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    Joost invitation?

    If anyone has one left i would love to have one, Please :D
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    Advice on building your own 5.1 speaker setup for PC

    I would suggest picking a budget. That will help narrow the possibilities you can choose from. I am no expert, but that will help someone who knows more than myself suggest some speakers for you. :)
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    Noobish Question

    I think we need to know a model, or we need to know if you have an auxiliary input. Then we can tell you what you need. ;)
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    Budget Bookshelf Speaker and Amp Help (n00b questions)

    Thanks for the recommendations, I will definitely look at those insignias at Best Buy. Thanks Again
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    Budget Bookshelf Speaker and Amp Help (n00b questions)

    I have been looking to get a fairly inexspensive set of bookshelf speakers (poor college student) such as: Pioneer S-HF31-LR @ way Bookshelf Speaker or if there were any suggestions in that same ballpark price range that would be appreciated. Also was wondering what kind of amp, or...
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    Dell Club - Official Member Roster?

    Dell Inspiron e1505
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

    i will take one [email protected]
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    2500+ help

    My new 2500+ isnt being recognized in windows correctly or by CPUZ. in the bios it is running at 11 X 166, and in CPUZ it says it is running at 11 X 100. i am running a biostar M7NCG motherboard, and 256mb pc2700 RAM. thx in advance