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    Recommendations for gaming mouse

    Logitech G400. The successor to the legendary MX518. It's all you will ever need.
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    best $50 GPU?

    Why would you let your 9 year old son play such violent games? Mullin Floor and Left 4 Dead. Seriously? And Modern Warfare 2 where he can assassinate an entire airport. Dude, he is 9.
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    The obligatory GOTY 2012 thread

    Without a doubt the gaming adaptation of the movie Brave was the business this year. No, seriously, the best game this year is definitely not Borderlands 2, Diablo III, Black Ops 2 or anything else that is cut and paste repetition nonsense. The Game of the Year should be something that...
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    Glossy panel experiences from those on the fence

    I've got a glossy Hazro HZ27WD (I think it's very similar to the Achieva Shimian in the USA) and the first thing you notice are the colours pop out so much more than on your typical Dell or HP IPS display. The whites seem brighter and the blacks seem darker. Having said that, if you are going to...
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    latest AMD drivers cause anomalies if OC'd in the slightest

    I have similar issues with 12.11 Beta 7 and 8. If I overclock at all in the slightest I get screen corruption where it starts flickering and the image is unstable. Sort of like how a television looks when you have a really bad signal over the antennae. In addition, when the monitor goes to sleep...
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    BIOSTAR TZ77XE4 - What Does the [H]orde Think?

    I've had the board since I completed my build back in March and it has run flawlessly. The Bios by default is setup with default voltages for a Sandy Bridge CPU and for IDE rather than AHCI, but other than that the board is pretty good. It overclocks well, runs cool and holds voltages well. In...
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    Samsung Announces 840 Series SSDs

    God dammit. My 830's just arrived on Saturday and now they decide to bring these out. Oh well, the sale price on the 830's was too good in the UK and Samsung is offering an additional £20 cash back per SSD so this makes them even better value, even if they are slower...
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    Somebody please help me install RAID...Keep getting errors

    I purchased two Samsung 830 256gb SSDs to be used in RAID with the new Intel 11.6 drivers but I'm running into nothing but issues even when trying to use the 11.2 drivers from Intel's site and the ones that come with my motherboard on the Drivers CD. I have enabled RAID in the BIOS, started...
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    Borderland 2 with Physx... AMD owner woes :(

    I think you can enable CPU Physx if you have an AMD card just like you could in Batman Arkham City. The difference is that with Borderlands 2 you must go into the WillowEngine.ini file within your Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2 sub-folder and for the Physx setting change it to 1 for Medium and...
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    Thinking about water cooling a 3770k and one 7970 (xfire in future) in a Corsair 500r

    As long as the temps are somewhat better than air and the noise can be kept to a minimum then it is a win for me. On air my processor never really goes above 60 degrees unless benching or priming and my gpu never really heads north of 75 so if I can do better than that with less noise then...
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    Thinking about water cooling a 3770k and one 7970 (xfire in future) in a Corsair 500r

    I did some googling and found this thread and thought it might be a bit easier to do than modifying the case too much to fit two 240mm radiators. What do you think of my potential build? Hopefully it will look something like this: Aqua Computer ATI 7970 Waterblock Aqua Computer Kryos HF...
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    Buying an SSD for a friend's Bday...which one?

    I'm looking to spend between £50-£80 including shipping on a 120/128gb ssd for my friend's birthday. I would love to get him a Samsung 830 but the prices are currently around £90 for just the drive before shipping. In the UK right now there are three drives on sale which I believe may be a...
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    Thinking about water cooling a 3770k and one 7970 (xfire in future) in a Corsair 500r

    I've moved my PC into my main room and at idle it is pretty quiet with my Gentle Typhoon's but when I fire up a game the reference 7970 loves to make itself known to everyone since the fan gets very loud under intense load with my current overclock. I currently run my 3770k at 4.5ghz using...
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    Project Cars?

    Yeah, I know the game is still in the early stages which is why I said it would probably look better as it gets closer to release. I run the game at 2560x1440 on max everything with 4xAA, SMAA Ultra, and photorealistic. It's definitely a game I will be purchasing whether or not the graphics make...
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    Project Cars?

    I tried it out and the racing in general feels good for the few cars they currently have in the alpha but the graphics are not quite there yet. Sort of looks like F1 2012 with higher resolution car models. The world feels like it is lacking just a bit but I'm sure they will add something to it...
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    Let the battle for giant smartphone begin

    Don't the Lumias have the same exact shape as the N9?
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    Let the battle for giant smartphone begin

    It doesn't feel thick at all. I have a bulky leather cover on it nowadays but when used without a cover or the rubber form fitting one that comes with the phone, I wouldn't say it is thick at all. It's much thinner than an Iphone 4 or at least feels it.
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    Let the battle for giant smartphone begin

    For me it has to be the Nokia Lumia 920. I have had the Nokia Lumia 800 for nearly a year now and at the time I was coming from my trusted Blackberry Bold. I thought I was taking a gamble at first despite liking what I saw when it was demoed for me in a store, but ever since the first initial...
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    Are there any all-in-one watercooling kits for the AMD 7970?

    Apparently there is something like this but it is not yet in stores for the 7970: Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid VGA Cooler Review at
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    Are there any all-in-one watercooling kits for the AMD 7970?

    Similar to the Corsair H60, H80 and H100 for cpu's, is there anything like this for the 7970 aside from doing the RED mod which is to attach an H60 to the gpu itself? I know that PNY made a watercooling kit for the GTX 580 but I'm not sure if anyone has duplicated that effort since or made a...
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    Europeans, where do you shop?

    You can try as they have a very good selection of watercooling products. Or, being an ass here, you could probably place your system outside and have it stay pretty cool due to how cold it is in Finland so long as you water seal your case or something ;-)
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    Corsair Neutron Series GTX 240GB SSD Review @ [H]

    Does anyone know when the 480gb variant is supposed to release? That is the one I am most interested in or the Samsung 840 when that arrives.
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    2x 256gb Samsung 830's or single 512gb Samsung 830?

    Looks like I will be waiting for these drives to hit and going with a large single drive like you guys have advised. Quick question regarding the Sandforce drives. I have never had one problem with my Vertex 3 as it has been working just fine since day 1 but I do notice since it is about 85%...
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    2x 256gb Samsung 830's or single 512gb Samsung 830?

    Not sure if SSD's in RAID are worth it but I can snag two 256gb Samsung 830's for about £40 less than one 512gb version. Not so concerned about read speeds more as I am concerned about having enough space for all of my main applications to run on my SSD(s).
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    MX518 vs. G400: A worthwhile upgrade?

    Couldn't agree more. Went from an MX 518 to an MS Intellimouse 3.0 after the MX 518 died, and now I am back with the G400. It just fits your hand well although I think I like the shape of the Intellimouse 3.0 more. However, the new optical laser has really good tracking ability.
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    Can anyone else enable PhysX in Batman AC?

    Ah, I was wondering why I could enable it. Fair enough then.
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    Can anyone else enable PhysX in Batman AC?

    I am able to enable PhysX with my 7970 in the configuration menu and can select the highest setting. In game the paper and shattered glass moves flows about due to the wind caused by me running by just like in the PhysX demos I've seen on Youtube. Can anyone else enable PhysX with their AMD...
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    AMD Catalyst 12.8 is Now Available

    I installed 12.8 and everything is great. In fact, everything since the first 12.7 beta has been great. I think some of you guys are really not uninstalling your previous drivers correctly. I used to use Driver Sweeper and all that did was cause problems because it doesn't delete everything or...
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    Steam Summr Sale 7/12-7/22 What's your damage? any regrets? Surprises?

    Didn't do too badly this time around. I still have a huge backlog of games which I really want to finish such as The Witcher 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Crysis 2, Skyrim and several others I am sure I may never get around to playing. For this sale I bought: Ys Origin - £5.19 Fear complete...
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    Does my h60 blow?

    Very true, it is hot but temps on most systems stay below 85 until you go above 1.25v. When ivy goes above 1.25v temps start to rise very very quickly. If I run less than 1.25v the processor won't even break 75 degrees after hours, and on stock voltage (1.05v or so) it never hits 60. Still...
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    Does my h60 blow?

    At 1.28v with a 3570k at 4.5ghz I think your temps aren't really out of line except for the variation between cores. I use an h70 and my 3770k is clocked at 4.5ghz with 1.25v. My temps running the latest avx coded instructions for linx and prime95 are about 85 degrees on the hottest two cores...
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    Which utility to use to increase memory voltage to 1.7?

    Well...I feel a little stupid ;-)
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    Which utility to use to increase memory voltage to 1.7?

    I primarily use MSI Afterburner but it does not support memory voltage tweaking. I downloaded ASUS GPU Tweak and Sapphire Trixx but neither of them support it either. I'm wondering what programs you guys use to tweak the memory voltage on your cards. Thanks.
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    Is there a software utility which estimates total system watts being used?

    Yeah, I have seen those but I was thinking more dynamic readings like what is provided by the typical CPU and GPU monitoring programs.
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    Is there a software utility which estimates total system watts being used?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong subsection as I wasn't sure where to post this question. Is there a software utility which can give an estimate of total system watts being used at any given time? I notice that my Green Power Utility by Biostar gives me an estimate of my 3770k's system watts...
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    Overclocking with different turbo core frequencies

    I currently have my overclock set at 4.5 GHz for all turbo core frequencies, meaning that whether one core is boosted or 4 cores are boosted, the frequency is 4.5 GHz. I am wondering though if anyone has set an over lock for different turbo frequencies, and if so how they went about stabilizing...
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    New reference MSI 7970 has a bios switch...

    Ok, I guess I will try out the msi reference of 1010 MHz bios. I know that any bios won't make much difference but I figure if one of the bios' is not being used I might as well give load up a second bios.
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    New reference MSI 7970 has a bios switch...

    Does anyone know if this BIOS switch can actually hold two different BIOS'? I tested both setting 1 and 2 and the BIOS and clocks showing up in GPU-Z are the same so I don't think it is loaded with a second BIOS. I was wondering if anyone has flashed their 7970 BIOS before and if so, which BIOS...
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    Dark Souls PC supports microphone multiplayer, full PC specs revealed

    That is exactly what I was thinking. The only thing that could prevent this is if the game engine code is horrifically optimized but I am pretty sure if you have a decent card this game shouldn't run too bad.
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    Sapphire amd 7950 oc 950 MHz vs. Reference GTX 670

    Hmm...after reading your guys' comments I think I may stay with AMD this round due to price. So, the sapphire 7950 OC 950 MHz edition is still £299.99 but the same site is having a sale this week for a reference HIS or MSI default clocked 7970 for £336...I'm not sure if the £36 premium for a...