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    Anyone ever use Promise VTrak E-Class SAN? I have been tasked with finding a cheap storage solution for development that can present LUN's over Fiber channel to ESX hosts as well as windows. Does anyone have any experience with these, reliability, support...
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    BFG 8800 GT OC Fry's B&M for folks in Dallas

    Available online too..
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    Dell Sata raid card, will it work in a standard PCI slot?

    It should work. I have the 6 port variant working in an Asus P4P800 right now.
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    e6400 $109 + SH

    Awsome, thanks.. I just bought a few cpu's from them for a couple cheap projects..
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    Seagate 750 SATA II 199.99 Free Ship Seagate 750GB Serial ATA/300 16MB Buffer ST3750640AS-RK - Retail Hard Drive Kit
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    8 Core Dell Server $1,471.73. Shipped

    These make great VM hosts once you add more memory..
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    HP MSA60 Hard Drive Cages

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    *HOT* 400GB SATA Drive $99 Shipped

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    OEM Seagate 750GB Sata2 $274.46 Shipped # Brand: Seagate # Mfg. No: ST3750640AS # Interface: SATA 3.0Gb/s # Capacity: 750GB # Cache: 16MB # RPM: 7200
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    Completely Smoking ZMAXDP $174 + ship, 2 for $326 shipped ($163 ea)

    I got one of these from Geeks a while back.. they doo make great little servers, but they are loud! I threw some 246's in mine and run a couple VMs on it.. I might just have to pick up 1 or 2 more.. I would really love to get a zmaxd2 though...
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    3x 500gb WD RE2 + NF4 + Raid 5 = ???

    The driver is not for the raid, it is for the controller the array is built on. All disk controllers require drivers, it's just that most non-raid controllers are natively supported in the OS. Without the driver, the OS will not recognize that disks exist raid or not. Software Management of...
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    Choosing a Raid 5 Controller (PATA)

    You can look arround for used LSI i4 Megaraid cards, which are also sold as Dell IDE raid controllers. They are 4 channel PCI cards for up to 8 drives. Not sure about linux support, but they are pretty old tech, so there should be.
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    400gb Seagate PATA -- $90 Shipped

    The last 3 times I've bought these drives on an outpost deal I recieved 7200.9's. They have been running in R5 just fine. I just bought 2 more to add to the array.
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    SATA Drive Issue

    If the drive works fine in another computer, and you have change PSU's, sounds like the motherboard is bad.
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    Enclosure Recomendation

    I don't think an enclosure exists, but you might be able to work something with these. they are basically the same, just choose the manufacturer you prefer. Sabrent Masscool Vantec
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    RAID 5 Array Down

    If I understand correctly, there was only one array. If so, the problem is the disk signatures are messed up on the 2 drives. If one drive was a hot spare, then the original array should only be missing 1 drive? I would remove the 2 drive array in the controller, wipe the drives and try to...
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    RAID 5 Array Down

    The 2 array thing is pretty interesting.. It looks like the hot spare became part of an array. Looks like the controller fouled up. Not sure you could do anything to recover without a restore. You might try disconnecting the drives then boot into the array config. and clear the controller...
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    RAID 5 Array Down

    Did WD make IDE RE drives?
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    CSP Mag pump failure

    I guess its good to know that your system can withstand a pump failure. I had a hydor l20 that the impeller blades broke and though the pump was running no fluid was moving. I noticed my temps were steadilly in the high 40's insead of the high 20's-low 30's. I had no idea how long it was...
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    Removable HD Tray - Slowdown?

    Its a single 92mm fan. Its not quiet, but I keep it in my basement so I don't care about noise.. It provides plenty of flow accross the drives.
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    Removable HD Tray - Slowdown?

    I have heard of issues before with some backplane's/trays, but I have not experienced it myself. I use SuperMicro 5in3's Not the cheapest out there I guess, but they work well for me, and I know others around here use them too.
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    Iwill ZMAXdp SFF barbones kits

    I couldn't resist the price, the red ones are $239+ship ($257 for me).. I can't wait to play with it, and figure out what the heck I'm gonna use it for.. maybe i'll stick it at a friends, and make a dr site for home.
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    Danger Den Mag II - LE 12 Volt and some W/C questions

    The mag II should be fine to start with, I used one with just a swiftech storm and BIP 120x2. As you expand and if you find you need more, just buy a second mag II. they should work very well in series.
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    pata to sata adaptor for raid use?

    I don't think you will find many if any that have tried this.. There is another thread where someone is going to try with 2 sata and 2 pata with converters on a highpoint controller. The best I could say is maybe. It will depend if the raid controller is compatable with the converters and...
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    SATA Bridge and RAID5 Reliability

    As long as the sata controller works with the bridge cards you should be ok. Though in general its not a good idea to mix drives in raid arrays. I have an array of 6 wd 120gb sata drives and have had no issues with the array. I've been using these bridges in my systems, though not on raid...
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    Silverstone SG01

    Any std ATX psu should fit. I know its not a great psu, but I have a coolmax ezwire modular in my sg01. It is tight with my dvd burner, but not problematic. I bought mine from outpost when they were on sale a few months back and it was the sg01e.
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    Antec Nine Hundred - Get it or pass?

    The side panel I could live with, but I hate the top, Plus its steel. For $100+ mid. tower it should be aluminum.
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    Project: BloodMoon

    Truely awsome work!! As far as the drive, just remove the label and paint it...
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    Dual Scsi raid?

    any good scsi raid controller should handle 2 different raid arrays on one card. That should not be a problem.
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    What is ya'll's file copying prog of choice? Robocopy? NTBackup?

    I have tried others, but always end up back with robocopy. It is super reliable, the logging is great, its small, I keep it and a standard bat file on my keychain, and its free.
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    good setup for HTPC?

    That should work just fine.. I use a skt 754 3000 with 512mb. ram and an ATI 9500 for vid. and mine works well so yours should be too. I second the 2 drives.. or at least 2 partitions. started with just one big drive and the first time I filled the drive up and the system crashed, I changed it...
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    NEC Black 16X DVDRW - $29.25 Shipped

    can someone tell me what the length is.. I need a burner for an aria case and there is not much room. My old cd burner doesn't fit.
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    best way to get lots of IDE ports?

    With the limited requirements you're specifying, it looks like your only option is a 3ware card. I don't think anyone ever made a non-raid controller with more than 4 ports, and even in raid controllers, I think 3ware is the only one that you'll find a 12 port controller, and maybe the abillity...
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    DangerDen 1/2" hose barb hole size??

    Fron DD site!: "The most reliable fitting to date. Uses an O-Ring to seal. Large ID bore for high flow and lower pressure drop compared to other fittings.Uses a G 1/4 BSPP straight thread or 9/16-18 with O-Ring Seal." So it depends on if you ordered them with the G1/4 BSPP or the 9/16-18...
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    Problems with what should be a basic hd install...

    Right click on it and initalize the disk and set partitions and assign drive letters and format.
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    Watercooling Assembly Help (total n00b)

    what I do is put a nut between the rad. fins and the fan mount on the rad and use screws that go through the lower fan ears and into the rad mount. just make sure the screws are not too long and go into the rad fins! I use some angled pliers to hold the nuts though the fan blades. you could...
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    Laptop HDD Question

    Pull the drive out and look at it.
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    Intermittently Failing Drive, How do I make it fail?

    If the drive had issues for you and is failing.. RMA it!! They will not question it and will replace it for you.. I have not heard of any MFR. these days that repairs and sends back the same drive. They recieve your drive and do a quick look at it to see if it has been tampered with, then ship...
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    my Typhoon Repack reservoir review...

    If you look just in front of the brass fitting you can see where part of the hump has been removed. The hole actually goes into part of that center hump.. I then dremmeled n front of the hole smooting it out. its really hard to get a pic of it since its all clear and shinny.. I can't take any...