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    best long lasting thermal compound? these dont say how long they it to last on the pages.. just long life
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    best long lasting thermal compound?

    i have arctic silver 5 on a tiny pc that is hard to dismantle it still works but looking for something to drop temps farther, i have no idea if it is dried out or not because i didnt take it apart.
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    broken plastic hotswap bay rails on corsair 800d. what do i do?

    yes they told me they have nothing for it, oh but the case is still listed on the site and was on sale until about 2016 i dont know why corsair dont at least keep making the small plastic parts for all the cases so anybody that brakes a small part on a corsair case that is not being...
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    best long lasting thermal compound?

    i have never herd of this one people are talking about.
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    best long lasting thermal compound?

    has anybody reviewed those yet?
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    broken plastic hotswap bay rails on corsair 800d. what do i do?

    so the hard drive rails on the hotswap bay on my corsair 800 broke i still use that hot swap bay a lot for various reasons. the the 5 inch drive bays are filled with disc burners (again for reasons) this is my workstation pc and of course to make it worse 3 of the hot swap bays rails broke...
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    best long lasting thermal compound?

    where do i get this it is sold out everywhere it also dont have a long term use rating..
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    best long lasting thermal compound?

    Kryonaut seems very expensive for only 1 tiny gram, so i wanted to avoid it unless it lasted forever and i dont have to mess with it. I am done with arctic silver 5 the one tube i got is really old anyway.
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    best long lasting thermal compound?

    how long does THERMAL GRIZZLY KRYONAUT last? it says arctic mx-5 is good to 8 years before changing noucta NT-H2 says 5 years or more any others?
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    "Safe?" overclock and undervolt of a i73970x

    i found if i set it to 4.3ghz the max heat it gets to is the same as 4.5ghz... and almost the same as 4ghz at 4ghz with lin x it gets maybe testing during a record heat weather is not a good idea
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    "Safe?" overclock and undervolt of a i73970x

    I want to start using my old i7 3970x system parts again on my hdtv because pandemic shortages and all that and to be honest it still plays new games good. , I took off it liquid cooler parts to use on the newer cpu because I found a free air cooler for it with a sucky fan that I will...
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    Need bad azz 2.5 inch IDE harddrive for macmini g4

    the new version of renderman /maya/power animator/ (I use on pc) dont help me open old files from high school in mac formats I am trying to recover then would have to redo every material in the file to the new version. (if it opens at all.) things was not super cool file formats back then...
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    Need bad azz 2.5 inch IDE harddrive for macmini g4

    I have dismantled the mac mini once already for a ram upgrade and stuff when I bought it off ebay.. you can fit an adapter in there but the screw holes to mount it will no longer line up so ya I would have to get a drill for holes. I would rather not do it and mess it up. I had an incident...
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    Need bad azz 2.5 inch IDE harddrive for macmini g4

    I dont think there is enough room in the mac mini for an adapter of any size or I would use one and shove a large 1tb or 2tb seagate or wd enterprise drive in it or one of sandisk solid states. the 80gb drive in it is not big enough for me. you can see in the video how tight it is...
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    Need bad azz 2.5 inch IDE harddrive for macmini g4

    I Need a model number or name of a bad ass 2.5 inch IDE harddrive for a 2005 macmini g4 that is bigger than 80gb. and a durable enterprise class like the seagate constellation series drives if possible. I cant find any they are all sata.... thanks
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    Need Cooling device for a Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium Fatality

    I need to get a Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium Fatality pci-e cooling device of some kind but i cant find any heat sink or fan that will fit it. anybody know anything?
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    What is wrong with this xbr960 can it be saved?

    Can try that if he is still around.
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    Raid controller power down idle disk with win7?

    Do adaptec raid controllers listen to the windows 7 command to power down idle harddisk when they are not being used in raid on a raid controller or does the raid controller have to be configured to do it in bios or drivers? I cant tell if it turns the raid drives off or not. my raid card does...
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    Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    I have a audgy 2 and a pci sound blaster xi-fi and a pci express xi-fi. the pci-E version works like the old pci one.. lga 2011 motherboards like the rampage 4 extreme dont have normal pci slots anymore anyway you can try one of these I did not look at it to see if it is as good as a audgy 2...
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    Weird issue i never had for the last 20 years.

    WHOA they had amd290s 560ti and pci express slots in 1994? I thought Biofroge and doom 1 and 2 was high tec out side of sgi workstations and arcades. i dont think pci or agp slots work anything like pci express and the new versions of windows..
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    I want to get a console but I'm honestly confused

    The xbone is a big ugly box that is slower than the ps4 for more or the same price. And yes the ps4 is better at playing video and sound thanks to sonys codec and bluray player teams the xbone and xbox 360 have horrible video playing bluray or DVDs web video is even worse. the ps4 is also...
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    WD Black2 drives in ps4/ps3

    i doubt this. bit is the ps3 and ps4 able to use the 2 in 1 wd black 2 solid state and 1tb harddrive? or will only 1 drive show up?
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    Oculus Rift Coming To Chuck E. Cheese's

    The first time I ever tried VR in the early 90s before the fad died was at a chuckie cheese like clone place. It really is the first place somthing like this should go. 1. arcades died when you can get them at home. 2 they can make more arcade like setups the VR machines I used had...
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    SB X-FI - SB0460 - Win 7 x64 - 4GB issue

    my system has 64gb ram windpws 7 64 bit and has a pci express sound blaster x-fi titanium fatal1ty champion in it and it does not do that. it works exactly like my old pci sound blaster xi-fi on windows xp 32bit on my old machine that is still being used with the same xi-fi in it. i bought...
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    Halo 3 & 4 (and ODST) for the PC - isn't it time?

    microsoft will not recode these game for pcs. the 1st halo had to almost be remade from the ground up to work on pc gpus and it was already using x86 cheep pc hardware stuff into a box with the 1st xbox the xbox 360 is not even x86. gearbox redid all the shaders and other atuff for halo 1 pc...
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    start sending tweets or emails to pc speaker makers and say you want the older 5,1 systems back' hit corsairs fourms and say you want to buy 5.1 systems and maybe the will make a limted number of them or they will make the old 5.1 ones again since they are just fine anyway
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    Best $50.00 soundcard that delivers 5.1 over spdif?
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    Best $50.00 soundcard that delivers 5.1 over spdif?

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Rx this is a pci express version of a sound card i have. the reason they brought these back ....the new sound blaster sonar are kinda pointless windows vista and windows 7 changed how sound is done. the audgy and xi-fi chip soundcards was the last real cards...
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    How to check if Windows 7 disc is untampered or not faulty

    isobuster but it has problems scan disc that have copy protection so they come back false flags this just checks the disc for scratches and rotting disc.
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    Economist Thinks Bitcoin Could Be A Scam

    i have been thinking that for years.
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    Need help with build for chess.

    if you are talking about deep fritz14,,, my core i73970x cpu system I did last year for 3d rendering and game work in maya/3d max eats though it pretty good already....but I dont really play the game the much. I just ran it for system test against cpus. it has 64gb ram and it never uses all...
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    Razer mice with EL glow rails.

    What are all the models of mice razer made with the tron like EL wire glow rails effect? they seem to have stopped doing that. the site dont have a product history to check.
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    Xbox One Will Fail In China

    That is alright the xbone is failing or losing ever where else. they forgot how to make good consoles like the 1st xbox and xbox 360 and even those failed everywhere else but the usa.
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    Unreal Tournament 4/2015

    Epic changed their minds. most likkly because people keep asking and they do not have to work on gears of war anymore they want to show off unreal engine 4. unreal is the game series they use to do that. Also 99% of everything they have worked on at epic in the last few years not used or shown...
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    Police Live Tweeting Prostitution Sting

    Porn dont spread aids and STDs.
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    CDI College Chooses Surface To Enrich The Educational Experience

    mycollagecoke machine is this now has been for years
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    eVGA GeForce 6800 Ultra: Sell Or Bin?

    I have a dead water damage sgi RealityEngine boards flooded studio on my wall. somewhere
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    What is your video card upgrade history?

    too many this had gone on for over 20 years