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    22-inch, 1080p FreeSync Monitor on Sale for $69

    Yeah, but you can upgrade to the 24" for just 82 cents more!
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    EVGA GTX 1070ti $499 / 1060 6gb $279 in stock @ Microcenter

    When a card hit a good price during the cryptocraze, miners would have it bought out in seconds. What you're more likely seeing now is akin to a reverse auction for everyone who has been slogging through the GPU drought. When it hits retail, everyone who had been "holding out for retail" is...
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    [HDD] Toshiba 5TB 7200 3.5" HDD - $109 (Free Shipping) Performance Interface SATA Capacity 5TB RPM 7200 RPM Cache 128MB Average Latency 4.17 ms
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    EA Origin 85% off sale

    Yeah, it's got at least that much content in it. Origins and 2 are overpriced at the moment, though.
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    Perhaps the best headphones at...$50?

    Sale appears to have been extended. Still scheduled to be $50 for at least another 18 hours.
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    HOT - Geezer Mechanical Blue Switch RGB Keyboard $29.51 Shipped (Amazon)!

    FWIW, you can pick up a set of PBT doubleshots on ebay for like ten bucks. Could you expound a bit? 1. In what way is it loud? I mean, more than blue switches usually are...
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    Pioneer VSX-1131 7.2.2 Receiver - $300 Prime Shipping

    Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X Ready three-dimensional sound reproduction Pioneer’s exclusive audio calibration system: MCACC with Reflex Optimizer Full Bandwidth HDMI (4K UltraHD 60P/4:4:4) with HDCP 2.2
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    Linksys EA6700 AC1750 Wireless router $50 TODAY ONLY

    Anyone have ddwrt working with this model? Going through their site seems to give conflicting information.
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    Monoprice Mech Keyboards: Backlit - $23.99/Non-backlit - $19.99 FS

    Is this reconfigurable to a true ANSI or a true ISO rather than this weird hybrid?
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    Cheap kids / grandma / NAS PC - C2D E8400 $38 shipped

    Motherboard specs: Some highlights: Onboard NIC is gigabit Board maxes out at four 2GB sticks of DDR2 (total 8GB) 6 SATA ports Also, it has VTd enabled, so buying a few of these for a homelab virtualization cluster could be a...
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    [HOT...?] Motospeed 104-key Outemu Blue RGB Mechanical Keyboard for $29.99

    Just to give y'all a heads up: Doubleshot ABS can be found for less than ten bucks: Hell, doubleshot PBT can be found for less than fifteen bucks...
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    NES CLASSIC (JAPANESE version) 92$ Amazon

    Pi3b: NES Pi3b case: Official case ($12 cheaper than the NES one, if you don't care so much about looks)...
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    MSI 480 for 144 MIR

    It's a reference RX480. Just unlock the other 4gb.
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    16 O'Reilly Unix eBooks -- $15 @ HumbleBundle

    Insanely good deal.
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    Two Dell U2412M w/Dual Monitor Stand for $152.99

    Anyone able to add it to their cart?
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    [Jet]MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB 292usd (After discounts)

    I appreciate the post, but this screams YMMV. Plus + rebate + 3rd party payment service + android app = not a deal to me.
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    [Target] Buy 2 games get 1 free. Even works with PC Collector's Edition!

    Possibly, but then you have to put up with all the BF/CM noise. If you think this is a good deal and good fit for your budget, pull the trigger and don't sweat it.
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    Katy here. I feel your pain.
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    3D Printer For $234?

    It's companies trying to apply the same tactics to 3d printing as ink companies applied to traditional printing. That is, sell locked hardware cheap, even at a loss, because more money can be made by forcing people to buy the consumables -- in the case of 3d printing, filament. And since "Brand...
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    Logitech G710 Mechanical Keyboard

    MSRP on this is at least $130, which is frankly just a pipe dream. MSRP isn't nearly as good an indicator of a hot deal than price history, and this keyboard has been sold new for $50 (which was a very hot deal). In fact, this exact refurb unit was only $60 on amazon less than two weeks ago. $70...
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    Pi (Zero) GPIO matrix keyboard using linux HID gadget

    Basically a feasibility / sanity check. What I would like to build is a keyboard matrix (5x16 if possible) which connects to and is read by the Pi Zero's GPIO pins, then acts like a standard HID keyboard via Linux gadget. Ideally built in such a way that one could also still be able to switch...
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    Razer ... never again

    If you want a cheap but decent gaming mouse, here's this: ROCCAT TYON All Action Multi-Button Gaming Mouse, Black Recertified With Retail Packaging |
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    microcenter in-store only: 512GB SSD $75 Micron M.2

    Order online and select local pickup to answer your first question. Microcenter will also occasionally have odd prices for SKUs that no longer have any quantity but have not yet been removed from the system. So it's more or less a non-deal deal.
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    $5 off of $30 @ Microcenter coupon

    For those folks lucky enough to live close to one: Coupon Codes and Discounts
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    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B -- $25 @ MicroCenter

    On sale for $30: Micro Center - Computers and Electronics Use $5 off $30 coupon: Coupon Codes and Discounts
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    (Not hot?) Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition in stock @Amazon

    True, but they never said that they were going to sell the entire manufacturing run at any one time. IE: They manufactured 100,000 units (or whatever, numbers are from /dev/ass), and initially sold 75,000, holding some back in case of needed replacements, contests, black market sales, whatever...
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    Old big computer speakers SoundForce [email protected] $8.48, $13.88, $21.80

    Totally! It was like a decade ago! What? Two? Goddamnit.
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    Nixeus MODA v2 MAC/PC TKL Mechanical keyboard - $49.99

    They feel much as you'd expect -- like decent knockoffs of a Cherry switch keyboard. If you're used to a rubber dome, these are likely going to feel amazing. If you're coming from a CODE or even a QFR, they'll probably just feel "meh".
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    Nixeus MODA v2 MAC/PC TKL Mechanical keyboard - $49.99

    Of note, these are Kailh browns, not Cherry. Available on Amazon w/Prime for $70 if you want to avoid rakuten...
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    G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780 MX is $99 @NewEgg

    148@amazon, so nice deal @newegg: As for the keycaps, since the keyboards are backlit, the caps shouldn't be pad-printed...
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    GreenManGaming--25% off code

    Only works for a few pre-purchase titles. :P
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    $50 off 390's & 390X's @ Newegg

    Dead. :(
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    Hot Toshiba 5TB for $140

    WD5001FZWX cost ~260. Is an extra two years of warranty on a hard drive really worth a hundred twenty bucks to you?
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    Philips AirFryer Refurb $99 shipped on eBay - For health conscious geeks/gamers :D

    For those of you who saw last week's installment, we showed you how to make a cheap chicken fryer out of a heat gun, wire hanger, hubcap, k car, and a whack of the handyman's secret weapon. So this week, on Handyman Corner, we're going to show you how to rebuild your house from the ashes up.
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    Philips AirFryer Refurb $99 shipped on eBay - For health conscious geeks/gamers :D

    Potentially. Hair dryer will still run at least ten to twenty bucks, and to me it's worth whatever past that not to have to stand in the kitchen for a half hour blow drying my dinner. Or worry that whatever stuff I threw together to MacGyver the salad bowl and hair dryer together so that I...
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    15% off site-wide at Monoprice

    They usually have good deals on cables. Also, this case is nice:
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    15% off site-wide at Monoprice Use coupon code HOT15
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    Win 7 home premium $79.99 @ egg

    A small price to pay not to have to run a tablet OS on your desktop.