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    FS: New pny 3080 and used Asus tuf 3080Ti

    The pny 3080 is sold, I have the 3080ti
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    FS: New pny 3080 and used Asus tuf 3080Ti

    I have two video cards looking to sell with free shipping using PayPal Card 1: PNY (lhr) 3080 $930 shipped (New in box not opened) Card 2: Asus Tuf 3080ti $1130 shipped (used with box) Ebay -orion- Heatware
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    Sorry sold!
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    Price update $375!
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    ASUSTOR AS6404T SAN/NAS Storage System. Condition is Used and fully working. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. *Does not include hard drives*. Include retail box and accessories. $400 w/ Free Shipping Local pickup NJ 08065 or 08055 accept paypal...
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    Ransomware Encourages Victims to Subscribe to PewDiePie

    I am sane. I misread the context of what was written. I was trying to make the point that for every action their is a reaction. Moving on from this thread, which wont be a big deal anyway with this site.
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    Ransomware Encourages Victims to Subscribe to PewDiePie

    You can't control what others think, but you can have an effect on how others think. If you are a boss, some position with power, or influence on another then you can control what other do. You tell your employees that work starts at 8am. Edit: Misread the context of what was written.
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    Epic Games Denies Client Spying Accusations

    Yeah no thanks:
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    Los Alamos Wants To Slam a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid

    Since Man created Mother Nature via the Greeks and Romans we can do whatever we want with her.
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    Check Clockspeeds and Benchmarks Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

    My god, the system you could build for the price of a *starting* Dell M51 laptop....BTW, the cost of these m51's starts at almost $2600! The top end is over 4 grand.
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    Orion Span Wants to Build a Space Hotel

    Plus you will need a fleet of ride on floor squeegee machines...
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    Orion Span Wants to Build a Space Hotel

    The rocket is already in testing!
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    Most Customers Would Stop Watching Netflix if it had Commercials

    Whats that like? We can't pump our own gas here. It's quite comical watching someone from my state to try.
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    Companies Turn to Exoskeletons to Assist Factory Workers

    This takes assisted jerking-off to a new level.
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    Twitch Drinking Stunt Turns into 7 Day Ban

    You a Bears fan? Go Birds!
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    GPU fried, anything I can do?

    Unrelated, do you have a reef tank? I miss mine, just broke mine down and sold most of my stuff on reef2reef about a month ago. Someday I will get back into it.
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    NVIDIA Asteroids Demo Showcases Turing Mesh Shaders

    That demo has more content then Star Citizen.
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    All Roads Lead to Rome as Gigabyte Motherboard Spy Photos Surface [Rumor]

    No they are called GILFS, they are beyond the MILF stage in life. Legio aeterna victrix! Roma o Roma!
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    Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Has Succumbed to Cancer

    Just like my 100 year old grandmother. To think she out lived a man 35 years younger....
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    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 4K Preview @ [H]

    If I am reading this correctly, you goal is to use the TV as the "video" and the receiver as "audio". Only problem is Windows will see this as a dual display and the video card will output both audio and video to both sources. Last time I tried something like this it did not work well. This may...
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    Vizio to Deliver Class Action Notice Through TVs

    I know law professor was Saul "Jimmy" Goodman.
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    Vizio to Deliver Class Action Notice Through TVs

    Your not far off. Everyone knows it's only the lawyers or government in this case who makes money in class actions.
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    Verizon Rolls Out 5G to Select Cities

    Comcast doesn't do sloppy seconds or share. They want all of you.
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    Google Is Requesting YouTube Clips Trashing Its Design Team Ahead of Pixel 3 Launch

    I want two separate notches each with its own camera.
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    Star Wars Resistance Trailer Revealed

    I like Star Wars clone wars style myself.
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    Crytek Moves on Cloud Imperium Games

    News just in! Phantom Entertainment agreed to port over Star Citizen for their console!
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    IBM Fired Me Because I’m Not a Millennial, Says Axed Cloud Sales Star

    Somehow I don't think it will work in practice....
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    IBM Fired Me Because I’m Not a Millennial, Says Axed Cloud Sales Star

    You were saying... Snip of it " So, when Ed Richardson, the executive director of the state's largest teachers' union, was asked by the IRS to disclose his compensation in...
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    IBM Fired Me Because I’m Not a Millennial, Says Axed Cloud Sales Star

    I hate the 2nd Amendment Murphy....A transplant from Massachusetts I can't say I am surprised.
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    Netflix Is Focusing on Sci-Fi, Fantasy Shows to Meet Increasing Demand

    Lost In Space was OK. However, Dr. Smith I could not stand watching her stupid pointless scheming scenes. Syfy was going downhill fast. However, it started to come back with org programming like The Expanse ,Z Nation, and Happy which I really enjoy watching. I also liked Dark Matter though that...
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    Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.0 Goes Live

    I thought this ponzi scheme ran its course?
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    Facebook Collected Call and Text Data from Android Phones for Years

    Oh it's Lore. That's why I picked up the htc u 11 because I can root it. I don't use facebook nor have I ever. Promptly removed crapbook from my phone using Titanium backup. First I could not uninstall it and then I relized I had to force stop the app. Now that I am thinking of it, the freeze...
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    FS: MSI X299 M7 ACK

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    US Navy Launches Submarine Maneuvered by Xbox Controller

    I have this mental image:
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    Fed Up with GPU Prices? Crypto-Rig Builder Says Gamers Must Suck It Up and Mine

    Guy looks like a sleazy used car-salesman who cant dress himself.