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    1680x1050: HD5850 worthwhile?

    I would suggest that anyone buy whatever they can afford.
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    New 9.6 cat drivers out

    that's what i do as well
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    LOL....electronic services are going out of business, the BIG secret is revealed :D
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    I wonder for how long will it last ...
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    Holly friggin shiat! My GTX has blue vertical lines across the screen and i bought 4850 half gig as a temp replacement until i get something like 260 or 280. I might just do the same man! Why i didn't read your post 2 days ago. Thanks dude ! Now i'll try same method and see if it works i've got...
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    You graphics card progression

    It's still a player. No matter what they say...
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    i7 vs i5

    Chill mate, no one wants to see that kind of language on public forum.
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    Perplexing "will not post" question.

    That's my point, he can't do it @ home @ OP Did you format your new HDD(system partition) before installing OS?
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    Perplexing "will not post" question.

    Albanu, please tell me the secret method of updating bios without POST...
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    One Third of UK Office Workers Surf Porn at Work, Survey Finds

    Lol @ you. Puritan my... you know what. You can say everything about UK but not puritan..
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    AMD to release 3.5GHz 990 by the end of the year.

    I would never consider buying an AMD chip right now. First thing they are one gen behind intel. Second thing I am enthiusiast and I like everything what's fastest. AMD might be a good solution for your company, but not for single PC user as me. There is nothing wrong in paying a bit extra for...
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    Asus P5Q WS clock speed issues, speed step?

    That's extremely good when cpu is OC'ed. My current e6600 (oldie), is running at 3.33Ghz under load, when idling only stock 2.4 Ghz. I wonder if there is any software which could take it even slower. Any suggestions?
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    Sapphire 4870 X2 Atomic Review -- A rant.

    i bet he means most powerful single slot was just a typo...
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    Asus p5q pro + ddr2 1200

    I was thinking about air, there are couple of excellent coolers like TRUE or Megahalem, but h2o has better cooling performance, i want to reach 4.5 ~ 4.4 just for the sake of it. The Q9650 you mentioned is a strong & fairly cheap PCU I'm considering to go exactly that way. As for 6Ghz+...
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    Asus p5q pro + ddr2 1200

    I will be upgrading my old 6600 c2d to 8600 c2d or middle range quad. That baby will get plenty of water to keep her cool. Watercooling is the answer :). I should hit 4ghz+ with good 4GB 1066 no problem on water, at least that's what i think:) My only concern is if i decide to go more than...
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    Asus p5q pro + ddr2 1200

    I know what you mean with dual gpu 4850x2, sticking with p45 and not paying extra money for full speed crossfire on x48 . The thing is my friend is upgrading his PC from 2x 4850 (1Gb+1Gb) and wants to sell them to me for less than £100. Bargain i say:) I don't know what is the improvement...
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    Upgraded to 8GB

    I'm same...i'm going to upgrade my current pc to 8GB as well...:D
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    Asus p5q pro + ddr2 1200

    I am building i7 right now, and also upgrading my old PC. That will be the second PC for mini-lan parties in my home & for kind of semi-extreme OC. I want good & cheap OC'able board and reliable memories. As for PCU i would like to hit 4Ghz + mark for 24/7 use. As for MB, i would like P45 or...
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    Asus p5q pro + ddr2 1200

    Howdy! Is it worth to spend a bit more moneys on that one, instead of modest ddr2 800~1066? My old PC is going to be a second one for mini-Lan party to train 1v1 (RTS,FPS) , and my desire is to make OC monster which will be pretty much on pair with new i7 920 build ( i want it to run modest...
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    Intel 920 and 1600 RAM Triple CHannel Questions

    Alright i am completly novice at it but i don't think you can run 12GB using all slots on full speed & factory timings. I do think that those settings are only valid if you run 3x sticks. This is why your system is slowing them down. The best bet is to wait until someone with more knowledge...
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    Should I step up to GTX-285 from GTX-280?

    Alright, that is different question, why don't you check [H] review on GTX285. They are pretty OC'able. If your PSU likes SLI then go for it. Regarding to step-up process, i have no experience with it so i dunno what kind of horrow you can expect. In the end of the day it's there for a...
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    Should I step up to GTX-285 from GTX-280?

    Can you afford $15? If yes go for it GTX285 is better than GTX280. Anyway what kind of question is that? It's no brainer mate. I would check for mould before put them on...
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    2 Mouse Pointers On 1 Monitor

    Hi! Just a quckie. Is there any chance that i can hook up 2 mouses in to 1 pc and get 2 mouse pointers? Don't ask me why..;P
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    Website Reviews: Why Such a Difference

    I only buy when product receive more than ten 5/5 reviews on website i'm buying from. It was a bit different with my UD5 because [H] gave it a good score. I didn't try this board yet, unfortanately i can afford only one expensive part a month, i mean i have to get trough very tight month in...
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    Brand New Core i7 build Serious Problem.

    Why do you come up with slavery issues? It's completely not related to this thread...Did someone try to enslave are just being a dick i suppose...without good manners.
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    i7 + DDR3 2 Options.. (Easy Question needs Straight up Answer)

    That's interesting...i'll check on monopolysoft webpage...
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    ATI Drivers Still Archaic

    "developing any kind of software is time consuming develop, test, fix test and release within 1 month is not an easy task :P so that basically means, each driver update is really a patch for the last update!" I agree with you on this, completely...but shouldn't they slow down a bit...
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    i7 + DDR3 2 Options.. (Easy Question needs Straight up Answer)

    Stop right now! You don't have 64 bit operating system! If you buy 6GB of ram then you would be able to see 4GB total(or less correct me if i'm wrong)...then graphic cards sharing memory pool with ram as when you add for example gtx280 you get even less RAM memory..upgrade to Vista 64...
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    Help for Family Computer Upgrade

    Please tell me he didn't do that...How can you do such a's like horror movie, i just got the picture of him wrestling with the wrong socket..clueless but determined to accomplish something which is impossible...i would beat the crap out of that guy who didn't mention that he needs...
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    Upgrade path: tri-sli or cpu upgrade?

    I completely agree with other people, there is no need to upgrade if you have so powerful pc, you wont get any bang for the buck because replacements you are talking about wont give you that much performance to even consider spending that much money. Get yourself nice cooling system, nice...
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    Very Hard Descision For Me...

    You have to stick to the light side young padawan, even if it's not as wide as you want...there will be more dark spots...and you will end up with darkness in front of your eyes
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    video card upgade worth it?

    that's right 8800 gtx serves well, it's not a power saver option...but still performs well. I will hold on with my 8800 gtx until next gen arrive.
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    Are memory timings REALLY that important?

    I found this very interesting, so tighter memory timings don't affect gaming as much. That means i can go cheaper with DDR3 more much difference is between ddr3 1333 and for example ddr3 wise of course. Should i go with slower DDR3's if all i want to do...
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    In the end of the day it's all about how they treat you, CS should build confidence & trust between them and customers. So when you call them and some grumpy asshole answer the phone just ask him to put you through to another person. Don't forget that those guys are recorded and you can always...
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    Intel Core i7 and Gaming @ [H]

    I'm getting this baby....
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    vsync on or off?

    sorry for that but calling people retarded just b'cause they turned an option off is a bit retarded...
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    SLI Question.

    Actually there is a lot of technology that exists only on benchmarks & paper now...i mean what's the point ???
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    Best Game EVER?

    That's Tekken 3 - King & Paul & Nina - best beat'em up ever & on PC - Civilization I