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    Marissa Mayer Will Leave Yahoo with a $23-Million Golden Parachute

    I still remember reading about her when she first got the gig over an experienced fellow CEO who ran a successful business. The board of directors choose her despite the fact that the other guy was giving very detailed plans and presentation on how he will steer the company towards the media and...
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    Independence Day: Resurgence: Like A High-Budget Porno, Minus Sex And Fun

    movie is pretty boring. Too many unnecessary characters, many of them who serve no real purpose. I couldnt care about any of them. The plot holes are ridiculous, too.
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    The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect Your Home Computer

    I don't see how the 2nd amendment can protect your electronics from being officially hacked by the gov. As much as I like the 2nd Amendment, it doesn't do much in this case
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    Tesla Model S Can Swim

    well duh, thats how you prevent it from catching on spontaneous fire :D
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    Amazon Prime Now Will Destabilize The Economy In Paris

    France is a socialist nightmare in the works. Their debt to gdp has been rising non-stop like every other welfare nation in the world ( maybe I shouldn't throw stones while living in a glass house). Anyway, they always favored top-down centralized planning and they have a 10% institutionalized...
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    Nancy Pelosi: US Government Created iPhone, Not Steve Jobs Or Apple

    I always wondered how braindead people in her district are to keep electing her and if that is really the case, god help us all for the republic might survive her, but it definetly can't survive dump voters
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    Nancy Pelosi: US Government Created iPhone, Not Steve Jobs Or Apple

    all Bill did was signing the bill approving GPS for civilian use. It was already lobbied for at the time. Of course Slick Willy took full credit
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    Warcraft Is The Critical Bomb Of The Summer

    I saw the movie overseas in 4DX theaters with 3d, mist, wind, lighting, smoke, reactive chairs that tilt rumble and bumps you in the back. It was awesome. I went in thinking it was going to be another shitty CGI movie, but I was proven wrong. The movie has a pretty simple storyline, I don't see...
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    Three Goldman Bankers Leave For Uber

    Well, considering that Uber's competition is mostly governemnt legalized monopolies, there is a lot of upside for their business. So in a match between government subsidized financial mafia and government approved monopoly, who will win? I will get the popcorn :cool:
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    Russia Blocks PornHub

    The low oil price is not just destroying russia, but also American wells out west. Our rig counts have been dropping like a rock over the past year and there's lots of layoffs. Its pretty much a massacre all over the world for oil companies. Thank you Saudi Arabia for your geopolitical chess...
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    Cutting Open A BB-8 To See How It Works

    So the prediction comes true, the idiotic droid design is for selling toys to kids
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    Pirate Bay Founder Released From Jail, Immediately Re-Arrested

    If Norway didn't have all that oil, they would be bankrupt by now
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    Does Diversity In Tech Actually Matter?

    I guess you never heard of 2nd order effect. Just like the hottest time of the day is not at noon but around 3-4pm. Legislation doesn't take effect right away after passing into law. it usually takes a couple of years before its implemented across the nation. The great society program has been...
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    Does Diversity In Tech Actually Matter?

    Its because of welfare dependence and government b.s that this problem never goes away. I am not black nor white, and my group never gets any special treatment and we did alright for ourselves. There are always obstacles in life, trying to use the violence of government to make it easier for one...
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    Does Diversity In Tech Actually Matter?

    +++1, personal experience has shown that they are tolerant as long as you agree with them on everything
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    Tesla Loses More Than $4,000 On Every Car Sold

    So even with large government taxpayer subsidy, he is still losing money. just wonderful
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    Too Lazy To Walk? The WalkCar Is For You

    I like where this is going, I guess great minds do think alike
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    The EPA Accidentally Turned This River Toxic And Orange

    Trump has been a democrat for most of his life and donated orders of magnitude more money to democrat party than republican. He supported ban on guns, government heathcare, and many other socialist policies. He and the clintons are on very good terms and he like many other super rich has...
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    Ten Jobs That Automation Won’t Kill Off

    That is a pretty stupid argument, done away with money? only in a utopian fantasy. Money and price of goods are a derivative of the supply and demand in the market. Things that are plentiful are cheap and vice versa. Without money to inform consumption, all you get is massive waste and...
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    Too Lazy To Walk? The WalkCar Is For You

    Now all I need is a portable breathing machine so I don't have to use my own lungs to do it
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    President Pushes For More Diversity In Tech

    When it is forced upon you, then they are the same thing.
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    $9k Watch That Straps To The Apple Watch

    When I heard that AAPL dropped 12% recently, I can't help but feel a little happy to know that at least something finally made sense. As Apple faces more and more competition in emerging markets from the likes of xiaomi, Its profit margin will shrink and hopefully people finally wise up to the...
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    Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Is Ready For Combat

    I am in the wrong business, should've gone into the Military Industrial Complex.
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    China To End Ban On Video Game Consoles

    kids playing too much and not studying perhaps
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    Engineers Have Made A Mobile Bridge Based On Origami

    they got a patent out of this? I guess Japan's patent laws are as wacky as ours
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    China To End Ban On Video Game Consoles

    Well considering the general mentality of the older generation, I am surprised it is now legal
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    U.S. Treasury's Intelligence Network Vulnerable To Hack

    why do we even have a treasury? Treasury implies there is large room with money and valuables inside.
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    Airless Tires Are One Step Closer To Production

    First saw this on military humvees, looks very interesting. Hopefully it won't cost too much
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    Interesting, in for one
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    Batman Confronts Superman In New Dawn Of Justice Trailer

    There are better choices for wonder women and what is the point of having her there in a batman vs superman movie
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    This Video Shows You What NOT To Do With Fireworks

    Too bad these don't meet the requirements of Darwin's Award.
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    What Kind Of Fireworks Are Legal In Your State

    hip hip hooray for the great police state of NJ!!!!
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    Robots Getting Married In Japan

    This will help their birth rate problem :rolleyes: Seriously japan, stop taxing your citizen through the nose, stop printing money to prop up your zombie banks and inflating wages away, and maybe your young people can actually afford to have a real marriage and real families.
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    Facebook Releases Employee Demographic Data

    Who cares about Asians anyway? they don't fit into the blacks vs whites media narrative which means they don't really exist. I like to think all the stuff in Walmart are made by obedient robots.:D
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    am i allowed to say that its not the size that matters but how you use it?
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    What Bill Gates Is Afraid Of

    I as much as everyone here desire space colonization. The devil is in the details. There are currently no economic benefits to be had from sending people up there. When the Europeans arrived in the Americas, there were ridiculous amount of resources that can be harvested and traded to sustain...
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    What Bill Gates Is Afraid Of

    The biggest problem I see with the whole Global Warming debate is that one side denies it exist while the other side portends doom and gloom. I want a honest debate on the benefit/cost analysis. I mean more carbon and more warmth means more food for plant life and a longer growing season. With...
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    Industrial Robot vs Sword Master

    I am lazy by nature, so from a pure short-term self-interest perspective I support Unions.:D