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    Missing 60gb of space problem

    Thanks a lot guys :) it was the system restore points,i deleted them and i have 70gb free space now. Cheers!
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    Missing 60gb of space problem

    Hello, I seem to be having some missing storage space issue.Windows 7 tells me i have 97 gb used from 120gb ssd,but when i check all files (including hidden ones)i get 33gb of used space.How come i am missing more than 60gb of space?I have hibernation disabled.I use sleep function a lot,if that...
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    I will be replacing my radeon hd 6870 wich dying for an upgrade :) gl to all
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    PS4 Costs More Than $1,100 In Argentina?

    U guys seem surprised....all over the world things cost more than in the USA,while getting a shitier sallary also.Gas in my country is 1.8$/L, and all this at a 500$ /month average salary.Ps3 costs 400 and it was 500 at launch.
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    GTA V Cost $266M To Make?

    So why games like cod,bf 3,skyrim, all of wich sold more on console versions ,came out on all platforms from day one?its just rockstar policy,probably milking ms and sony for console exclusives...
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    'Mega Man' Spiritual Successor Raises $1.6 Million

    I dont' know how this kickstarter works,but whats stoping him from taking the money and doing nothing?What about the extra money?say the game costs 100k and he raises 2 milion? Someone educate me on how this is suposed to work :)
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    Haswell-Based Surface Pro 2 Leaks Emerge

    U suggested it should be clocked 150mhz higher?:))
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    China Confirms First Moon Visit Later This Year

    They want to build a manpost on the moon?Whats next?..."made on the moon by china" instead of just made in china?I could see it now,fake iphone 6 "made on the moon"..
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    Splinter Cell: Blacklist Image Quality Video Card Review @ [H]

    I remember when the first splinter cell game came out,i didnt't had internet and was watching it tv-shows showing off the game,it looked absolutely amazing and real for that time.The first games looked phenomenal and it helped with the realisim of the game(no aliens in this game).Guess they...
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    8-Year-Old Kills Caregiver After Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

    I let my niece play GTA 3 and Vice City on my phone and she likes it a lot.She talks about runing people over,killing them to get the money,but she is aware its just a game and not to be taken seriously.She is also 6 not 8.Again this crap how the game is to blame?Maybe the stupid/crazy parents...
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    Microsoft's Next CEO: Handicap the Early Candidates

    What exactly u prefer at windows 8 over windows 7?
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    Microsoft Announces 50-game Xbox One Lineup

    So if not graphics whats the point of geting excited over a new generation of games?In that list all i see are remakes wich will probably use the same game egine as previous games.
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    Microsoft Announces 50-game Xbox One Lineup

    All i see is games that can run on 8 years old x-box,give us ground bracking graphics to justify buying the new x-box,whats the point of better hardware if graphics stays the same?The point of new consoles is to get excited about graphics finaly advancing,seema nothing will change.
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    U.S. Videogame Sales Drop Again In July

    Any good games released this summer anyway?buy what?
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    Geek Squad Accused Of Stealing Customer’s Naked Photos

    Am i the only asking the question :"why she even had naked pictures of herself on her pc in the first place?".
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    FS:Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4 lens - Europe only

    Want to sell my brand new Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4 bought on 27.06.2013.The lens was unboxed and used for few tests.It comes in the original box,pouch,lens caps(front and back),colar,manual and also included in the price as bonus: Manfrotto 501PL Acces plate for tripod mount.The lens is under...
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    Samsung Smart TVs Could Be Hacked to Watch You

    Getting watched while u fap in front of your brand new smart TV...ha ha.Just put some gum over the camera!
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    Hack question

    Tks all for the great replys.Regarding paypal,is that safe?i mean it doesnt require any names,account numbers,adresses etc.
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    Hack question

    Sryy if this is the wrong thread,but my question is kinda weired.Atm i am trying to sell a dlsr and some lenses,and i got a pm from someone from another country saying he wants to buy.Aparently he is in UK atm and wants the items shipped to someone in Nigeria (yeah i know:)) .He said the price...
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    The North Pole Is Now a Lake

    So whats your point?What u think will happen with all that water if the glaciers melt?People living near the oceans will just move to the north pole because it has been proven u can live there? Rofl
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    Valve: Half-Life 3 Release Date Article Is 'Bogus'

    As far as graphics is concerned hl2 never looked good to me..textures look outdated and that hdr was just awfull ..doom 3 for that time looked like nothing else,those outside parts were just mind-blowing,remined me so much of alien 2:))
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    Valve: Half-Life 3 Release Date Article Is 'Bogus'

    Valve is just brilliant.Don't release hl3 for 10,15 years,build up a hype,stories,dreams , than release it and make one bllion in sales.Than no hl 4 for another 15 years.Basicaly valve could wait 100 years untill they go bankrupt,than just before the very end release hl3 and turn a profit. Brillian.
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    The North Pole Is Now a Lake

    Now why would anyone try to create mass hysteria?All of this goobal warming is a warning to humans poluting to much,if u think polution is also a mass hysteria scam than i am sorry for u,let the worl burn but don't mess wirh your tech right?
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    Porn Accidentally Shown On Outdoor Big Screen In China

    Thats japanese sex :))
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    Headphone Amp

    I use a fiio e9 amp with my dt 880 600ohm and its more than enough.At around half the volume your head starts to explode...its also cheap and damn good.
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    CES 2013 Booth Babes

    noone noticed the amd radeon video card with the nvidia babes?:))