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    z790 Micro ATX? I had a build using this mobo and pretty happy with it.
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    Please reccomend a Z790 Motherboard

    This! Great motherboard and the Lite makes it at really good price.
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    Best B550 ITX motherboard for enthusiast overclocker

    The problem is not the few ITX but I would say more on the lack of headroom from the Ryzen CPUs to overclock as nicely as the intel.... I have the Phantom B550 and its running great but AMD out of the box already have plenty of performance, personally on a ITX I keep things at stock as it...
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    ATX vs mATX vs ITX

    Interesting round up.,.. I might just end up canceling my Extreme 4 order as I been waiting for a while now and buy the Steel Legend that is pretty much the same.
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    Which budget B450M board?

    The Pro4 is a great choice, with minimal airflow the board is well capable of 8 core+ CPUs with decent VRM temps.
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    ASROCK RMA warratnty service experience?

    I would say it might depend on the region, I had a RMA from Asrock done in 15 days...
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    Which B550 board?

    According to Buidzoid, Asus and Asrock did pretty good this time around and the Gigabyte a bit more disappointing, but obviously you have good and bad models on any brand, but for me I decided to go with the Extreme 4, solid VRM, great features and really sweet price for the specs. Now just...
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    Anyone waiting for a B550 board besides me?

    My 3800 is still waiting for my B550 Extreme 4! The wait is killing me...
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    The lack of B450 MB's on Amazon and other places?

    It's nonsense to buy B450's right now, there's entry level B550 for less than 80$ and very solid mid range for 115$ like the B550 Phantom which is at the same price as some B450's.
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    X570 advise please.

    When you have boards as good as their X570 brothers but costing less... I'm looking to buy a B550 Extreme myself! Top of the line VRMs, good features and for just 180$.
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    Board options for Zen-2 cpus

    You have good options, the B550 M Steel Legend was listed just around 150$ which is a good price for that board. The PCIe 4.0 will become more usefull once you see more storage devices taking advantage..
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    Which B550 board?

    Thats actually a good motherboard, but all depends what CPU and what you are looking for on the mobo.
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    Which B550 board?

    You are better off with a B450 for a 3300X, heck I would even get a 3600 with the money saved...
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    Anyone waiting for a B550 board besides me?

    It seems that they are a bit pricey but they look that are far superior to the B450's. for something in betwen the B450 and X570, its a good option. I might get a B550 Extreme4.
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    Need help with finding "in stock" online x570 board

    If you are willing to wait a few more days, I would go with a B550. Personally I think you get a much better mobo for 190 compared to a X570. I'm looking at buying a B550 Extreme4 myself.
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    B550 Vision - a really clean board

    He would probably dislike this mobo as the heat sinks seem flat and not "enough" USB ports. :P
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    Hallelujah, praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition (X570 boards in stock but going fast)

    For how much? I was looking to get X570 Pro 4, used to be 150, but not anymore...
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    Help with which MOTHERBOARD I should buy. Thanks!

    The Taichi X399 is a great option, looks like your going to have a beast of a workstation ;)
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    Asrock Z490 Aqua

    I was just thinking that, Asus has good reliable boards but their support could use some help for sure. All brands have their issues, luckly for me never had any with the Asrock boards I've owned.
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    Compatible PCIe 4.0 z490 Boards

    Perhaps that's the reason of the price. Personally buying a mobo these days with out PCI4, high end, I think it's silly. You can argue there's no performance gain on the GFX, but once you are talking about storage, they always benefit, even more going forward.
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    ASRock B450M PRO4 vs ASUS TUF B450M-Plus Gaming...or B550?

    Since the B450 is now back to compatible with the next gen AMDs I would say B450's would do fine, but I would get one with decent VRMs and a heatsink as the next gen might need better VRM and cooling.
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    Personally I dont see any new cards at this price point anytime soon, so talking that this card is dead is a bit excessive. What, the man should just wait 4-5 months? That 5600XT is great, for the price is a good deal, go for it.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    As far as rumor goes, 2080 ti + 15% performance... price? will all depends on NVIDIA pricing on the next gen.. but I think they are in for a surprise.
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    AMD RDNA 2 gets ray tracing

    I think the next Gen consoles is what going to help save RTG in AMD, RTX would stick if developers didnt had a alternative.. but since they will and they will develop for the RDNA tech, it should run pretty well on AMD whatever Raytracing the next gen games have. The only thing is if nvidia...
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    Budget motherboard Recommendation for i7-8700 non-K with 1080ti

    The B365 Phantom Gaming looks pretty good and also it has the BFB Tech that allows a non K CPU to have a much higher clock (OC) totally worth considering:
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    Intel 10th Gen Mobo Recommendation

    I would wait for actual reviews to show up before buying anything in pre order...
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    Asrock Z490 Aqua

    I dont think it's a collectors item but for sure prestige of having one, I mean if money is no problem, you are looking at the best motherboard in specs and cooling...Also only makes sense if you actually going to watercool the rest of the system.
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    X570 advise please.

    Might be best for you just to buy a X570 Pro 4 and add a Wifi card, cheaper and would work well.
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    Gigabyte Aorus X570 Master, bad luck or bad run?

    All depends on what you are looking for on a motherboard, personally if I'm doing overclock on the system and play with settings I go with Asrock, they have good overclocking bios.
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    Mobo for 3700x @ 4.3ghz. don't need wifi/BT. Sound chip important for HT AVR?

    If you are not looking to get much out of the motherboard just get a basic but good B450, the B450 Steel M is around 80$ and works with the new CPUs.
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    new motherboard with suport zen 2 and zen 3 later??

    No one knows if the B450s will be compatible with the Zen3, your best bet would be picking up one X570, theres good models like the X570 Pro 4 that are affordable and pretty decent.
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    Looking to build Intel System

    You probably don't need that much memory as well the VRMs dont really matter much on the 3700X CPU, as long as you have a good heatsink and some airflow. Even a X570 Pro4 would work perfect!
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    Motherboard choice for [Intel Corei9 9900K] based build

    Even if you don't that CPU sucks energy big time. You better have decent motherboard. Also check the features you like. The Z390 Taichi is pretty solid motherboard and not too crazy expensive, considering everything that it packs.
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    Need X570 motherboard recommendation

    Taichi is one, if not the sub 300$ AM4 motherboard right now. Even Buildzoid says it. I seen it with rebate now, good deal if you are searching for a well rounded motherboard.
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    Motherboard for Ryzen 5 3400g? B450 or X370?

    Not only that, the B450 offers the new AMD boost that is missing on the 300 series. Check the B450 Pro4, is already pretty good mobo and reasonably priced.
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    Need help picking Ryzen 3 Motherboard.

    Sometimes with the prices of the X570, you can find a top tier like the Taichi X470 for cheaper than a mid tier X570..
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    Any matx X570 board?

    What's wrong with Asrock ? Personally I had better luck with them than some others .
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    RX 5600 / 5600XT Thread

    My guess is the 5600 XT will use the same gpu as 5700 with 192bit with some other stuff cut down. They will limit the power on the XT so it won't be able to be overclocked by partners to compete with the 5700 in performance. Price, 299$.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Desktop PC - Need Help with Build

    Yea, you might want to wait for the Zen2. few more months...
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    What will be your go-to replacement for

    shocked to see Hexus on some people list.. they are crap, they are very biased and basic.