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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    I'm running 3640's and I haven't changed any default settings in my config.
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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    Is there any way to make this thing use less RAM? It is sucking up 800mb running two routers and it is really slowing my laptop down.
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    Analysing/sniffing packets on my wireless LAN questions

    Haha this sounds legit. "Guys why can't I see all the traffic everyone is sending over my network?? It's mine I promise." Also ARPs are broadcast packets, so yes you will be able to see them. I don't see a rules thread so I hope this isn't against the rules but you are going to want to make...
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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    I've done some googling but I'm still a little confused on how to set this up. What do I need on my client machine? Just GNS3? I went into my IOS images tab and set my IOS image to "" and I put in my external hypervisor as the with a working...
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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    Is it possible to run this program over a network? For example, can I have my linux server do all the processing on this application and just connect to it with a client from my laptop because my laptop isn't really able to handle multiple routers, it seems. I assume this is possible because it...
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    WTB: Cisco Routers

    I am in the market for one or two Cisco routers. I would perfer an 851w for the right price, but post what you've got. If a non-851w I would ideally like to pay 30-40 for a lower end model.
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    Dumpster Diving FAQ

    Are any of the Orlando people still around?
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    Seperate home networks

    WEP can absolutely be cracked in under a minute in that you no longer need only IV's to crack the WEP key; however I don't think the discussion is allowed here.
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    new programmer

    Go big or go home. You can't learn to do something unless you pratice, and dragging and dropping pictures onto a screen isn't learning how to program or teaching you logic and data flow. Start with C, move on to data structures, and then learn assembly or something if you really want to know...
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    Best way to send mass e-mails? Not Spam!

    It would be easy to write a basic console program in C# to do it. He would only need to be familiar with the System.Net.Sockets and System.Data.SqlClient namespaces to read the numbers from a database and then just email them out.
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    new programmer

    Start with C. It gives you all the fundamentals without making anything too easy for you.
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    Need help with security / hacker proof.

    Maybe they need someone a bit more qualified. I guess you can get started by using encryption/SSL for data exchanges.
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    Just ordered my EVGA 8800GTS 640 superclocked

    Okay? Try to post some useful content. As far as that goes, how does the performance change from your 7800 SLI to a 8800 look? I have an 8800 myself but I upgraded from a single 7900 through a step up.
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    WTB: Dell Axim X51

    I'm looking to buy an X51 or X51v. Please reply or PM with what you have.
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    FS/WTT: Dell 700m and Axim X51v for Macbook or MBP

    Another requesting price on the PDA
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    WTS BlackBerry 7290 deactivated

    Does it come with a charger? I know you said what is in the pics, but I thought I would ask because I didn't see one.
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    Killer NIC alternatives?

    Is it really worth it to play World of Warcraft 1 frame per second higher? Think about it.
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    Buddy asking why we need to pay $40.00 for WoW;BC and NOT free ?

    Hi capitalism! I don't even need to read this thread. Welcome to America.
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    c/c++... help the newbie

    You don't go to UCF do you?
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    There isn't any good reason for wanting your whole family to use Linux. And scanning is tricky... at best.
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    Who's getting sick of upgrading their video card?

    Your lifestyle scales to your income. Make more money and you won't mind buying new parts all the time. Plus you're helping the economy!
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    Geforce 8800 GTX is faster than Crossfire X1950XTX

    Why is it that anyone even reads the inquirer anymore? They make things up. They aren't a valid journalistic source.
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    Any one in college?

    Go to college. You may like to build computers now, but you don't want to be installing windows XP for a living. Even if you are more into the hardware side of things, get a degree in Computer Science or Computer Enginnering and become a Systems Admin. You may even find that you like logic...
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    having problems installing ubuntu

    Maybe we should take a step back and re-evaluate our reasons for wanting linux on your computer.
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    8800GTX or 8800GTS? What will you buy?

    What if the 8800 sucks the same way the 7800 did? Everyone either bought a 7600 or waited for the 7900 which fixed all of the hardware issues with the initial release (7800) and those people who bought the flagship product felt awfully silly.
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    Wanna try Vista, don't have a DVD.

    You didn't totally think that through did you?
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    New Conroe build. Advice on a future proof setup.

    You're doing the same exact thing I am. I ordered all the parts for a new system (conroe) except video card and optical drives. I bought an intel board with integrated graphics to get me by until DX10 cards come out.
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    Full Disk Encryption

    Can anyone tell me of any full hard drive encryption products out there that just access as a layer of the operating system, a sort of on the fly kind of encryption? I've taken a look at truecrypt but I was wondering if there was anything else out there that can achieve this.
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    DC3 Challenge

    I have a team signed up.
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    There won't be a Freespace 3. The license was bought by some guy (his name escapes me) and he's just sitting on the game license with no plans to continue the series.
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    Wireless network with Ubuntu

    Don't be discouraged if you can't get it working right away, getting wireless to work in Linux is quite a task sometimes.
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    Difference between XP Pro and Media Center

    What will you be using it for is a more appropriate question.
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    Windows Install : Stupid Question.

    I don't know whether or not it'll make your drive C: but it will for sure work no matter what letter is using, as long as it's the index drive.
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    What is special about linux

    This is a moot point becuase it just sees the camera as a usb file system. Regardless of that, nearly every piece of hardware you can think of is supported in one way or another under linux. I'm not debating the fact that Linux isn't for everyone, it's just for those who enjoy that advanced...
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    What is special about linux

    I run Windows XP running in VMWare on Linux and I get almost all the advantages of both operating systems at once. Gaming has never been a big deal to me, but I suppose you could do it if you really wanted to.
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    Having a brain fart and I can't remember what file to edit...

    /etc/XF86Config or something like that. /etc/X11/XFConfig. I don't remember, it's been awhile. edit: I'm almost sure it's in your /etc/X11 folder though. Just look for a config file.
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    Database design question

    I'm kind of confused as well. Would making a new column in the table and then flagging it when an order is recieved which moves the data to a data warehouse be achieving what oyu want?
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    Vista Gaming Performance?

    Keep in mind that this is only a beta operating system.
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    What's the best free/cheap antivirus?

    NOD32 has my vote as well.