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    Dr. Who Inspider ITX case

    Don't intentionally put spiders in computer cases
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    Valve and Linux

    I wouldn't be surprised to see them push away from the CBOC platform entirely, and like other posters have said Valve is apprehensive about the direct Windows/DX seems to be taking and have done a lot of new work with OpenGL. Also, Gabe hated dealing with XBL and Microsoft, Valves games work...
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    Valve and Linux

    I'm going to make a bold prediction here; moving to OpenGL and performance testing the OpenGL and Linux speed isn't about "improving" the Source engine or even targeting Linux users as customers - it's about benchmarking OpenGL vs. DirectX performance differences when paired up with a...
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    Next-Gen Source 2 Engine Is In Development?

    This is one of the most informed posts on the matter, but I'll have to disagree with you on the "no new engine" thing - I'd be more than willing to bet they have a good number of people working on it now. At this point a new engine, mostly for scratch just makes sense. Let's see: -Like you...
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    Network pics thread

    I haven't seen those BlueArcs anywhere since I toured a DC at Purdue years ago. Do they really run for half a million each? (that's what I was told at the time)
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    OMG just got a GTX580 through Gigabyte GTX480 RMA!

    I'll have to take Gigabyte into consideration now, that's great customer service I've been a loyal EVGA fan for pretty much forever, but maybe next round I'll price-compare :)
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    FS: Everything i have, moving, need to make room

    Yeah, I understood that, I was just asking what kind of stuff was running on it (were log files being written to it 24 hours a day, was it just a boot drive, etc)
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    F/S - Sapphire 512MB 4850 GPU

    Do you have a link to the model and pics?
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    FS: Everything i have, moving, need to make room

    what kind of wear/usage has the Samsung SLC Green Drive 100gb seen
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    GTA Week @ GamersGate: Complete Pack $12.49

    I've never heard of gamersgate, so I'll have to do some investigations on the company before I purchase. This is a very hot deal though. As for Scheibler1's question: most sites like this usually continue re-downloading forever, but a lot of them that are selling steamworks-enabled games like...
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    I will NEVER purchase another MSI product again, here's why.

    Your anecdotes don't negate that fact that, thanks to the laws of physics, motherboards see a greater than linear increase in probability of failure as time goes on. MSI and other companies have to take this into account when they make products and decide on warranties, or they would be caught...
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    I will NEVER purchase another MSI product again, here's why.

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Limited warranties are there for a reason - parts are definitely going to die, they have to - that's just physics. You motherboard lasted the full three years it was supposed to, plus more - that's a good run for something with billions of tiny...
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    WTB Wolfdale/Celeron e3400 compatible LGA775 mobo

    No, the G41 series and a few others supports DDR3, but I will also consider DDR2 boards
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    WTB Wolfdale/Celeron e3400 compatible LGA775 mobo

    Thread title says it all, I have an e3400 Celeron that's been sitting around in my room. I wanted to use this as a temporary server for my fraternity house, so I need a motherboard for it. Would like: 1 PCIEx1 slot Support for 4GB ram DDR3 800+ support (not necessary)
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    Pentagon Discloses Largest-Ever Cyber Theft

    We should sue the government for losing our data, and then they should raise taxes on us to get it back. The target here isn't our personal data, or even really our military plans/strategies. It's the years upon years of engineering and research that went into the many technologies our...
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    Pentagon Discloses Largest-Ever Cyber Theft

    China only about 12% of the US debt US citizens and institutions own about 2x more than all of our foreign-held debt combined source:
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    my 3 mini-ITX builds (with pics!)

    WhiteFire, can I get a link to these "higher-quality" power bricks for the Pico? Anything I'm finding just seems standard
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    my 3 mini-ITX builds (with pics!)

    What is the heat like on the external brick for the Pico-PSU/what brick are you using? I want to use a Pico so badly for the Mini-itx server I'm building, but I'm afraid that it wouldn't work well for 24/7 with the external brick, due to overheating.
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    Demonoid registration is now open!!!

    same here. If anyone has an extra to send along, I'd appreciate. I have a dedicated line for seeding/dling this semester and wanna get a nice ratio
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    I would be most grateful if anyone had an extra invite for me.
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    Demonoid registration is now open!!!

    In for one if you still have them
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    Demonoid registration is now open!!!

    If anyone has any invites, I'll take one so I have somethings to seed off the dedicated I paid for but am not using :/
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    Quake Live capable MITX boards?

    It's not rendered Server-side. That being said, I'd assume any of the nvidia based IGPs or x4500+ with a core 2 should be able to handle it.
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    sounds good, let me know how it goes

    sounds good, let me know how it goes
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    depending on the specs/condition/price of those x31s, I might be willing to take one of them if...

    depending on the specs/condition/price of those x31s, I might be willing to take one of them if he doesn't get them
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    LEAKED: Lawful Spying on Email Accounts Price Lists

    my privacy, bought and sold for $30. All things considered, common sense says never use yahoo/gmail/local ISP for private emails anyways
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    FS: cheap and low power consumption quad core server

    Shoot, I read too quickly the first time, I have a bunch of unused DDR400 dimms I was gonna throw in the thing. Oh well, free bump to you for a decent price on a fast/green server
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    FS: cheap and low power consumption quad core server

    3 quick questions: Do you have a link to a manual for this board? info out there is kind of spotty. Would you know if this is picking with mixed/matched ECC DDR dimms? Will this work with any 24 PIN PSU?
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    Resdence Halls at College

    At Purdue we just had a little web form that you would log into so the university would know which MAC address to bind to your account (usually a router for most people). Wasn't intrusive at all. Edit: This is pretty much exactly how it works
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    Low Power File Server?

    Assuming you aren't going to have an extremely high load, a cheap core 2 and cheaper intel chipset would be your best bet. Onboard RAID wouldn't be necessary since FreeBSD's latest ZFS implementation could take care of it for you. Core 2 Duos have a 65w TDP but it is very rare that you will hit...
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    Data Centers Consider Running Warmer to Save Money

    At my university we have a datacenter or two cooled with river water that they divert, run in pipes above the datacenter and then put back into the river, only slightly warmer - probably one of the most 'ideal' green options if you ask me.
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    My New Torrent Box

    fancy stuff....I've been sooo close to buying one of the dev kits to toy with
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    Network pics thread

    cool setup brah...looks familiar though
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    Ethical Hacking Training

    As far as I could ever tell, most of those cons/courses were mostly basic, basic training that they rush you through to give you a mostly worthless cert and take your money. If you want decent training, get a copy of Damn Vulnerable Linux and read the documentation and get a stack of O'reilly...
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    Beginner Server Build

    There's a lot of options on the Linux side for this, but if you already have a 2k8 box up you could probably look for a windows open source server (a quick google search brings up hmailserver as a popular choice. I've never used it but I can't imagine that any current-day mailserver program cant...
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    Programmable keyboard

    Would a USB thumb drive (most are auto-detected) filled with scripts not work for you?