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    Tesla Model 3 Outsells BMW and Mercedes Models

    Chiming in as an S owner who just sold it last week to take delivery of a 3 next week. No issues in 120k miles other than tires. In the beginning there were a couple of quirks that were quickly fixed. My wife has a 2017 Honda CR-V. It has already had 2 recalls, tons of panel gaps, and oil...
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    FS: AT&T 64GB iPhone 6S+ MINT

    Price drop - $700
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    FS: AT&T 64GB iPhone 6S+ MINT

    Price drop to $750
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    FS: AT&T 64GB iPhone 6S+ MINT

    Asking $800 shipped. All accessories included.
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    Comcast Introduces World’s First Live DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Class Modem

    We have 80mbps as the "Blast" package, which is standard. We also have a 300GB cap we hit every single month and usually pay one or two $10 overage charges. This is a couple of game downloads a month plus a ton of Netflix and Amazon video. 300GB is a joke in 2015.
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    what brand of motherboard has HORIZONTAL M.2 slot at NVME speed?

    Are you thinking that drive sticks straight out? I'm so confused by what you are asking.
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    what brand of motherboard has HORIZONTAL M.2 slot at NVME speed?

    The board you linked to is literally how 99% of the m.2 slots are that are implemented. If you go Z97, an nVME drive will not operate at full speed, Z170 will. I've used an MSI Z97S Krait, Z170-A, and Z97A. All M.2 slots were in a similar position. No clue what you are asking or implying.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I have invites available as well. PM me if needed.
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    FS/FT: Assassin's Creed Syndicate uPlay Code

    Just like the title states! Digital code, will be sent instantly. Asking $30 or make an offer for some Steam Key trades. Thanks!
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    Nexus 6p pre-order thread. Which did you choose? Nexus protect?

    I preordered a 64GB Aluminum without protect from Google. As my coworkers were telling me I was crazy for spending $549 on a phone, I explained to them why I liked my 2013 Nexus 5 so much and why I'm ditching my S6 for the 6P. Needless to say, 3 more 6P orders were placed that day.
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    FS: Corsair AX1200 Cable set with Bag

    I'm 99.9% Sure these are back from when I had an AX1200 PSU. If I can stuff them in a USPS Flat rate box, then I'm just asking $10 via PayPal. 3x PCI-E Sata 2-Plugs 2x Molex 4-Plugs 4x Sata 4-Plugs 2x Molex to floppy? Velcro Lid Corsair Bag
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    [Troubleshooting] - Help me cool down my 3930k

    Not that anyone may see this, but, I moved the parts into a new 780T, this issue followed. Replaced the 920 Kuhler with an H100i GT and I'm posting this while idling at 39C. Problem solved. Thanks
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    [Troubleshooting] - Help me cool down my 3930k

    Good news and bad news, The front fan in my 600T has never been replaced. I had a spare 200mm Corsair fan from another 600T. I plugged it in and noticed it spun way faster on the same header. I just swapped them out now, and though it is extremely loud when fully ramped up, I'm still sitting...
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    [Troubleshooting] - Help me cool down my 3930k

    Pressing on it made zero difference. I may try the o ring idea though, awesome suggestion. Fans are configured properly. I may remove that cage. I have the front fan configured to spin faster than the top exhaust. The processor is throttling when under load as well. The biggest problem...
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    [Troubleshooting] - Help me cool down my 3930k

    I have a Corsair 600T, even running the front intake and top exhaust at full RPM, the Antec 920 cooler is struggling. I swapped a pair of SP120 PWM editions on and even on max fan speed it isn't cooling and I hit 91C almost instantly under load. Current setup here: (Both fans have been...
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    Insider: Verizon Caps FiOS At 10 TB And DSL At 1.5 TB

    Could be worse. I have Comcast with a 300gb cap (upload+download) and hit it monthly with a house of four using netflix and gaming. $10 per 50gb afterward. Even if you only use 1gb of the 50gb. -_-
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    For Sale: eVGA GeForce GTX670 FTW 2GB w/Backplate

    Price DROP! $125 shipped! Card still has the protective film on it! Think of the satisfaction of pulling that off!
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    For Sale: eVGA GeForce GTX670 FTW 2GB w/Backplate

    Includes warranty, original box and all manuals and unopened accessories! Album of Photos Here [SOLD]
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    For Sale: 32GB Nexus 5 with extras

    For Sale: MINT!!! - LG Nexus 5 32gb GSM Unlocked Spigen Neo Hybrid Case Spigen Slim Armor Case 5 Screen Protectors (1 pre-installed) Wireless Charger Original Box Asking $270 shipped.
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    Hard Drive Packaging at Amazon

    How were they packed inside the other smaller boxes though? I have had some hgst and Toshiba drives shipped the same but in foam in those boxes and they've been fine. I'd still expect it to be better than that though. Lately my boxes from amazon have been arriving with little tape and one...
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    5TB Toshiba internal HD $149. Amazon lightning sale!

    I had just ordered an HGST 4TB drive yesterday for $165. Got amazon to have ups to return the package and nabbed this instead. Thanks for posting!
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    Help! P9X79 Pro Slow USB 3.0

    I did using the tool provided by Asus. I am on the latest BIOS, other BIOS versions make no difference. I'm starting to think tht ASMedia controller just sucks and I may have to deal with this or get some external storage that uses ethernet vs usb 3.
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    Help! P9X79 Pro Slow USB 3.0

    Directly onto the board makes no difference and I can not get more than 35MBps on the ports. Copying large files takes forever but on the newer system it is 3x faster. This is a huge bummer as I am often working with larger files and do not want to replace the main board due to a somewhat...
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    Help! P9X79 Pro Slow USB 3.0

    Z97 PC Mate
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    Help! P9X79 Pro Slow USB 3.0

    I've honestly never known how fast USB 3.0 was supposed to be. My external hard drive and flash drive has always read/written at 35MB/sec and I just thought that was normal. Plugged it into another PC today and was reading and writing at 100MB/sec. This makes a huge difference. I need to...
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    Tesla To Owners: Please Don't Pimp Your Rides

    Tell Ferrari this. Deadmau5 had an issue with being told what he could and could not do.
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    FS: Intel 3930k, Asus P9X79-PRO, and 16GB DDR3

    Looking to sell off this system which I never thought I would do. It's the system in my signature, the board is at stock clocks now and has been since I updated the BIOS a few months ago and lost all of my OC settings. ASUS P9X79 PRO LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel...
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    Walmart, Best Buy Won’t Accept Apple Pay At Their Stores

    While I think we are moving toward "chip and signature", I do think it is at least a step. Most of my cards have already been replaced with the chip variant, and at retailers that accept chip already, it will not accept the stripe when swiped. I'd imagine soon, we will be purely chip based...
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    Needing a Bit-HDTV invite. I have plenty of IPT invites available. Ratio 3.80 Up: 3.12TB Down: 842GB
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    [STEAM] %75 off CodeMaster games

    I'm playing with a 360 controller and do not see how you're doing it with a keyboard, lol. Using a controller it took me a couple of runs to get the hang of it, but I'm doing well now. Although, I loved the original GRID drift mechanics. I do not own GRID for PC and had on on PS3 way back...
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    [STEAM] %75 off CodeMaster games

    Agreed, I played the original GRID and loved it, and skipped GRID when I heard there was no cockpit view. GRID Autosport is pretty awesome so far. Wish I had picked up one of the codes for it on here rather than paying $25 yesterday though.
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    How is your home data organized?

    I'm about to start digging through my hard drives and cleaning up file names, folder names, and trying to add some structure. Currently, I have my SSD with Win 8 and most programs installed to it. My 3TB drive is for all my games and video editing scratch space. My 4TB drive is for mass...
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    [H]ard Star Citizen's Group

    Hard Name: silentlunatic Callsign: ryanakata Ships: Origin 325a Role: ???
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    Hitachi 4TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive $130 (no rebate)

    Drive is an HGST cool spin model, drive part number HDS5C4040ALE630, made in Taiwan, some have claimed to have received a 7.2K drive with the same enclosure.
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    Technical details for a image converting and hosting website?

    Thanks! I did not know of these open source alternatives. I have converted some jpg images over to the webp format and noticed a good bit of size savings. The server will be more of a host for random images we find and want to share with each other as well as on message boards. The...
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    Technical details for a image converting and hosting website?

    I have built a few websites, back from when the only program I had available to me was Notepad, and later on in college using DreamWeaver. However, it has been some time since I have attempted building anything other than a page for a storefront for a small business. On the Google WebP...
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    Facebook Using Google's WebP Image Format

    If the browser supports it, then why not? I myself used XnConverter to convert many archived images to webP that were not important photos and saved plenty of GBs. Every so often I convert my photos on my GS3 to save some room on the SD Card. Sure there is no NEED to switch, but I support...
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    New home, new network advice needed.

    Negative. The purpose of running wireless is for phones, laptops, etc. My current setup I have in my apt is 4 eth cords plugged into my Cisco M10 wireless router. In the new home there will be more than four devices, hence bringing in the switch. So with a wireless AP such as this I...
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    New home, new network advice needed.

    Can you please provide an example? I design and implement WAN's all day, but when it comes to doing my home I've no clue. I mean, technically it would be nice to have my own Calix E7 serving my home, or even an ALU 7750...but I'm still poor.