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  1. jstenuf

    Picked up Alienware 3420DW on sale at MC
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    Dash Cam

    Thank you both,
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    Dash Cam

    I am considering installing a dash cam for my protection after a recent experience with a LEO. I am leaning towards the Thinkware brand. Since I can't find any 4 channel systems, I am thinking of purchasing 2 two channel systems: 1 each for front and back and one for each side with a backup...
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    Huge hand seeks new mouse for hot, accurate action

    Consider the Roccat Kone EMP.
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    Need Anti-Virus Recommendations

  6. jstenuf

    Is Amazon Prime Really Worth it?

    I am glad to hear it works for you. It does not work for me.
  7. jstenuf

    Is Amazon Prime Really Worth it?

    This. Amazon has lost its main competitive advantage because they have to collect taxes and their prices are not always the lowest given that most of the local stores will price match. Being able pick up an item at a local store at an equal or lower price makes we question the benefit of prime...
  8. jstenuf

    The Division Beta Claims Record

    Repetitive and as others have pointed out "bullet sponge characters. Bosses are just more of the same with just higher HP. There is also the odd choice of controls: Space Bar = "take cover", V = Tap for medkit, Control = Climb, Tab = Melee/Zoom. Not my kind of fun.
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    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    Mouse time as in gaming to much. Not any affliction.
  10. jstenuf

    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    Mouse time as in gaming to much. Not any affliction.
  11. jstenuf

    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    I am 70 and since I retired several years ago my gaming time increased significantly. However, I have been going through a "burnout" phase lately. Some of this is related to to much mouse time and the rest is the games themselves.
  12. jstenuf

    Top 10 Games that you played in the past year. 2015 Edition.

    No order: Far Cry 4 Borderlands 2 Borderlands: Pre-Sequel GTA5 Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare TF2 Homeworld Remastered Collection Wolfenstein: New Order/Old Blood Dead Effect Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
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    Dead Island is apparently getting a "Game of the Year" Edition

    A hell of a lot of this!
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    Do You Have a Case on Your Smartphone?

    Yes. Otter Box Commuter and Bodyguardz screen protection. The phone has survived several drops and still looks brand new.
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    Comcast Strikes Again

    The electric company will use "Act Of God" in order to eliminate any liability on their part.
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    Need The best case possible

    The OP was asking for a case without price considerations. I am sorry the price scares you.
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    Need The best case possible
  18. jstenuf

    I need a Gaming Mouse!

    + 1
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    room treatment

    Choice of colors and great performance. They made quite a difference in my room.
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    room treatment

    I used these panels for my room:
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    Stephen Hawking Says The World Will End

    What's the problem? In 500 years we will just terraform another fragile earth.
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    The Best Mice Thread (ongoing)

    How is this mouse working for you?
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    Have a WRT610N. Is upgrading worth it?

    I know I did!
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    Will I like Alan Wake?

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    Amazon Reported to Drop Prices on 7-inch Kindle Fire

    Could the price drop be related to this?
  26. jstenuf a nuts shell.......

    LOL! Nicely done.
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    I dont think you will regret it. I have one and have no issues with it. If the one you receive has the older firmware you will have to download the firmware updates from ASUS's site and point to them via the web based set up software. .112 has a fix for the firmware update, in the web based...
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    what router brand do you use?

    Went from Linksys to Asus.
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    Cant install 301.10 Drivers

  30. jstenuf

    Cant install 301.10 Drivers

    Thanks to all for your advice. I finally got the driver ( installed using Windows Update. Go figure!
  31. jstenuf

    Cant install 301.10 Drivers

    It does extract and creates the NVIDIA folder and it contains "setup.exe". It does all of this before it locks up. I have tried running "setup.exe" from the NVIDIA folder with the same results. I dont use any third party download managers. One other point, the original driver file I downloaded...
  32. jstenuf

    Cant install 301.10 Drivers

  33. jstenuf

    Cant install 301.10 Drivers

    A) I ran the file once from the desktop and twice from the "Download" folder. B) I am not understanding your .Zip file reference. The file I downloaded was a WHQL.exe No extraction required. This file is the one that the help desk recommended.