is a completely different topic. To use it would require a big change on how you persist things and the rest of your project as well. You would not use it for just creating your database schema. I've never worked on a project that has not used an ORM so I'm not...
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    Unit Tests - Working with SQL

    Here is how we do things for database tests: -Manually create the test database since this only has to be done once per environment (once for local development, once for the unit test database used by our continuous integration builds) -Before the test run create the schema if the unit test...
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    POST your Xbox360 Red LIghts of Death story

    December 2005 - April 2006: 360 #1. Turned it on one day and got the RROD. April 2006 - October 2007: 360 #2. It would work and then freeze. I could restart and it would be fine or give me the RROD. It took 2.5 weeks until it permanently gave me the RROD and then I called it in...
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    Do comments annoy anyone?

    I'll comment the why's on little things I'll have a hard time remembering. We don't comment every class and method in our system. It's rather wasteful to spend time documenting a class when later on we'll refactor it. If I have a question I'll just refer to our unit tests. Over two years...
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    XBox360 Phoenix LANners?

    Anyone interested in getting together occasionally for some 360 LANnage? Gears of War, whatever?
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    Good place to buy XBox or X360 games?

    Edit: Didn't see online part
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    XFPS 360 Out! Keyboard/Mouse support for Xbox 360.

    I had the KB/mouse thing for the XBox. I thought it sucked and went back to the controller.
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    Ruby on Rails users..please help..

    I picked up Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide by Dave Thomas when I picked up Agile Web Development with Rails. I've been going through that to learn about Ruby before diving more into RoR. I think you can find the 1st revision on the book for free on the web.
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    PHP vs java: need help deciding which to use

    You misunderstood. In general, yes SQL is a huge waste of time. Especially when we work in the OO world. Who wants to have to do boring crap like transform my object to the peristence world? I just want it persisted! (<3 for ORMs) Only when is it absolutely necessary should you have to dive...
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    Care to elaborate what part of the software industry starts a BS at 60K and the location of the job (ie you aren't living in CA)?
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    Design Patterns for some examples but the Gang of Four book may be better.
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    Just got my xbox 360!

    Just gotta crank the volume up louder ;) What games you get? I just picked up the new Tom Clancy the other weekend. Kicks ass!
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    The Real Job Market

    I graduated a 1.5yrs ago with a BS in CS from a state University. I got a job making 53K in Phoenix (since location plays a role in salary) a couple months after looking. Only experience I had was a large 2 semester project. No real-world experience. Had 3.6GPA so nothing spectacular. The...
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    Your thoughts on Propel

    Why the hell would you want to waste time writing something to translate your object model to SQL? Once you are past the learning curve of an ORM, it should increase your development time because you don't have to waste time writing stupid SQL. Plus, IMO it makes your code much clearer...
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    How to get IE to remember textbox inputs?

    It was turned off in IE. I think our IT department turns it off with their OS builds.
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    How to get IE to remember textbox inputs?

    Developing a web application. A page has textbox. It would be nice if it remembered previous inputs. Does IE do this (remember and then display them to you) by default or do you have to do something special for the page? Thanks
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    So...What music do you guys (and gals) listen to while you program?

    None. We do XP at my work place so I'm pairing with someone most of the time. And when I'm not pairing I still don't listen to music. It allows me to listen in on other conversations and if I overhear something I can contribute on or clarify, I do.
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    Object Oriented Programming - Java Definition

    What are the students doing exactly? Do they have 1 class with a main method and a bunch of static methods? What type of programs are you having to do in your class? Are they that big? Maybe the programs aren't big enough to demonstrate the benefits of multiple classes. A huge benefit is...
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    Java ChatRoom Questions.

    Is this just for simple learning? You could look into using RMI (remote method invokation).
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    quick java help

    I think I understand what you want jTextField2.setText(stones.ToString()); // Following could throw exception if jTextField2 doesn't contain a real number e.g. "blah" int stones = Integer.parseInt(jTextField2.getText());
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    C# Singleton Collection Objects and ASP.NET

    Of course nothing stops that but his solution mentioned restarting the IIS server which is a poor solution.
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    Requesting advice from experienced programmers

    I've been in the job market for 10 months now post-graduation so I can recall what I went through. Knowing a special language isn't that important e.g. if you know Java and are applying for a job that uses C# you shouldn't be worried. You should already have good/strong OO skills so applying...
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    C# Singleton Collection Objects and ASP.NET

    If the lists aren't that big I don't think using the singleton pattern is going to buy you much in terms of performance. Hitting the db for small lists won't be an issue. Oh, and having to restart the IIS server when you change the items in the list would be a giant HACK.
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    Uh, constructor chaining (that's the term for it) isn't bad. It is good because it removes code duplication - even if it is as trivial as instance variable initialization.
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    DB Triggers v. DB Abstraction

    Why are you using triggers? It sounds like business logic that should be placed in its appropriate layer. Or is this all you can do because you're working with a steaming pile of shit.
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    You can't reference instance variables in the super call like that. So this is all you need for you GradStudent constructor that takes no parameters unless you want other default follows other than null and 0. public GradStudent() {} Plus GradStudent doesn't need the following because...
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    C# private instance variable Naming Convention.

    Uh, methods shouldn't be 300+ lines of code. My company uses _ and I use _ for my projects.
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    Could whip that up quickly in Rails. . .
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    OpenGL Code Organization

    You don't understand MVC. The listener (observer) isn't wasting any clock cycles. It doesn't do anything until told to do so by who it's observing (the observable) ie event driven. With the model and view you are using the observer pattern...