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  1. Zepher

    Anyone still use an analog capture card?

    You don't happen to have an old MiniDV camcorder lying around do you? I know most of them had analog AV outs and some could do AV in as well which meant you could play analog video into the camera and out of the DV port in the computer. I bought some Apple adapters to play with a couple of...
  2. Zepher

    Anyone still use an analog capture card?

    What device and what software have you tried? Have you tried this device and it's software? I have heard people say that this is a pretty decent one, although a bit pricey. The last analog one I use was a Dazzle that I had...
  3. Zepher

    Help Request: 3 computers - one Synology - two switches

    I have my setup just like your diagram except I have my nas hooked up to the second switch since it’s in the room with my main 2 computers. I have no issues with my setup. I am using a pair of QNAP 5 port multigig switches.
  4. Zepher

    New router for 2.5g

    These are the QNAP's I have, TPlink has a similar one for around $100-120. I paid $120 each for these on sale, they were $140+ and hard to get for awhile due to the chip shortage a couple of years ago.
  5. Zepher

    New router for 2.5g

    Does that mean if I have 2Gbps internet service and I have 2 machines plugged into the 1Gbps ports, each one can only download at 500Mbps, or would each be able to get 1Gbps? edit: Oh, just looked up what those were and they are security features.
  6. Zepher

    New router for 2.5g

    This would be awesome if it had all 2.5GbE ports, but what does this mean in this image? IDS/IPS throughput 1Gbps. Does that mean even though it has a 2.5GbE Wan port that only 1Gbps can go through it?
  7. Zepher

    WTB: Pair of 6TB or 8TB HDD's

    Check out this vendor, they have 12TB WD and Seagate drives for sale with 3 year warranty for under $100
  8. Zepher

    New router for 2.5g

    As I was checking out the one you listed I saw this really expensive router for $800. :eek: I currently use an Arris G36 Cable Modem/Router combo with a 2.5GbE Lan port hooked up to a pair of QNAP 2.5GbE switches (one next to the modem and another in the garage so I can have 2.5GbE to all my...
  9. Zepher

    no sound from speakers but subwoofer works

    maybe part of the amp failed, like a capacitor or two dried up and failed. The newer Klipsch's don't have a power switch from what I read and they are always powered when plugged into the wall. googled and saw this post on a random forum,
  10. Zepher

    Case side panel broken twice, how to cover the case now?

    If you can't get a solid panel and you get another glass panel, put some window tint on the inside so when it does break again it will mostly stay together in one piece. I know this first hand when I was installing a spoiler on my 1986 Trans Am and was drilling mounting holes and one of them was...
  11. Zepher

    Plasma is still beautiful and it's image quality rivals any modern tech!

    Look closely at the images, you can read the text on the display that is burned in.
  12. Zepher

    Plasma is still beautiful and it's image quality rivals any modern tech!

    I was given this 42" Plasma that was used in an Airport Terminal at the Baggage Claim area,
  13. Zepher

    Which controller are you using for PC? (xbox?)

    I have a dock and plug it into a TV and use bluetooth for the controller. Oh, I got the Elite 2 controller for $139.99, just looked at the invoice from MS.
  14. Zepher

    Which controller are you using for PC? (xbox?)

    Naw, I can't aim with a controller, that was M&K. I got the Elite 2 on sale for $159 or 179 a couple of years ago when I bought a Series X console.
  15. Zepher

    Simple program to sync a folder across two PCs (not using cloud!!)

    There was an MS app called SyncToy that does what you need, should still be available. Looks like MS took down the download link but here is alternative download,
  16. Zepher

    Anyone went strictly to SSDs only yet ?

    I have SSD's in all of my machines except for my Plex Server. 134TB is too expensive in SSD's, so I have 12-18TB Western Digital drives in it.
  17. Zepher

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    that is my old Yeong Yang YY-0221 cube case that I bought back in 2003 or so. I traded it to my brother back in 2009 or 2010, and it got traded a few more times to other people over the years. One day in 2016 I was at a friends house buying a dual xeon workstation from him and he mentioned he...
  18. Zepher

    5600G build and PBO question

    One thing I didn't realize when I got the Ryzen 5500 and 5600G processors was that they only support PCIe Gen 3. I only paid $68 for the 5500. The delivery time for it kept changing and I talked to Amazon customer service and they gave me a $30 courtesy credit. I ordered a second one so I...
  19. Zepher

    Which controller are you using for PC? (xbox?)

    Here is a really fancy Xbox controller, but really pricey at $330, lol.
  20. Zepher

    Which controller are you using for PC? (xbox?)

    I use an Xbox Elite 2 controller on my PC and SteamDeck. I've been using Xbox controllers since the 360 since I like the shape and layout of them over the PS style controller. Way back in the day I used to use a PS2 controller on my PC with one of those PS2 to USB converter boxes,
  21. Zepher

    5600G build and PBO question

    I have an older 7400 with the same iGPU as you and it plays 4K just fine, I just don't have a 4K monitor, I am using Edge as my browser. I also have a similar machine to the one you are building, 5600G, Asrock B550 Steel Legend, but 32GB Ram, cheap and very powerful
  22. Zepher

    30tb hdd for consumers this year

    My first hard drive was 100MB in my Amiga 3000 I bought in 1992. The following year I bought a Video Toaster 4000 card and had to upgrade my storage so I bought a 345MB Maxtor SCSI drive for $345. I currently have 134TB in my Plex Server.
  23. Zepher

    Shucking still a thing?

    Warranty on those externals are 2-3 years, My - Series and Blacks get 3 years and all other variants get 2.
  24. Zepher

    Show your RGB setup, How are you guys setting up your PCs RGB lighting?

    I use iCue on 2 of them and the Thermaltake hardwired remote for the Dual Xeon machine
  25. Zepher

    Speakers broke, i've not looked at pc speakers in 10 years, need recommendations.

    Just leave your broke ones on the desk if you like the way they look, lol.
  26. Zepher

    2.5" SSD for gaming?

    I was using a 6TB WD Blue as my download and unpack drive for my Linux ISO's but had to switch to my System drive as that is the only SSD in the machine when I upgraded to 2 Gbps internet. Downloads hit nearly 300MB/s and my drive only did 150 or so.
  27. Zepher

    Can someone AI-upscale this image for me in a quality way?

    I used Topaz Gigapixel. I just looked at both again and the one named 3840 was downscaled from the website, I chose 3840 in the link you provided, and it looks really close to the 1080p one. I noticed that the other file I did which was upscaled from 1080p lost detail on the center part of the...
  28. Zepher

    Can someone AI-upscale this image for me in a quality way?

    I did 2,
  29. Zepher

    Post Pics of your SLI or Crossfire Builds (I know its dead)

    this was my only SLI setup. Built the system in late 2014, Asus Sabertooth Z97, i7 4790K, 16GB Ram, GTX980. Got the second card in early 2017. In early 2021 I was going to use these RTX 3080 FTW3's but they forgot to put the SLI tabs on the cards. :(
  30. Zepher

    Optimum speaker setup for PC gaming?

    You know what really gets me? Is how Apple does their surround sound on the Air Pods Pro. When you are wearing them and watching something, the sound sounds like it is coming from the screen. If you turn your head, the sound sounds like it is still coming from the screen. If I stand up and...
  31. Zepher

    My EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA is vastly underperforming

    put the 3080 in the other machine
  32. Zepher

    2.5" SSD for gaming?

    I have the 2TB version of this and have no issues with it, My friend has had this one for the past 6 months or so and hasn't had any issues with it either,
  33. Zepher

    ATX motherboards in SFF cases - Options?

    If you want a smaller case for an ATX board, you seem to be doing the same as using an mATX board, you are limiting what the ATX board can do when placed into a slim style case that you are looking for. Just get an mATX board that has what you think you will need and a small case that fits on...
  34. Zepher

    2.5" SSD for gaming?

    If you have free PCIe slots, you can get M.2 to PCIe adapters. The cards with multiple M.2 slots usually require that your motherboard supports Bifurcation, basically splitting a 16x slot into four 4x slots.
  35. Zepher

    WTS - Rift S | HDMI Extender | Arlo Kit

    I'll take the 1080ti, my friend is looking for a card.
  36. Zepher

    Kioxia reportedly kills off 30-year-old Plextor brand — icon of the optical drive days spins up its last SSD

    Ya, and the Microsoft Intellimouse, I think that is what it was called.
  37. Zepher

    Apple now sending $92 payments to iPhone users affected by ‘batterygate’ throttling

    Sweet, just checked my phone and saw a deposit for $92.17
  38. Zepher

    Micro Center starts a GPU trade-in program

    They did the same thing for storage, bring in an old hard drive and get 25% off a new hard drive. Used that a couple of times for some 14TB Easystores when they were $189.
  39. Zepher

    Micro Center starts a GPU trade-in program

    I bought a new cable modem a few months ago at Best Buy and they were offering $40 for your old modem, so I brought in our first Motorola cable modem we got back in 2000 which isn't worth anything.