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    The hell is going on with hard drive prices ?!

    Prices are trending down here in China already. Chia value started high at $1400 usd in the first couple of weeks, but has tanked steadily to $400 now. I am waiting it out.
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    The hell is going on with hard drive prices ?! I can confirm this. I was in the market for a couple of 8tb drives just as chia opened up. Price went up 50% in one day.
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    Determining if SSD has been replaced

    You can't really compare used gpu to used ssd.
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    New Ryzen CPUs and Motherboards this year?

    Since they haven't even made an announcement yet likely October or later. Assuming you mean 4xxx chips.
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    I'm looking for thoughts on a build dilemma.

    Not fanboy, Not a fanboy, I just don't see any point in bringing up cpu's that don't exist yet. You say you can't wait, so pick a CPU on what is available now, not what will be available in 2to 4 years from now.
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    I'm looking for thoughts on a build dilemma.

    We don't know anything All we have is speculation and rumors. Way too early to start banking on gains.
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    Vintage Glass

    This^ I shoot 35mm, 6x7, 4x5 and 10x12. The 10x12 has by far the least "medium format" look despite being by far the largest of the bunch. Reason? The lens is a 400 f10. I get far more separation and "look" with a 50 1.4 on 35mm (but most with a 216mm f3.5 on 4x5)
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    Question: OC a K CPU, but not the Video card?

    I just wonder what they use case is for having a 8086k running 3d applications with no add in gpu. You may have a valid reason that has slipped my mind just trying to learn and understand.
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    Question: OC a K CPU, but not the Video card?

    Why no discrete gpu?
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    Areca replacing fan: what to do with thermal grease?

    Unless you are an absolute gorilla, you won't damage the chip. Just go slow, and apply it with even pressure. Paste is fine.
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    My first watercooled build: 9980XE, RTX 2080Ti, etc.

    What's there head pressure when using dual d5's? How far can you place the rad from the tower before you run into issues?
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    RTX 2080 and 600W PSU

    For what it's worth, i have an Intel i5 6500, 16gb ram, two hhds, one ssd, rtx2080 and other bits like USB dongles all running on a Thermaltake 550w (for 3 years nearly with their rtx2080 added late last year) . My system seems to max out at less than 400w. I wager that you will be fine.
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    -1 star rating for vendor (if I could)

    I am guessing Vantec. I have a couple of their USB enclosures.
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    What's the difference on PCB on front side USB panel of cases c/w 1 yr. warranry vs. 3 yr. warranty?

    So which is it? You've never seen fans fail or you have? For me, I've never had front port failures that were a problem with the front pcb. Fans, yes.
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    I cheated

    Fantastic, thanks for checking.
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    I cheated

    That is the exact board I am planning on using in a project. What is there height of the highest component (guessing the heatsink)?
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    Dan_D I've been a member since 2005 as you can see. I have never posted before. You are gold for keeping up with this. scharfshutze009 Thank you for the idiotic entertainment that you have given me. I am forever in your debt.