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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Cool I will give that a try.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    So I appear to be having a peculiar problem in BF3. I was wanting to use my joystick to fly the various jets. I plug it in, update the drivers and Windows appears to be fine with it. The calibration looks good. So I hop in to BF3. Immediately my character starts blazing away with his primary...
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    BF3 Tweaks and Help Thread

    This saved me a good 20 FPS.
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    Hard Gaming Origin ID List

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    EA pwned battlefield 3 exclusive

    Did he say SKS and Sniper in the same sentence?
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    New build, power will not come on, assistance needed

    Motherboard is a Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 PSU is a Raidmax RX-630SS I do not have a PSU tester. I will try the new PSU in an older computer to see if that is the case. Update: New PSU turns on in old computer. Update 2: I think its the power cord, doing more testing. It was the power cord, boot...
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    New build, power will not come on, assistance needed

    Hey all, Its been a while since I last posted. A new job and probably a year later. Anyway I am building a new rig and I have come across a really big problem. The power will not come on. At this point I have the PSU connected to the motherboard at both the 24pin and then the 12v rail...
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    The Camaro Personal Computer

    I imagine a burnout in that Camaro is a lot less fun than in a real one.
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    Gamer Chicks Fight More, Carry Weapons

    My wife packs a .40 S&W
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    Hacker Breaks into Federal Reserve

    He's just performing a little stimulus for himself.
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    It’s Official, The Beatles Are On iTunes

    The Beatles suck
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    THQ: Games Cost Too Much

    When a game costs $60 I am much less likely to buy it.
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    Bad Company 2

    Did this patch throw anyone else's framerate in the crapper?
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    PC Gaming Age Range

    27, where does the time go...
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    AMD Radeon HD 6870 & HD 6850 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Honest question: How well does it run Crysis?
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    In-depth Dragon Age 2 Preview

    I never thought I would say this but Dragon Age was too long. It took me 86 hours of game time to beat and I only did one origin story and I have zero interest in playing it at all again. Honestly I can't even say I really enjoyed it that much. I didn't really like any of the characters that...
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    LOTRO f2p starts on Sept 8th and 10th

    nothing in the quest log at all. Nothing in any of the buildings either.
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    LOTRO f2p starts on Sept 8th and 10th

    I would have expected this but there aren't any in the starting town that I am in, right after the tutorial section. Is it just me?
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    LOTRO f2p starts on Sept 8th and 10th

    So I just signed up and there are no quests, do I need to buy those? If so then screw this.
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    It just dawned on me, I have never played mass effect

    One of the best games I have ever played. Honestly it was the first game in ages that I was actually rushing home after work to play.
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    LOTRO f2p starts on Sept 8th and 10th

    Free is the right price for me, I may try it
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    New Video Game Will Let You Play as the Taliban

    I think there is a huge difference between uniformed troops in army sponsored by a government adhering to the Geneva convention and the Taliban.
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    Halo: Reach Reportedly Leaked Via Xbox Live

    impossible, there is no such thing as console piracy
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    Ford to Unveil 2011 Explorer on Facebook

    Unable to edit. But just to clarify this Explorer is based on the Taurus body. Thats a shame that you both feel that way though considering Ford is currently the highest in initial quality. They are also the only company to have all of its brands at or better than industry average for...
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    Ford to Unveil 2011 Explorer on Facebook

    Hooray another Taurus X
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    Bad Company 2

    So, the M16A2 is still actually pretty effective. And accurate.
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    Teen Swaps Cell Phone for Porsche on Craigslist

    You can't realistically change your own oil on a Boxster. The engine is mounted at the bottom of the car below the seats. You essentially have to remove the engine just to change the oil. As a result its also going to cost closer to $300 than $150.:rolleyes:
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    Teen Swaps Cell Phone for Porsche on Craigslist

    From the photo it looks like it has some damage on the front left near the light. At least the Boxster won't be plotting its murder attempt on your life unlike a 911 will.
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    Teen Swaps Cell Phone for Porsche on Craigslist

    He should have stuck with the Bronco. And the maintenance cost on those things. A basic oil change costs between $200-300 and the 60,000 mile check up costs around $2,000-3,000. Which you can not do yourself since the engine is mounted at the bottom of the car. I was considering buying a...
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    11 States to Support California's Fight Against Violent Games

    Glad my state isn't listed. this real violence is fine, fake violence is bad. :D
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    48% of PC Games Bought in 2009 Were Digital Downloads

    I prefer analog downloads myself
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    why do you never finish good games?

    In general I finish almost all games that I buy. There have been some exceptions, like I am really forcing myself to play Bioshock even though I would rather be playing Bad Company 2.
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    Bad Company 2

    Update! Bronzed all the pistols. That was much easier than I expected. The 92FS is actually pretty damn awesome.
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    Bad Company 2

    I think thats the solution
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    Bad Company 2

    I had a hell of a time with the NS2000. Thats good news, although I am not nearly talented enough to use a pistol as my primary weapon. I found the bolt action ones were easy but time consuming to bronze on, once you get the bullet drop down. Pretty much my experiences as well with...
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    Bad Company 2

    I managed to bronze all the weapons except the pistols. Some of those guns are a major pain.
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Multiplayer Clip

    I really loved WoW preTBC. I thought that I may have grown a taste for MMOs but after trying a bunch of MMOs and watching this trailer I think it was a fluke.
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    The ending didn't really bother me. At least 2K didn't say they will give us the real ending in episodic form and then not actually finish it.
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    Does it bother you when someone else has 'YOUR' in-game name?

    Yes, especially when your chosen name is an entirely made up word or a typo