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    Your CPU progression

    I popped in a surplus i7-3770 from i5-2500k and want the upgrade you have. What is your i7-12700K configuration? What single-core apps feel fast? Office and Web browsing snappier? Is M.2 a must? DDR4 or DDR5?
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    Your CPU progression

    Did you have any trade-offs gaming on laptop compared to desktop ie loud fan? 80086 16Mhz 80286 33MHz 80386 1.4Ghz AMD Athlon 2.4Ghz Intel E6750 C2D OC to 4.0GHz Intel i5-2500K 3.4-3.9Ghz Intel i7-4770 Currently failing to justify an upgrade for office and web surfing activities. Convince me...
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    Good memory and thanks for correcting me. The PC upgrades from 4C/4T to 4C/8T. Photoshop filters run faster. I don't notice any other performance improvements. Idle heat is higher, load is lower. Power usage is slightly lower. After trying to install gt610, the display would not turn on...
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    I am leaving sandy bridge with Ivy Bridge i7-3770. While I could upgrade to a more recent system, it's nice to have an 8-core system for the first time. For general office work, youtube, no gaming, is there any benefit using a GT 610 GPU instead of integrated GPU?
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    I use i5-2500K as the daily driver and am checking in.
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    Unreal Engine 5 Feature Showcase

    What GPU is optimal for playing games on Unreal Engine 5 at 1080?
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    Your CPU progression

    I am still on an Intel i5-2500K for web surfing and Word. Looking for suggested thread posts on an upgrade path.
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    i5-2500K Crashing

    For years, my system was stable but in the last month it crashes under specific cases of general usage (no gaming, just surfing on web and MS office). I have an i-5 2500K overclocked to 105x 4 (4.2Ghz). O/C never had a problem until now. 1) I opened chrome + website that loaded a 360 view of a...
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    Member when....

    At least you didn't get an email from him reminding you to have a valid email address..that's not replyable because it's read-only. Sounds like he's commenting on AMD not releasing any Ryzen price, performance, benchmark or hard release date. No Vega details, either.
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    Help need upgrade my Wireless Router ...

    IS the AC1900 from Asus that much better than the Asus AC1750?
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    AMD R&D Expenditure Down 40%

    What may AMD do then if it wants to compete in the GPU with NVDA and in CPU with INTEL?
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    16GB the new "Standard"?

    :) Yes. DDR4 is just a way to force users to upgrade to a new standard, even though there are no real world (or price/performance) benefits. This shift may happen the next 6-18 months. Maybe that will push the prices down for DDR3.
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    16GB the new "Standard"?

    Ddr4 is the next great thing, only you don't get a performance boost from it.
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    SSD Prices in Free Fall; Capacity to Surpass HDDs in 2016

    Micron expects its 3D NAND will hit the market later this year. It's happening very soon. Many expect a price war between Samsung, Micron, but then everyone loses (at least profits will fall). There's also a possibility both companies will avoid a price war by limiting supply. Consumers...
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    16GB the new "Standard"?

    The work pc I bought last year had only 4GB for around 40. This year 16GB is $125 so $31/ for a 4gb.. So DDR3 memor prices dropped around 21%. this year or next they are pushing DDR4. On GPU they are promoting even faster tech.
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    16GB the new "Standard"?

    I've been out of the loop since last year, having added only 4GB DDR3. Have prices dropped much in the last year? And more importantly, can I use a different brand to top up the memory to 8GB?
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    Samsung Magician 4.4 huge speed boost here

    Wanted to revive a practically crawling E6750/LGA775. The Samsung 840 Evo makes a world of difference. Instead of 2-3 minute full windows boot up, I'm in in 30-40 seconds. "RAPID" boosts sequential read from 278mb/s to 1078mb/s. I had spent money adding ram (6gb) to this old system so I can...
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    Facebook Is About to Lose 80% of Its Users

    I moved from FB to G+. I have too many followers. 38,000 Just join circles, find people with the same interests. Then delete those circles :)
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    Marissa Mayer Fires Yahoo COO

    ALL the latest "refreshes" are worse. 1. Yahoo Sports 2. Yahoo Finance (made WORSE) 3. Flickr full of ads. 4. Yahoo Mail 5. ... If you click to provide feedback, the top voted posts are about asking to go back to the old yahoo
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    Kaveri in stock

    Are these Kaveri's better than my discrete 8800GT on an E6750? My game computer is in need of an upgrade. Wonder if this solution would work for *casual* gaming.
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    Winamp Is Officially Dead

    Winamp was the program i installed after every fresh windows install. What's a good replacement?
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    Twitter Prices IPO At $26

    Timing is everything. User fall-off is rising, and so are losses, so what do you do as a company? Make it public. This is better than a movie about wall street.
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    Apple Stock Soars 22% Over the Summer

    It's the standard buying on the dip. Apple started at a low price before the summer, hence the impressive return. I firmly believe Android will keep eating Apple's lunch. Everywhere around me, people choose some variant of Android over iPhone. Apple really made a serious blunder releasing yet...
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    OCZ is Dead

    I've covered OCZ and the only thing holding the company up is the chance it gets taken over. I don't believe this will happen. What hurt it? - ill-conceived rebate program - products competing with itself - poor quality (it was the controller, and users were loud about the problem) Product...
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    Less than 2 months til Windows 8.1 release day

    Running 8.1 Preview. Chrome won't load. Firefox won't install. Anyone experiencing the same issue?
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    Google Accused Of Trying To Sabotage Windows Phone

    YouTube app on Nexus 7 isn't even that good, so how is this lock-out a story? Microsoft has its own issues. I tried w8.1 'blue' and they made windows 8 even worse. The "start" button just brings you to metro! I thought they'd bring back the original start function. You then try to use...
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    Facebook Explains Its News Feed Ranking System

    Hit 30 days facebook-free. Won't deactivate since those who do just end up coming back. Facebook calls it an algorithm, but it's more manipulation of "news." When I was there what facebook does is make activity look higher than it is. When you change your profile pic, even back to an old one...
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    ADATA SX900 128GB SSD Review @ [H]

    I am so out of the loop. I did not know what trim was up until today. I've had this drive since dec/2012 and it works fine. it's quite fast. Could always upgrade to a better model.
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    The details are: * ASUS 238QR DVI plugged to integrated DVI port. * Samsung 930 VGA plugged to integrated DVI port. Plug an MP3 to USB which is connected to a USB extension cord (this is extra info..may or may not be cause)...and 20 minutes later...screen displays fuzzy colors and flashes...
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    I have Asus P8Z68 LE running integrated graphics on i5-2500K. The system is overclocked, and uses an AData 128GB SX900 SSD. Now, When an MP3 is plugged in (extension cord) a USB port, the two monitors connected to it flicker, and the display connection is all noise. One time this happened when...
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    Starbucks Customers Get 15 Free NYT Articles Daily

    No longer a fan of Timmie's..their coffee is watered down, their food keeps shrinking (donuts and muffins) and prices keep going up a few cents very few months. McD's coffee is the best. They also redesigned and now ask for your name. They took that idea of customer service from Starbucks!
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    Apple CEO Says He Feels Shareholders' Pain

    The fundamental problem with Apple's massive cash position is what it can do to enhance the consumer experience. How can they improve their product? How can they bring back the 30% cash (of total balance) held overseas? How can they bring mfr jobs back to America? Should they? It's cheaper to...
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    Sony Sells Another Building For $1.2B

    Whenever a company sells everything but the kitchen sink you know there are problems. Sony's corporate structure does not allow it to be nimble. It also ignored consumers, tried to put DRM everywhere and paying the price.
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    Microsoft Ending $15 Windows 8 Promotion Tomorrow

    Expecting Win8 sales to drop after this price increase. Hope that most people took advantage of this deal, even though linux costs less, win7 is still a better option (though win8 bootup is fast)...and win8 caters mostly to computers having touch screen.
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    3-D Printed Car Is Strong As Steel, Half The Weight

    Loading up on 3d print cartridges as we speak!
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    Media Player/Media Box Recommendation

    Thanks - they don't appear to ship to Canada.
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    Media Player/Media Box Recommendation

    Component out video. audio: FLAC/MP3 video: MKV, MP4, AVI/MOV
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    Media Player/Media Box Recommendation

    My ASUS asus o play hdp -r1 finally stopped wanting to play Digital Audio OUT + Analog video out. It works on HDMI. So what should I get? An updated ASUS O! Play for $80? A Western Digital Live Player? Please help. System: Old TV projector, Receiver with digital audio/analog audio, no HDMI...
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    Thinking about making the switch to SSD

    It's a must-have for windows7 users. Instead of 1-2 minute boot time it's 5-15 seconds tops. On win8 the system boots fast even on a regular HDD, so the benefits are not as great. Actively tweak: move your browser cache to the physical hard drive. Run Ccleaner. Keep OS drive lean so you have...